Tuesday, July 16, 2013


TAPEMASTA: One of my favorite djs & that's because of his format & style..Mr. Neil Armstrong has been doing his thing for a minute now & the Diggers Union got him at the show doing what he does best..download it & listen to what's being said...Hip Hop & mixtape knowledge for those who to know...
DIGGERS UNION: It’s hard to believe it’s already our 20th episode of Enjoy and Be Educated, but here we are. For this edition, we’re blessed with the presence of legendary DJ/Turntablist, Neil Armstrong. 5th Platoon head and former tour DJ for Jay-Z, he’s taken time out of his crowded schedule to conduct an interview and play a set. With him culling previously released and new material from his Original series (breaks/original samples) and DJ Unexpected playing more “aggressive” music as a set, we bring you “Originally Agressive”. Be prepared to think outside the box, and be educated!
*Note: During Neil’s set, there are original samples mixed in with the songs that made them famous. These titles were omitted for digging purposes, as to encourage discovery.
**Note: There were some microphone/technical difficulties during the second part of Neil’s interview. We apologize for the inconvenience.
01. Enjoy and Be Educated Introduction
02. AZ - "Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide" feat. Nas
03. Iron Sheiks (Tragedy Khadafi & Iman Thug) - "True Confessions"
04. Smif-N-Wessun - "Bucktown"
05. Capone-N-Noreaga - "T.O.N.Y" (Instrumental)
06. Tragedy Khadafi - "They Force My Hand" feat. Cormega
07. Ras Noble - "Guns Blazin'" (Calamity Sound Dubplate)
08. Sizzla - "Gun Shot"
09. Buju Banton - "Man Fi Dead"
10. Sizzla - "Guns Out"
11. Jigsy KIng - "No Disrespect"
12. Legendary Weapons of China (Interlude)
13. M.O.P - "Ante Up"
14. M.O.P - "G Building"
15. Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones 2"
16. The Cutthroats - "Stop Looking At Me"
** DJ Neil Armstrong Guest Mix **
17. ASAP Rocky - "Hands on the Wheel" feat. Schoolboy Q
18. Kendrick Lamar - "The Recipe" feat. Dr. Dre
19. Jay Electronica - "Exhibit C"
20. The Bravehearts - "Oochie Wally"
21. Jay-Z - "Ain't No Nigga" feat. Foxy Brown
22. Notorious B.I.G. b/w Jay-Z - "Death of Auto-Tune"
23. Jay-Z b/w Notorious B.I.G - "Dead Wrong"
24. Jay-Z - "Tom Ford"
25. T.I - "What You Know"
26. Scarface - "Guess Who Back" feat. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel
27. Prodigy - "Keep It Thoro"
28. Mobb Deep - "Give Up The Goods" feat. Big Noyd
29. Slum Village - "Selfish"
30. Kanye West - "Champion"
31. Kanye West - "School Spirit"
32. Jay-Z - "Versus"
33. Jay-Z - "Beach Is Better"

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