Saturday, April 13, 2013


TAPEMASTA - Now we're back to show you what we know & let's see what you say about it !! None of that computer BS mixing either..REAL SKILLS - NO MORE TALKING - JUST DOWNLOAD !! Psss, we got more heat coming !! I just luv all of this..Also the website will be up & running next week - Now let's see what the people do now !!

SHOWTIME - You said you wanted a really dope blend cd that showed off a DJs skill? Trust me its worth the download...



  1. When I saw the tittle classic blends I thought it would be full of the classic songs from the old school. Like Stephanie Mills something in the the way you make me feel. Gap band we can make it alright or channel2 in debt to you. Nothignt wrong with mix just the tittle is misleading

  2. Those songs have been played for years..we just took it back to the turntables style with a different flow..But I hear you & there's nothing wrong with your point of view...