Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Got Titles ???

Now let's really get into this & have some fun !! Everywhere you go they talking about Pushin' Tapes or Tapemasta ( Google CLASSIC MIXTAPES & see what comes ) !! Now let's really push the button & see what the people say..I've been in this too long & then you say i ask for full mixes..Dj's  send me what they want & if i enjoy it..i'll post it up !! I tell dj's to do 90 minutes or more ( look how Doo Wop did the Underground Joint recently - Side A MP3 & Side B MP3 remember that concept, where you think that came from - if everybody is doing straight mp3 aka CDs ) I got dj's hitting me up for their mixtapes, ask Doo Wop what i did years ago !! I could put up the Keith Murray drop & leave it at that..But nah, i'm going to keep moving & smile without saying a name, but you'll know what i'm talking about !! I know all this about a cover/playlist, but it was the way it was done !!

Who Got LOX Mixtapes Again !!

Now there was a reason why certain MIXTAPES wasn't on the reason was because of WWW ( world wide web ) & then everybody would have it - Now when the RIAA starts up again, i'm going to laugh !! If you can't fathom why, then you're really lost & you wasn't out there when the tapes was in the streets !! When i started this in the beginning, i told you i had everything & now you know..I won't even tell you about the cd versions which again i'm sure you don't know about !! I know Jadakiss dropped his mixtape recently ( yeah, they sent me the mixtape already ) & now everybody wants the old stuff - once again been there, done that ( Remember the Champ Is Here with Green Lantern ) !! Shout to On Da Low ( Nighthawks & Dre/Red Bandit ) & Self..Don't get mad, yo - it's a Brooklyn thing, i'm sure you don't understand !! Your move !! Once again, i can't wait for this part 2 of the interview..just keep giving me more info to use..I've been in this too long - there's a reason to stay 2 steps ahead !!

Mighty Marc - 90's RNB

Now here's where you get those 90's joints that everybody use to rock out in the clubs or in the park..DJ's it's time to bring this back to what it was !! Since everything is coming back why not do it with the mixtapes..Rock out with no shoutouts, just music !! Remember it's all about PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY..Now let's see what you say now - who's doing what in NYC now !! Pow & take that to the head !! Harlem's own Mighty Marc on the mix - Goggle that & see what you get !!

Mighty Marc 90's RNB

Red Alert - The " Thank You Mix " V1


Tapemasta: Once again salute to NY's original BUM - The True Prop Master RED ALERT !! He went in on the last show..Everybody in NYC was plugged in to the had their windows down & rocking to RED ALERT..Nothing but respect for RED !!

Red Alert - Thank You Mix

Kool Kirk - Mor Cheeba

Now let's slap em in the face with more & more hits..You get mad because we got all the buttons over here & you got peanuts..Once again, you came in on the short run & i was there in the beginning..I seen the dj's going in with their mixtapes every week..some stores shitted on the dj's with some weak lines about why they didn't want the tape or cd..But the crazy part now most of those MIXTAPES became classics today..can you wonder why..I say it's because of today's format of music..But guess what, i can continue doing this for at least 10 years more..Kool Kirk had it on all levels & the streets knew it !! The internet was slow but it caught up now thanks to SOCIAL NETWORK ( when you can get to over 8500 people in a click at one place, it's over for you ) !! Don't let me do a radio show in NYC because then people is really going to get scared on what i can drop & then the business of this all comes the title say, MOR CHEEBA !!

Kool Kirk - Mor Cheeba

The Real Cassettes V18 - Luv Bug Starski ( R & B 11/1 Side A )

We did again for my Mixtape heads worldwide who enjoy that real mixtape vibe..This man is a legend on Mixtapes, Records, Tours, etc !! When you had the Greatest Rapper shout him out in a song, then it's time for you to realize what's around now..Enjoy some R & B by the Luv Bug !!

Luv Bug Starski - R & B 11/1 Side A

The Real Cassettes V17 - Craig G ( Hot Like Fire V2 Side A )

As you see now, i'm back on it again..Keep going with us because all this is international now & everybody knows it - best believe they wished they would of saved those tapes now - Internet bootleggers is mad because they can't push these side "a" or "b" only tapes on the net ( Shout to DJ SOUL for doing it & i took it to another level )'s not about what cd's you got, it's what CASSETTES did you rock out with before the COMPACT ERA !! Everybody want to do old school mixes today, so why not drop the MIXTAPE from the past & make you appreciate it more !!

Craig G - Hot Like Fire V2 Side A

The Real Cassettes V16 - Brucie B ( The Final 4 Side A )

If you know about Brucie B, then you know alot of his MIXTAPES was live..This one here should have you hype for a minute..I'm on that real mixtape vibe & that's what we do over here !!

Brucie B - The Final Four Live Side A

The Real Cassettes V15 - Brucie B ( Live w/Kid Capri, S & S, Red Alert Side A )

Now what can you say now..I'm on that other stuff now..I enjoy rocking out to parties & that's what we use to do back in the days..Salute to the ORIGINAL PROP MASTER RED ALERT !!


The Real Cassettes V14 - Red Handed ( Old School R & B V3 Side A ) )

Now it's time to get back on what made the mixtape so hot !! We got all this covered because it's the only way to do it !! Once again, if you know about the 3rd Ave Villains..then you know there's nothing else to be said..I'm ready to drop rare MIXTAPES on the net because i know either you wasn't around when these tapes was out or your copy was "killed" !!  Social Network is making all this work & i know some people is mad..Red Handed - Old School R & B V3

Sunday, April 29, 2012

D Demo - Money Talks V2

Tapemasta: Now do you see the concept & why we do this..I come from a era with you hear the MIXTAPE first, then pick it up ( cassette with a rubber stamp or just write a dj name on it ) !! I know you mad because if you wasn't then why complain..I'm laughing all the way now & having fun at the same time..You got to luv NYC because where can you get the RAW stuff & still enjoy the music..Shouts to NB for dropping this one..Bronx stand up !!

Nick: New York City and beyond! Do you miss the days when every mixtape was guaranteed to have at least 3 cuts from The Firm album? How do some slightly sped up tracks from the clean version of In My Lifetime Vol.1 sound right about now? Or maybe you’ve never heard the Bobby Brown/Marley Marl/Tragedy Khadafi collaboration before? Whatever your individual needs are, this tape is guaranteed to put you in that ‘97 mentality. All that, plus an exclusive Rawcotiks freestyle to close things out! One side only, what up Tape!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kiss FM is gone from NY Radio..

Tapemasta: Now when i brought the NY Radio Mixtapes to the light recently..I didn't think WRKS was going to leave..Now those classic radio shows from the late 80's to mid 90's is more valuable than ever !! It's time to perserve your history now..This blog can leave at anytime too, so what are you going to do then..Respect to those dj's @ Kiss from back in the days.. After 30 years as spirited and often ferocious rivals, WBLS (107.5 FM) and WRKS (98.7 FM, Kiss-FM) will become one. In a turn as sudden and stunning as the Yankees merging with the Mets, the city's two adult urban radio stations announced in a joint press release Thursday that they will become "One Family, One Station." Kiss and WBLS began simulcasting at 10 a.m. Thursday, starting with a tribute to the 30-year legacy of Kiss. As of 12 a.m. Monday they will become a single station at 107.5 FM, under the WBLS call letters. RELATED: ESPN TAKES OVER 98.7 FM FREQUENCY It is likely this news will not please all listeners, many of whom feel there are already too few black media voices in the city. The merger is part of a major reshuffling triggered when Disney agreed to acquire 98.7 FM from Emmis. The complicated $96 million deal essentially lets Disney lease 98.7 FM as of Monday morning, when it will start simulcasting ESPN radio there. ESPN radio is now heard on the weaker 1050 AM signal. Disney had been thirsting for an FM signal so it can better challenge CBS Radio's all-sports WFAN (660 AM). A key factor in this new deal is that WRKS and WBLS have both had financial problems, at the stations themselves and with their parent companies. Emmis last year also sold its 101.9 FM frequency in New York. WBLS was recently acquired by YMF Partners after its parent company Inner City Broadcasting went into bankruptcy. This had led to considerable speculation whether YMF would sell WBLS or change its format. It was expected that any move to change the WBLS format to something other than urban, which launched in 1971, would have met strong community resistance. In several ways Thursday's move is a classic case of two companies in a shaky financial position deciding they would be stronger if they worked together as one. Still, the merger changes the landscape of urban radio dramatically, since adult urban listeners now have one station instead of two. Both WBLS and WRKS have been the top-rated station in the city at various times, and even in low periods they have routinely averaged well over a million listeners apiece per week. As for hosts, the merger will integrate them starting Monday. Steve Harvey's syndicated show, now heard on WBLS, will continue in the morning. Shaila from Kiss will do middays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Jeff Foxx from WBLS will do 3-7 p.m., and Lenny Green from Kiss will do 7 p.m.-midnight. That means Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden of WRKS, among other hosts, will be gone. Since the WRKS name is also disappearing, the two stations are jointly holding a "celebration of the legacy of Kiss-FM" all weekend. Over the years Kiss has often emphasized the heritage of black music, and has hired hosts like Isaac Hayes. In the 1990s it launched a "classic soul" format that shot it to the top of the ratings for several years. In recent years it has slumped, however, and Emmis Chairman Jeff Smulyan Thursday blamed some of that on Arbitron's switch to a new ratings system, the Personal People Meter (PPM). PPM replaced the old "diary" system, where participants wrote down their listening, with an electronic recording device. Almost all black and ethnic stations saw a dramatic drop in their ratings under the PPM system. A stream of protests and litigation have led to recent agreements that Arbitron would increase its efforts to reflect all listening fairly. Meanwhile, however, many black and ethnic stations have warned that the lower ratings plus the general economic recession have decimated their ad revenue and put them in serious financial trouble. Smulyan echoed that caution Thursday, saying in a release that "recent changes in the way radio ratings are measured made it very difficult for us to find success with Kiss FM." Whatever the reasons, New York will wake up Monday morning with one fewer radio station serving urban listeners

Monday, April 23, 2012

Real Cassettes vs Compact Discs ( The Mixtape Era )

Recently i had a conversation with someone about the Mixtapes from the late 80's the mid 90's..So i thought why not let everybody get on it worldwide & speak about what they had..Alot of us started recording off the radio ( KISS FM, WHBI, WBLS was my stations back in the days ) & making home made MIXTAPES & album sales started slowing down. I remember when people was trying shut down the dj's & make rappers the front guy ( Henceforth the DAT Machine ). Justo's Mixtape Awards was born & now the dj was in the spotlight again. Rappers & reps from record labels worldwide was trying to get into this Phenomenon call MIXTAPES..Now what was your 5 favorite mixtapes from the late 80's to the mid 90's & let us know because people need to know why those dj's back then was so important & how they change the today's djs..Imagine if those dj's from back then would comeback with today's technique. Remember the saying for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY !! PS: i'm the pic with one of the MIGHTY SHIRT KINGS, we was in Harlem USA back then..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sadat X - We In New York

Tapemasta: Now tell me, we're not on a roll right now !! Enjoy what's going on right now because if you don't then you might get lost somewhere !!

Ain’t no place like home, right? 23 years and a bunch of world tours deep in the game, Sadat X knows it’s also where you’re from. That’s why his forthcoming LP (due out this summer) will be named after the city that gave birth to the Wild Cowboy. The album’s lead single is no less patriotic – neither in name, nor in Golden Era-brassiness, courtesy of JFR (of The Acoustic Chefs). Primo has given the man his props for this joint, bringing it back three straight weeks on his Live From HeadQCourterz show, and we believe you should do the same. Stay tuned for a release date.

NYC Radio DJ's V3 - The Sounds Of NYC V1 ( Side A )

Man, this time up i'm really going back with these tapes..Imagine being live on the radio & the year is 1987 ( May 7th )..Now while people try to dig for compact discs which was done 10 years ago ( I see what you doing - i've already did that 3 years )..i can pull out joints 25 years ago & older..Respect what's going on around because it's HISTORY AT IT'S FINEST !! Matter of fact, when did you know Grandmaster Flash was on the radio. Suprise people because now we got him & Chuck Chillout on this tape..What else is there to say now..Once again, enjoy because there's more to come !! So guess who's in the pic with Tapemasta..Once again, either you're going to respect this history one way or the other !!

NYC Radio DJ's V2- The Sounds Of NYC V2 ( Side A )

As you know, i'm representing for my real hip hop heads now..You know how we did when it came to those friday/saturday nights in NYC with the radios ( this here is before the stretch & bobito era )..Now i got my son listening to these tapes with me & my nephew is pulling the tapes out of the containers. Enjoy the sounds people because social media is going to love all this !! The music is raw & the dj's made history with all this !! It's good to have current generations listen to this music & see why we all go out for it !! Now let's see, my fellow bloggers try to do

NYC Radio DJ's V1 - The Sounds of NYC V3 ( SIde A )

Once again, you know how i do with the different series..This time up, i'm doing NYC radio dj's & the reason is because it started the trend of NYC Mixtapes & beyond !! Recently me & my brother started talking about how we use to rock radio tapes & then went all over the place with them..So once again, we're coming with something that nobody thought about again..So let me introduce what NYC radio use to sound like back in the late 80's - early 90's..

The Real Cassettes V13 - Envy ( Ice V1 Side A )

Now for my hip hop heads worldwide..let's rock out !! Listen to the Royal Flush intro & remember the Tupac Hologram last week..Things really goes around in circles..

The Real Cassettes V12 - On Da Low ( It's A Party Thing Side A )

This one here is for my old school heads..If you enjoy those basement parties, then this mix is for you - youngsters may not understand it..Straight R & B..If you're from Brooklyn..then you know about On Da Low..That's all i'm going to say !!

The Real Cassettes V11 - Kay Slay ( R & B World V2 Side A )

Now maybe you can keep up on what i'm doing now..Nothing else to be said !!

The Real Cassettes V10 - Rell Love ( R & B Flava Side B )

Guess who's back..This time up i'm dropping r & b on the masses again..Harlem stand up, because this Brooklyn kid is back..

Beanie Sigel - Broadstreet Empire V1 ( Lost Files )

Here's where you get a complete rapper who continue to do his thing past or present..Shouts to Hevehitta for putting it up because i don't deal with datpiff..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mickey Knox & Diggers Union - Lost In The 90's V3

Tapemasta: Now you know this is a good week for Hip Hop, if you seen what i've been doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..Then you know, Enjoy this one because you know we're not going to stop..Shouts to Diggers Union ( Heve & Un ) & Mickey Knox for this release..

DJ Mickey Knox teams up once again with The Diggers Union for the third installment of his Lost in the 90′s mixtape series. Continuing where part two left off, DJ Mickey Knox rounds up some of the best hip-hop from the 90′s to give you a nice audio history lesson. Nas, Trigga The Gambler, DJ Honda, Kool G. Rap, EPMD, Redman, Keith Murray and Busta Rhymes are just some of the artists you will find on this mix.

If you have missed the previous two installments of this great series, grab part one here and part two here. Shout out out Mickey Knox for wanting to team up with The Diggers Union to help present this great project. Enjoy and be educated.

DJ Mickey Knox Lost in the 90′s (Part 3)


Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell
Trigga Da Gambler, Smooth Da Hustler – My Crew Can’t Go For That
The Roots – Sections
Lord Digga – My Flows Is Tight
Busta Rhymes, Q Tip – Ill Vibe Remix
A Tribe Called Quest – The Hop
Jigmastas -Beyond Real
DJ Honda & Mos Def – Travelin Man Remix
OC & Buckwild – What I Rep
Redman – Can’t Wait
Grand Puba, Sadat X – I Like It (Buckwild Remix)
IG Off & Hazadous – Hip Hop Til I Die
Al Tariq – Do Yo Thing
Rakim – Guess Who’s Back
Shabaam Sahdeeq – Sound Clash
Mad Skillz, Large Pro, Q Tip – Extra Abstract Skillz
Kool G Rap & Nas – Fast Life (Norfside Remix)
Mike Zoot – Service
Pudgee, BIG, Lord Tariq – Think Big
Showbiz & AG – Next Level
EPMD, Redman, Keith Murray – KIM
Foxy Brown, Havoc – The Promise
Raekwon -Incarcerated Scarfaces
Big Noyd – Usual Suspects
Tragedy – Judas Theory
Shades Of Brooklyn – When It Rains It Pours
Scienz Of Life – Metaphysics

The Art Of Rap

Now are you going to be ready for when this comes out !! Once again, Google search isn't going to help you..Nuff said !!

Kenny Dope - Hip Hop & Breaks V2

Here's another for you..See the playlist on the download..Remember, i can do exactly what everybody else is doing but EARLIER !!! None of that exclusive BS, that alot of you is looking for..Real Music, by Real DJ's...Enjoy, i'm done !!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

S & S - Take Me Back V1

It's time to bring the classics back to the internet..The fun part he's back & guess who he got with him...Certain dj's is going to start hiding again..The blog world is not going to understand the concept...Now what you got say now...

Friday, April 13, 2012

DJ 4our5ive - Radio On Mix 1620 AM Old School R&B It's Spring Again

Now it's time to keep going with the flavor of music..This time up is that dude DJ4our 5ive aka K La Boss..If you don't know about this dj..Then once again - i know you're slow...I'm not saying anything else..just download & press play !!

Kenny Dope - April Weekend ( Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Funk, Breaks Mix )

Enjoy this one people..Once again, the real vibe of HIP HOP..

The Real Cassettes V9 - P Nice ( The Return 6/94 Side A )

Guess what..You don't have this tape either !! Just call me you neighborhood mixtape spot on the net..

The Real Cassettes V8 - Luv Bug Starski ( Live with Brucie B & Ron G Side A )

Now we can rock out with live joints..This here is what mixtapes was built around & it wasn't about what "EXCLUSIVES" can i put on my mixtape..Once again, NYC is on that MIXTAPE SHIT AGAIN !!

The Real Cassettes V7 - Grandmaster Vic ( 6/97 Side A )

Guess who's at again..Now tell the truth can you make all this work & smile like i do on the internet..The blend concept is back & it's making dj's become popular again. You can't copy the past but you can make it better !! Enjoy the sounds !!

The Real Cassettes V6 - Grandmaster Vic ( 10/5/95 Side A )

Don't let the world fool you on what they got..because alot of you didn't get joints in NYC & we know the deal & the dj's know also..Alot of this is bringing the dj's back out again & that's what we needed - because there was too much BS out here..Now you get what i know you couldn't find anywhere unless you was out getting these tapes in the streets because the internet wasn't out yet..Enjoy this one because there's more coming...

The Real Cassettes V5 - Doggtime ( Power V5 Side A )

Now i think you get the concept of what i'm doing right now..You can copy but remember i know for a fact that you don't got MIXTAPES & i proved it..You can keep getting joints from people & making it look like you had them !! I can start a trend at anytime & make it work..I respect what i do, what's your reason ?? Enjoy all this because sooner or later it's going to stop..

The Real Cassettes V4 - Doggtime ( Feel Me Flow Side A )

Here's another one, which i'm sure was already on the net..But these are tape versions - none of the cd concept !! Salute to the Queens dj's who did their thing back then..

The Real Cassettes V3 - Tony Touch ( Hip Hop V52 Side A )

Once again, i'm touching all the bases now..I believe this one was out already, but you know i got to drop it on the people again..Enjoy the sounds because i'm making this concept work & now everybody know it !!

The Real Cassettes V2 - SML ( R & B V12 Summer Of 96 Side A )

Did you think that we was going to forget about the CASSETTES..Guess again people..There's more joints coming & let see what the people say now..Time to make all this work & watch how the masses continue to make up "themes" on how & why they do this..It's springtime & now let's hit the internet hard !!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Mixtape: A Perspective by Shakim Allah

Tapemasta: Now here's where i show you why & what we do..It might go over some people heads but best believe you'll respect it more !! It's not about who's doing what on social media - it's about what you know & feel about this thing call MIXTAPES !! Just because you can't find something on GOOGLE search, doesn't mean it didn't happen !!

On this morning of April 3 2012, my brother and I was having a phone conversation recently..He informed me of him & one of his associates were contemplating of establishing a MIXTAPE MUSEUM, so he asked me to build about my version of the mixtape for today’s generation. I told him after thinking about it, that I’ll write about it from my view in which I was a devoted HIP HOP fan of the late 70’s & all of the 80’s..So here’s my perspective on the “MIXTAPE”.. On March 1977, I came into the knowledge of self ( meaning that I became a member of THE NATION OF GODS & EARTHS ) at that time the hip hop culture began to bloom ( although it began in the early 70’s ). The hip hop culture is composed of 4 art forms: 1. Deejaying, 2. Emceeing, 3. Break Dancing, 4. Graffiti – I’ll elaborate on the former ( Deejaying ). Originally inspired by early Jamaican DJ’s & producers such as U Roy & Lee Perry who experimented with talking over reggae tracks. Then came the South Bronx DJ’s like Kool Herc ( short for Hercules & Luv Bug Starski took it to another level..Kool Herc ( Also known as the GODFATHER OF HIP HOP ) started with 2 turntables & a microphone which he tried with Hip Hop music by separating the instrumental breaks in records, then emceeing over the records. Having a official “MC” didn’t happen until the mid to late 70’s – that was around the time the MIXTAPE was born. A mixtape is when you had a 60, 90 or 120 minute cassette with a DJ mixing on it – he or she would say a few rhymes here & there, but that was it ( listen to the early Starchild or Brucie B tapes & see what I’m talking about )..In other words, the DJ was the MC !!

My first MIXTAPE was off the radio, which in those days a lot of us made our own MIXTAPES. I remember there was a radio station named WHBI – which was a local community radio station at that time who had on the air The World Famous Supreme Team Show with SeDivine, The Mastermind & Just Allah, The Superstar and the other show was The Awesome Two with Special K & DJ Teddy Ted – The show started at 3am & they played the latest hip hop with shout outs through out the NY/NJ area. I use to stay up & record those shows on my radio ( back then we could take our radios to school ). You was the man, if you had the latest MIXTAPE off the radio back then !! Remember this here is my history of the “MIXTAPE” & how I came into knowledge of it..Around this time you had neighborhood dj’s making mixtapes. I grew up in CYPRESS HILLS Projects ( Brooklyn, NY ) in East New York & Cypress had 2 dj’s that played out there. Pete Caboose ( DJ Pete set up was like a train caboose – that when activated, the train moved back & forth like a choo-choo train ) & Keith Watkins ( he played in the Community Center, The Big Park ( also DJ Pete ) & Louis H Pink House Community Center as well..Everybody from all over Brooklyn was rocking out for a “ KEITH WATKINS PARTY ”..He use to make mixtapes; some he sold, some he gave out..I still remember the one I had from him – I played that until the wheels fell off ( smile )..many dj’s made mixtapes this way..I would name names, but space won’t permit me at this time – but on the next one, you got it !! In those days all you had to was give the dj a tape ( If you was cool with him ) and he’ll make it for you..these was times before the TELEX MACHINE – just straight tape decks !! That’s how they got the publicity back then in the HOOD ( EX: Kid Capri, Brucie B, Grandmaster Vic, Cutmaster JT, Luvbug Starski ). Man, those was the days. I use to go to all block parties/street jams everywhere ( Brownsville, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Bushwick, Queens, Uptown & of course the home of HIP HOP, The BRONX ). Back then in Brooklyn, you’ll be in the East & somebody would come thru and say “ Yo, they got a jam in the Ville “ – guess where we was at !! Wherever the jam was at, everybody was there !! Word Is Bond !! That’s how it was like back then and during those times that’s how MIXTAPES was born & made. Now you got the brothers who you probably know about today, which started making those things called mixtapes like Kid Capri, Ron G, Brucie B, Chill Will FTE, Doo Wop, Grandmaster Vic, S & S & others..Now you see how the MIXTAPES was becoming official in the streets of NYC ( The 5 boros ). To me their tapes was “fire”. Kid Capri in that day & time was the man !! His 52 beats is still a mixtape classic & old school brothers like myself still rock that tape today & remember I said TAPE. That’s mostly the most popular tape in the PENITENTIARY.

Mostly the 70’s, 80’s & mid 90’s is what’s being rock in here right now !! Today’s hip hop to me is TRASH – I STOPPED LISTENING TO IT IN 96 !! That was a year before I became incarcerated. I just can’t identify with it. Rap music was created & made to have fun – today’s music is not about that !! My tape collection is nothing but 70’s & 80’s music – it’s not because I’m stuck in a time zone or that I’ve been incarcerated for 15 years’s that the music yesteryear is just as relevant then as well as pertinent today. ( My brother told me that Doo Wop was putting together a updated version of his 95 Live classic called Underground: The New 90’s, now tell me if that isn’t a sign for you to think - Salute to you Doo Wop ) For example: Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Mercy Me ( The Eulogy ) & Make Me Wanna Holla ( Inner City Blues ) talks about what’s happening then as nowadays. Another example: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s The Message is PURE KNOWLEDGE !!! Most songs of today use samples of songs of yesterday. ( Puffy made this concept famous, which he got from DJ Ron G & I don’t think he gave him credit for that ) The songs back then was creativity at it’s best ( now maybe you understand why people respect what Soul Train did & American Bandstand tried to copy ) – REAL MUSICIANS, REAL DJ’S, NOT THIS FAKE SHIT !! So in concluding this build, this here is my perspective of “ THE MIXTAPE “. It’s not my intention to disrespect the modern day fan of hip hop – this read is to share my knowledge about the origin of THE MIXTAPE..

Any comments about this build, please forward to Tapemasta !!
Peace Shakim Allah

Peace goes to: My brother Tapemasta, My Sister Natasha, Sister-In-Law Annette, My Daughter Shaniqua, My Grandson Max, My Nephews Christian & Zaire, My Niece Natiesha..To the brothers on lock in NYS and FCI, “ OUR TIME IS COMING “.. A Supreme Peace to the NATION OF GODS & EARTHS

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Royale & Mensa - Steppin' Out V2

I don't know if you got this already..But if you didn't then check it out because it's done by real dj's & you know how things is going right now..Once again, rock out with REAL MUSIC before you get to the party !!

2.What’cha Need – SWV
3.So Into You – Tamia
4.Make Up Your Mind – Assorted Flavors (Royale Blend)
5.Used To Love Me (Ali Remix) – Faith
6.I Can’t Go On – Redbone
7.Tonight – A Few Good Men
8.Sentimental – Deborah Cox
9.Best Friend – Brandy
10.Sittin’ Up In My Room – Brandy
11.Sittin’ Home – Total
12.How We Roll – Blackstreet
13.Joy (Uptown Mix) – Blackstreet
14.Think Of You – Usher
15.He’s Mine (Remix)- Mokenstef
16.I’m Down – Aaliyah
17.I Know – Tony Thompson
18.Let Me Be The One – Intro
19.You Don’t have to worry – Mary J Blige
20.Like This & Like That – Monica (Royale Blend)
21.You Remind Me (Remix) – Mary J Blige
22.I Miss You (Remix) – Monifah
25.Faith Evans – All Night Long Intro/I Just Can’t
26.SWV ft. Puff Daddy – Someone
27.Alfonso Hunter – Just The Way (DJ Mensa Blend)
28.Jon B. ft. Coko & Jay-Z – Keep It Real
29.TLC – Baby Baby Baby
30.Babyface ft. LL Cool J – This Is For The Lover In You (DJ Mensa Blend)
31.SWV – You’re The One (All Star Remix)
32.Jodeci – Get On Up
33.Yvette Michelle – Everyday & Everynight
34.Mary J. Blige – Be Happy (Puffy Remix)
35.Isley Brothers ft. Lil’ Kim – Float On (Bad Boy Remix)
36.Sybil – Don’t Make Me Over
37.Allure ft. LL Cool J – No Question
38.Kelly Price ft. JD – Secret Love (So So Def Remix)
39.Ladae – Party 2Nite
40.Boyz II Men – I Can’t Let Her Go (DJ Mensa Blend)
41.Soul IV Real – Every Little Thing I Do (Sex Meets The Dawg Remix)
42.Jully Black – Rally’n

Doo Wop - Underground The New 90's

Now all this should make you think now..None of that skinny jeans bullshit or some colorful chick running around on your ipods worldwide..Now listen to some real music & what really made the 90's sooooo vocal worldwide...Salute to Doo Wop for rocking out & i still want my autographed copy...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Shorty Love - The Blend Recipe

Alot you don't know that i was really that guy behind alot of mixtapes with my collecting..When i first seen Shorty's mixtapes..I was like Justo give me those..So i can rock out - of course, you know he didn't give it to !! But you know the fun part of it all, she's still rocking it well today & that was well over 10 years ago !! Now this here is what you call a MIXTAPE..Best believe people will rock with this for a minute !! Salute Shorty Love..Harlem's First Lady Of Mixtapes is back..Isn't it fun, when alot you don't know nothing about her, but you can rock the mixtape..Matter of fact, just Google her name & get those mixes !! Enjoy it because your current dj's isn't doing it like this !!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Real Cassettes V1 - Chuck Chillout ( Live On Kiss 5/9/86 Side A )

Now you going to see what we really do on the internet now !! How many of you know about Chuck Chillout rocking on the radio before there was a Funkmaster Flex or DJ Clue..The year is 1986 & i know about the 80's babies ( Sparky Dee, Melle Mell, Rakim, Run DMC, Whodini & more..when was the last time you heard these songs on the radio - i know xmas time with Red & Flex )..Now you get to hear what your parents was rocking with..Once again, you can bite the concept or even try to bring the dj's back but remember, I GOT IT ALL & who did it first !! Shouts to my Brother Shakim Allah & Chuck Chillout for making me realize what HIP HOP is all about !! Oh yeah, listen to the intro of this tape & tell me when was the last time you heard songs like this on the Radio or Mixtapes - matter of fact, listen & see where your favorite dj's get their playlist from...Nuff Said !! Twitter is going to luv me again... Chris Medina, S.O.U.L, Mixtape Museum, Sommer, Miami Kaos, DJ Belal, DJ Soul, DJ Mars, Red Alert, Flex, LA Luv, Doo Wop, DJ Uneek, Iroc, Showtime, Rob Dinero, We Go Hard Radio & others..Let's go !!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DJ Belal - The Real House Party

Tapemasta: Now here's where you get a real history lesson from DJ Belal ( Martin Lawrence played him in the House Party movie ) & believe me, there's more coming in the upcoming weeks about this thing we call HIP HOP !! This was done today & it was real !! Salute to Belal for doing this & it's time for people to know..Hit him up on Facebook & let him know what's up !!

Belal: What up my peoples and good afternoon. Before i get on my practice grind i just wanted to share something with yall. When i do a interviews about house party and those back in the day great times we had as a real hip hop nation and we wear a nation. Dont know what hip hop is doing now but thats a hole nother topic lol but I tell them this. I grew up in a town called Wyandanch, NY and living there was a house party. Every day we could we partied all over long island all had stories and memories like i had like sitting on the stoop on Wyandanch Day DJ Pleasure, DJ Mechanic DJ Nelson PR & DJ Motor, in Wyandanch park rocking the breakbeats,like sitting on the stoop on S26th st listening to the kaos krew rock at the Hunter's House,our listening to DJ Maniac practice on 29th street while Dr Say is rocking his beatbox better than Grand Master Flash. Now y'all notice i hadn't left my yard yet lol because my mother wasn't haven't it at all god bless her i love you MOM. Now when i was able to leave the block lol now that is when i made my own memories of house parties & what i called the good ol days. Like getting in my first krew The Almighty 5 Mc's our version lol, being at Teddy Oaks house and he djaying and we practicing our rhymes in his house and meeting a young 12 year old lil dude we called Kid splash aka Rakim and realizing right then this dude hear is special. The Almighty G stro, Paul Porter, Mike Mitchell ,Mac, Fred Cox, Scully and me Super B on the mic thats right i started as a MC until i heard Rakim and said this ain't for me lol. Being in Ted's back yard making speaker boxes by hand and putting Realistic speakers in them because we had a battle some wear and strapping that big ass speaker to Mikes car and getting on the Southern State pkw and not giving a damm about the cops stopping us because we had to get to the house party in Bayshure lmao i can't make this stuff up it happen. like going to DJ Doc's house and watching him and Dj Medusa get busy, like going to my first Wyandanch day and watching what a real crew suppose to be like Cool Breez & the love Brothers when Breez brought his system out and he glided to the dj booth and lit a cigarette and started cutting i said OMGGGGG I WANT TO BE A DJ NOWWWWWWWWWWWW lol. Now that is was real swag to when the love brothers use to get ready to rhyme Love brother #1 Snake L LOVE brother # 2 Ron Drew ,Love brother #3 The Kid Wizard Rakim,love brother #4 MC Blade and Canard Brown at the rope as security ready to punch somebody in the face if the passed that rope lol. Now hear is the good part you had The Mighty Infinity Machine from queens on the Basketball courts with about 30 Cerwin Vegas & 3 5FT Racks of crown amps and we all we saying is how in the hell Cool Brezz going to beat them? He threw on the first record and it was Jimmy Spicier's Dollar Bill and after that he threw on the instrumental and the love brothers started there routine lol. BATTLE OVER THEY PACKED UP ALL THERE STUFF BECAUSE THERE WAS NOBODY OVER THERE ANYMORE AND LEFT THE PARK AND WE PARTIED TO 3 IN THE MORNING WITH THE LIGHTS ON IN WYANDANCH PARK NO COPS BOTHERING US. I can't make this stuff up i was there lol. I learned that night that you dont let nobody come and out do you in your hood, town, office whatever you wanna call it. The only krew that could come close to them to me was dj skip krew the untouchables with Super Star and Amazing A from out of Amityville they was nice too..I'm not finish yet lol being on 28th street with Nate, Kevin Keith, Amazing Jay. Carlton Keith and my dude Cheebo R.I.P my dude Practicing to battle the Royal Nation from North Babylon at 109 skating ring lol and Nate running down the street saying hey yall i got Dr. SAYS BEATBOX HE LET ME HOLD IT AND WE WAS LIKE WOWWWWW LETS TRY IT OUT NOW BEFORE HE CHANGE HIS MIND LOL. Now do yall know that my father sold Nate his first keyboard and first 4 track recorder and he took that home and never looked back i can't make this stuff up i was THERE LOL.Now my senior year BIG SHOUTS TO THE CLASS OF 83 LOVE YALL. Back to my story LOL i told my mother & father i don't want to go to know prom our nothing all i want is two turntables a mixer & cerwin vega speaker. When i graduated the next day my father took me to Jamaica Ave 165th the brick road and bought me two JVC Belt drive turntables and a Gemini mixer with the echo on it and my mother bought me 1 cerwin vega speaker from the black love krew lol and i went down in my basement for six months with my boy Keith Johnson got some lessons from DJ Warren of how to mix my next door neighbor lol and came up from the dungeon a beast and my first gig as a dj was at the gemini lounge only the Danch know what im talking about now and you got to be over 40 to lol. Now here is one of my favorites hearing Biz Markie for the first time at Wyandanch park and we all looking at him saying is he retarded? What in the hell is he doing lmao? Our playing at the Wyandanch High School Valentines Day Dance and Biz comes to me and say GIVE ME THE MIC I GOT GRANDMASTER FLASH OUTSIDE & I'M BIZ MARKIE & I SAY YO IF YOU TOUCH MY MIC ONE MORE TIME IM GOING TO KICK YOU IN YOUR NECK I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE LMAO. Now yall know that Biz grabbed that mic anyway and chill had to restrain me from getting biz lol & after the party was a a mike & dave flyer on the floor and i look at it and there is biz on it and he comes back and we both apologized to each other and we been close freinds ever since.Our hear is another one doing a party in Brentwood at Aprils house and it was just me & Rakim and the Rock Squad and Ra hit them with the 7 Mc's in a line rhyme and the look on they face was pricless because it was 7 of them lol. Hear is another one djaying in the park on Wyandanch Day and Groove coming up to me and saying i want you to dj for the Rock Squad LOL. Now hear is one of my favorites Michael Mitchell leaving me outside in front of my house with all my equipment for 2hrs and he come back with a car full of girls and i cursed everybody out in the car and he came back a hour later throws my brand new vinal caffein in the trunk of his Doge Plymouth and scratches it all up just to go do a house party across the tracks omg i was so mad at him now thats House Party lol. Our me and Chill pulling up in his dads pickup truck and he get out with the hat with the silver dollars in it to your house party our your back yard party Troy Denise & Nina Hill. Our better yet being at shakey Steavs house party and Troy Hills cuzin dislocates her knee because she tried to do the biz dance i can't make this stuff up i waS THERE LOL. Now from 1984-1987 that was the time when we all had some of the best times in our HOUSE PARTY ASS LIVES LMAO let me set the seens FOR YOU. Me, Chill E Dawg, Groovy Groove, Rakim ,Biz, Nate and Speedy Speed at every house party, back yard party high school party, High School Talent show In the Wyandanch high school lunch room. every Wyandanch day AND MY BASEMENT. DO YALL REMEMBER? Do yall remember when Biz use to do the beatbox in front of The Wyandanch High School and Chill & Rakim be rapping in the front. We made the high school a house party and they didn't even know it lol. how about this i ask my mother if i could do a party in the basement for some new equipment and she say ok & yall coming to my basement parties and you would pay a doller and it would be like no lie everybody in the basement jamming no drinking mostly lol and no weed smoking at all mom wasn't having that either lol and the walls was sweating AND YOU COULD HEAR A PIN DROP WHEN RAKIM OPENED HIS MOUTH AND EVERYBODY INCLUDING ERIC B IN THE CORNER LISTINING SAID WHAT THE HELL HE SAY LOL? & i count up and i would have $800 on $1 at the end of the night our more every time i gave one. I remember my sisters Nee Nee & Qiy Qiy and lupe getting ready for a basement party at the house and they beat this dude up from Huntington because he was trying to play my sister and these 3 fools jump him put knots all over his head and we pull up and we say wear he at and Nee say some wear bleeding lmao,Our hear is another favorite this dude tried to get rowdy at one of my basement parties and Alvin Tony came up to him and say hey man chill we just wanna party and have fun this dude was like F you lol wrong answer lol. Before i knew Alvin had knocked this kid out drugged up the stares and laid him down on the front lawn and my mother asked me who is this boy on my lawn laid out lmao. I can't make this stuff up I WAS THERE LMAO. If you knew my group Groove B Chill and you came to all those parties back then you would know the term Dragon breath was a routine we use to do at all the parties NOT ABOUT MY BREATH LOL. Don't yall remember the party at the straight path school when Mr. Abel had the group whistle come and we did dragon breath with Nate and biz did his first record Roxanne Revenge and Rakim had not even made his record yet? Dont yall remember when Rakim did my melody at the talent show I got one more for you my favorite. The scene: i'm in my backyard and im practicing for a party at about 12 noon and all of a sudden i got the HOLE 11TH GRADE AND 12TH GRADE AND HALF THE 10TH GRADE IN MY BACKYARD PARTYING LIKE IT WAS 12 AT NIGHT LOL AND THE PRINCIPLE MR HALL AND MRS.GRAY PULL UP AND EVERYBODY STARTS TO RUN AND JUMPING THE GATE GOING IN THE WOODS TRYING TO GET AWAY & THEY LOOK AT ME AND SAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING BELAL? NOW IM OUT OF SCHOOL I TELL THEM PRACTICING LOL & MY MOTHER PULL UP FROM WORK AND ALL SHE COULD DO WAS LAUGH AND SAY THESE KIDS ARE CRAZY BELAL LOL.No we wasn't crazy in the mind we was crazy for the music crazy to have fun lol now that is a HOUSE PARTY LOL.Im going to stop because i can go all week on this subject but the reason i wrote this to say this The House Party was based on the things we saw at all of our House Parties we went to and did in Wyandanch, Amityvile, Brentwood, CI, Baysure, Corm, Freeport, Roosevelt, Uniondale & were ever you use to rock on Long Island. But my base was Wyandanch and it made me into what i am today & i woudn't change a thing. One more thing Long Island has a great base in Real Hip Hop it brought the world some of the greatest groups that was ever assembled the came from lONG ISLAND I DON'T HAVE TO SAY THERE NAMES YOU ALREADY KNOW THEM. If you have any house party memories share with me i would love to get a good laugh because we was nuts and crazy in a good way HIP HOP WAS LIFE FOR US THEN . NOW I PRESENT TO YOU EXCLUSIVE HOUSE PARTY ON THE SET PICS I TOOK NEVER BEFORE SEEN. THIS HAD TO BE ONE OF THE BEST TIMES I HAD IN MY LIFE BEEING APART OF IT & THANK YOU REGGIE & WARINGTON HUDDLING & ANDREA HARRELL FOR BELIEVING IN GROOVE B CHILL AND TELLING OUR LIFE MEMORIES THE RIGHT WAY SOMETHING THAT EVERYBODY THAT CAN RELATE TO BECAUSE WE ALL ARE LEGENDS FROM THE HOUSE PARTY. BIG SHOUTS TO THE HOLE WYANDANCH KREW & THE LONG ISLAND KREW.ENJOY PEACE AND LOVE GROOVE B CHILL THE DANCH FOR LIFE...