Saturday, December 15, 2012



Now do you understand why i rock out when it comes to hip hop..My mixtape collection is one of the biggest in the world & it's because of my LOVE FOR HIP HOP...This is what we rocked with back in the 80's..So while most you was being born around this time & the only way you can relate is by watching youtube..Once again, somebody recorded something & saved it for people to watch & hear !! Does that make you think now--HENCEFORTH PUSHIN' TAPES !! You can copy the concept but once remember who did it FIRST !!


  1. Man-o-man, i can see we'll be GOOD friends.
    Much love for what you're doing here.
    - gary apollo! [apollojams [at]]
    ps: i love how the cursor becomes a mix tape!!!

  2. All I can say is they went back!!! While I've seen my complimentary of bad ass DJ's over here in Philly, it is always good to see the originals throw down. For me its the experience of seeing DJ's like Jazzy Jay and see why he gets mad props. Before if you asked me about New Yorks Jazzy Jay I would've said the guy they talk about on the Jazzy Sensation joint or the King Heroin joint, oh the cat that laid the cuts on
    T LaRocks It's yours. Well thank god for all you cats around since day one that continue to help educate not just the youth but some of us who was around and got down just not in NY, I wish I was there man. Big ups to Troy L Smith who I've copped several Jazzy Jay live tapes from. Them things took me there man. Tape thanks again for the education.

  3. Apollo, thanks for the love..I just make sure people from all over the world can see what we like & why..

    Ol Skool, you know we got you - You're one of the reason why i keep doing what i do !! I made my point & impact with the mixtapes & everybody knows it now !! Give me a day or 2 & let everybody know..then we'll see who's really down with CLASSIC MIXTAPES & NOT THE CDS FROM 5 YEARS AGO..LOL !!