Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Tapemasta: Viewing and Funeral services for Mark Ward aka Dj Chiefrocker Starchild will be this Thursday @ Mt. Zion Baptist Church 171 west 140th. St. Harlem. 2 pm till 6pm is the viewing and 6 is the service! All Fever, Hilltop, Park Ave East and everywhere else Star rocked alumni should be in attendance!!! RIP...

If you wasn't around when this guy was doing his thing at the parties - missed out on something great !! He's the reason why some of your favorite dj's are considered legends..Once again, you need to study your MIXTAPE HISTORY..His mixtapes will make his legacy live forever..My favorites is NATIONAL BLACK THEATRE LIVE WITH KID CAPRI & OLD SCHOOL SERIES...One more time, i do all this for a reason & this guy made it possible for people like me - to enjoy my MIXTAPES more !!!

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