Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Now i'm going to give you history lesson & prove my point about who really got MIXTAPES !! See who can drop joints like me !! This here is my lane & believe me, you can't get into it unless - you have MIXTAPES before 1989 & believe me, i know you don't !! Starchild was one of those guys who created lanes for dj's like Brucie B, Kid Capri & others..Once again, if you don't know the history of the MIXTAPE - let it go !! I respect this culture of DJ's & i'll always put out real MIXTAPES whether it's from the past or today's music..As long as you bring your A game - then we're cool !! Also you know i don't put up both sides of a tape, but this was something for the man called CHIEF ROCKER STARCHILD..REST IN POWER !!

7/10/90 SIDE A

7/10/90 SIDE B

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