Thursday, September 6, 2012


As time goes on - things happen for a reason - some of us still need to be taught though ( everything comes in a circle )..I just sit back & wonder why sometimes !! First off, before i start this - i want to give a REST IN POWER to Chris Lighty aka Baby Chris ( Violator Records/Movement )..Now people have been wondering what's happening with "tapemasta". Well, i've  been  enjoying Hip Hop in NYC for the first time in a longggg time..If you followed me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know what's been happening, if not then you missed out on something great..Anyway, i'm about to start something different in the blog world again..So while you keep dropping joints that was already put out or you saved me the time by uploading something that i already have - i'm laughing at you right now..For my grown up people - get ready to enjoy some real music - then you'll understand the concept of a MIXTAPE or A CD !!  Now remember when you see other blogs start doing this, remember where it started !! I did it once before & now i'm about to do it again, henceforth the saying " Back To School "...So while you sit behind your laptop's looking for links or cds, i'm having fun with the legends & at the same time - i'm laughing at you again !! Salute to Diamond D ( DITC ) , LA Sunshine ( Treacherous 3 ), JDL ( Cold Crush Bros ), DJ JS1, DJ Break Beat Lou, Tony Atwood, Special K ( Treacherous 3 )...If you seen the video on my Facebook page with Treacherous 3 & Cold Crush Brothers..then you know what's up !! PS..I'M BACK !!

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