Saturday, August 11, 2012


As the time moves on, we get to prove who's doing what & why !! Everybody thought i was done with my mixtapes - NEVER THAT !! I've just been doing the grown up thing & now i'm ready to drop some real knowledge on the people worldwide !! In the next few weeks, you're going to see what i've been doing in the background recently..let's just say, all the concepts & ideas is coming from me..Sit back & enjoy the ride. Shouts to all the people who had my back with the mixtapes & now i get to share all this knowledge with the people worldwide..Now's your time to get with this or step to the side because if you try to copy the concept with out giving me the respect just due, then let's just say SOCIAL MEDIA is going to love you, like they love me now - NO MORE GAMES OVER HERE..Shouts to the Twitter, Facebook & Instagram family - because of you all this is happening now !! Respect to SOMMER ( MIXTAPE MUSEUM - MY PARTNER IN CRIME ), GROWN & HIP HOP ( DIMEZ & CHEW ), MIAMI KAOS ( ONE OF THE TRUE GRAPHIC KINGS ), DIGGERS UNION ( UNEXPECTED & HEVEHITTA ), S.O.U.L., DJ SCRATCH, MEL STARR, BREAK BEAT LOU, EDDIE B SWIFT, TRS, WILD STYLE, SHOWTIME, K SMOOTH, SUPA DAVE, JASEY JASE, RED ALERT, LADY LOVE, CUTMASTER JT, GRANDMASTER VIC, AMAZIN' DEWITT, MARIO, ERIC JOHNSON...ANYBODY THAT I FORGOT, DON'T WORRY I GOT YOU !!

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