Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lord Finesse Sues Mac Miller Over A Mixtape !!

Tapemasta: Now you get to see what can happen when you try to be slick..Certain people have to respect the culture whether you believe it or not..So those people who try to get smart & do stupid stuff - remember you can get sued too !! So if you try to take advantage of somebody remembers what comes around goes around !!
Lord Finesse Sues Mac Miller Over Mix Tape

     "'First, the good news: A new generation of rappers is actively trying to build a new business model in which releasing oodles of free material online builds a fan base that paves the way for revenue streams: touring, merchandise, even something as old-fashioned as a record deal,'" the Times article said. Finesse says he filed the lawsuit after DatPiff, Rostrum and Miller refused to respond to a cease and desist letter earlier this month. The $10 million lawsuit alleges copyright infringement, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, interference, deceptive trade practices, and a number of related state law claims. Finesse also seeks a permanent injunction from the court. The rapper is represented by Brian Levenson and Matthew Schwartz of Schwartz & Ponterio in New York.

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  1. get yours Lord Finesse you deserve 10mill!!!....now lets just hope nobody sues you over choppin up them funky samples. youngsters take note, Peace Tapemasta!!