Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Day - Master Mix ( Once In A Lifetime Groove ) 1986 Hot Day Records

Tapemasta: Now i won't tell you what's really happening around you, but let's just say that you're going to get a history lesson about hip hop - which i'm sure you didn't know anything about !! But after today you'll understand why we do this for real !! POW !!!

The only thing better then a great song, is the story of how the song came about, I recorded this song in 1985 as a remix for New Edition 3 years before Soul 2 Soul came out with back to life and all the hits they had with that HipHop sound. the record company N.E. was on at the time didn't accept my remix they said the sound was to hiphop for N.E./MCA Records so i released it on my own label Hot Day Records and named it Hotday Master Mix, you could do stuff like that back in the 80's (well kinda smiley I was fifteen years old) i gave the vinyl out to DJ's in Queens & Brooklyn they all loved it, i took 2 copies to Dj Marley Marl who i know from growing up in QueensBridge he liked it also he was on WBLS with Mr Magic, i listen to his radio show for weeks!!! he never played it. One night i went to 98.7 KISS FM stayed in front of the station till Dj Red Alert got of the air and gave him 2 copies, i'll never forgot what he said to me, (If i like the music i play the music. reds voice) The next night it was the first song he played on his show. the song got so populor other DJs/Radio Stations had to play it because people was requesting it, the first time i meet N.E. they told my remix was bigger then the original version and fans where asking them to sing it at there shows. i know some new/young DJ might whats so good about this Remix/song = it was the first time anyone put HipHopand R&B toghter. Thanks to Nas, Mary J Blige,Salaam Remi & Rodney Jerkins for pulling me in the studio with them to recreate this groundbreaking song. and DJ Red Alert for always keeping it real. REACH OUT!! 1985 it was the first r&b/hiphop remix...

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