Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tapemasta: I'm always ready to hear some funk or classic shit for the Itouch..Wake up people because we're on this heavy !!

Diggers Union: Let’s get funky! For the debut episode of “Enjoy and Be Educated,” The Diggers Union have curated a 1-hour mix of funky tracks for your listening pleasure. The playlist will only contain the title of each track.. the artist(s) will not be revealed. The Diggers Union has left it up to you – the listener – to ID each musician. Enjoy and be educated!

01. Intro
02. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
03. Shamboozie
04. Cold Sweat
05. California Dreamin’
06. Here We Come, Here We Go, Here We Are
07. Butterfingers
08. Attica
09. Star Wars
10. Nautilus
11. Soul Groove
12. Power of Soul
13. 7 Minutes of Funk

Digger Union


  1. hell even giving the name of the tracks is too much info. if cats still cant figure it out they need be ashamed!! i'll be rockin this and future episodes loud and proud anyways!!

  2. I know & the fun part of it is that - i'm sure they didn't know the titles..