Monday, June 4, 2012

Radio Mixtape V1 Side A

Now i'm going to show you exactly who & what i do !! This hip hop is in my blood & now i get to show you why i respect the past & the current state of hip hop is weak to me right now after seeing Summer Jam 2012 last night !! All you have to do is listen to this tape & see what really happened in the mid 80's...Nobody on the net has this & now i'm dropping it on you like i did that JAY Z freestyle with Red Handed off that Chubby Chub mixtape which made everybody go run for a Chubby Chub mixtape ( even mixtape dj's put it on their mix cds ) !! What you know about RUN DMC Live AT MSG...POW !! I don't have to drop anything else for the whole summer - Remember i can pull out joints from the 80's..POW !!


1 comment:

  1. Run DMC & JMJ at the Garden is a monster of a tape....Big respect is automatic

    Thanks fella