Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who got the 2000 ( era ) MIX CDS...

More & more dj's came into the mixtape game every year & that made it weak..30 dj's with the same PLAYLIST, make people want their favorite dj's only !! Less skills & more BULLSHIT came into it !! Now you wonder why the 90's was so favorable among the people worldwide..If you grew up with those mixtape dj's in the 2000's, then you seen the change into it too !! It was just like a radio programmer, telling the dj to play these same 10 songs in your 2 hour set - now do you understand !! Street mixtapes was more popular than Internet cds..look & see for yourself !! Over the last 4 years, we made the 90's dj's come back with doing parties, mixed mp3's, hosting rappers mix cd's because people remember what they did & your favorite dj's looked up to those same dj's..Look at what Doo Wop, Kool Mike Ski, Showtime, Super C, Iroc, Tony Touch, Ron G, Lazy K, Belal, Smooth Denali, Kay Slay & other's is doing now...Stay with me because now i'm going to pull joints out & while i'm how you still say "wow"....Enjoy the Hustler by Kool Kirk & bet you didn't know about this either !!

Kool Kirk - The Hustler


  1. Im saying wow now, with the Bad Boy V5. Thought that series stopped at IV

  2. I keep telling people there was mixtapes that the dj's didn't put out !! Like there's a part 2 to that NAS by Dirty Harry !!

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