Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don Cannon - Hip Hop Power 30 ( Jay Z )

I'm not even going to say anything..Bet you didn't know about this mixtape either..See alot of dj's was making mixtapes & they went right over your heads...Yup, this is the same guy who was doing joints with DJ DRAMA...I'm in the building now...Don't get mad just respect it !!

Don Cannon


  1. Had to say something on this one. While I like the selection of the tracks used, the overall quality is unprofessional and rushed. I'm not talking about it being Mixtape vs CD quality, I'm talking about a DJ using tracks from the Internet or other CD mixtapes instead of promos or singles. Examples: Tracks 21, 29, 32, 36. Audacity and MP3Gain are free (even back in 04), at least get the sound levels corrected before putting your name on a mixtape. Just seems very lazy for someone who uses the title of DJ. Guess I was just expecting more from Cannon. Could be an early release from him though, but I'm guessing 2004 based on all of the S. Carter Mixtape songs.

    Thanks for the post. Always willing to check out a new Jay Tape that I haven't heard. Do you have any plans of creating a Jay-Z mix of your own? Maybe with all of the early and rare Chubby Chub songs and freestyles. Just a thought.

  2. @Jay, that's my point of that era of the cds & people didn't know..also this was something early from for the chubby chub, not from me !! i've been telling dj's for years to do that !! but when i started doing this blog thing, some dj's is waking up about their old mixtapes now..hopefully someone