Monday, May 28, 2012

LA Luv - R & B V10 ( Side B )

Once you realize that it's about the music & you don't care about the other stuff..then your concept of mixtapes will change also..Remember if you want to copy a concept, at least be original on how you do it..Remember the saying from DJ SOUL - NO IDEA ORIGINAL !! We got the social network covered on what to do & now it's fun !! See what we're doing on Instagram now - POW !!!

LA Luv

Xtreme - Party Time ( Side A )

Here's another one that you didn't know about !! It's summertime in NYC & you know how we do with the BBQ's..Once again, no more talking - just dropping MIXTAPE AFTER MIXTAPE !!

Xtreme - Party Time

Rell Love - R & B Flava

So you thought i was done with MIXTAPES..It's all fun over here & the crazy part - i told you a few years ago on how to do it !! Well, here's the other part to the tape..Once again, no more talk just working on what i do..POW !!

Rell Love

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marley Marl - Live @ Sutra 5/18/10 you forgot about what made hip hop..POW !!

Marley Marl Live

Hevehitta - Writers Bench

Tapemasta: I'm sure this will go over your heads & that's why we do it !! Look back at your history & see what everybody did for that thing called HIP HOP !!

Hevehitta: Inspired by the movie “Style Wars,” I have decided to drop a free mix called “The Writers Bench.” This 15-track mix focuses on the art of graffiti by the way of hip-hop music. If you are not familiar with The Writers Bench, it was a meeting place located at 149th Street Grand Concourse where graffiti writers would talk graffiti, make plans, sign black books and settle disputes. The main activity was watching art on the passing trains (known as benching). The writers would admire and criticize the latest paintings. To put my own personal touch on the mix. I have included recorded dialog from classic hip-hop films such as Style Wars, Wild Style and Beat Street. Meyhem Lauren, KRS-One, Typical Cats, Atmosphere, Futura 2000 and the Artifacts are just some of the artists you will find on this mix. Enjoy and be educated.

01. The Writers Bench (Intro)
02. KRS-One – Out For Fame
03. Atmosphere – RTFC
04. Pack FM – Click, Clack & Spray
05. The Artifacts – Wrong Side of the Tracks
06. Lordz of Brooklyn – Tales from the Rails
07. Mr. Lif – Wanted
08. Meyhem Lauren – Got the Fever
09. Underground Elements – Graff Writer
10. Chali 2na – Graff Time
11. Typical Cats – The Manhattan Project
12. Talib Kweli feat. Rakim – Subway Surfing
13. Futura 2000 feat. The Clash – The Escpades of Futura 2000
14. Grand Wizzard Theodore – Subway Theme
15. I Make Them Trains Beautiful (Outro)

Writers Bench

Monday, May 21, 2012

Red Alert & Frankie Jugga - Dynamic Duo

Now you see how i can keep dropping..Social Media knows what i'm doing now with the mix cds..Alot of people enjoy the music & now let's keep going with the sounds !! All this will make you enjoy the music even more !!

Red Alert & Frank Jugga

Da Original Precise - Salsa Mix '98

Now i'm going left field with this one !! The big part of it all, watch how everybody download it !! When did you see somebody did a salsa mixtape on the net & remember it's old school too ( check the net before you drop - remember i dropped alot of mixes ) !! Yes, i do this for real people worldwide !! Respect what i do because you know, who's doing it now !! Who got cd's again..I can flip it anyway on a cassette or cd - it doesn't matter !! Just enjoy the music !!

Da Original Precise

Sunday, May 20, 2012

LT Dan - Premier Blends V1 Hosted by Gangstarr

Now can you say yooooo...I told you we do this for real !! Stay mad & while i drop joint after joint. This should have you look for LT Dan mixtapes..RIP to Guru !!

LT Dan

Danny S - That's Wassup V1

All i'm going to say is "PICK UP THE PIECES"...


Nick Nack - B Side Blends V3

Another one that you didn't know about !! My underground people is going to rock out hard !!

Nick Nack

Dennis Blaze ( DBlaze Projects V10 )

As the song says, it's more & more hits !! Now this one is for those people who say, i don't have mixtapes & mixcds..Dennis Blaze is a producer/remix king..Here's a joint he did years ago..Blend time people !!

Dennis Blaze

Grand Imperial - Straight Flava

Now can you agree on what's happening around you..More & more hits for your ipod !!

Grand Imperial

Don Cannon - Hip Hop Power 30 ( Jay Z )

I'm not even going to say anything..Bet you didn't know about this mixtape either..See alot of dj's was making mixtapes & they went right over your heads...Yup, this is the same guy who was doing joints with DJ DRAMA...I'm in the building now...Don't get mad just respect it !!

Don Cannon

Supreme - Winter R & B 97

Enjoy what you hear because there's more coming..Keep searching the internet & see what's coming out..Shoutout to DJ Cinema & Classic Material !!


Kool Mike Ski - Summer Kool Out 2000 ( Kool Out V17 )

Can you pick up the pieces & see how all this comes together..Well, just watch how i do this & enjoy the sounds..No more talking, just dropping mixtape after mixtape..

Kool Mike Ski

Butta L - Summer Reggae Blast

See how we keep going with the flava..This time we doing some reggae for the people..Brooklyn, stand up & rock out with some tunes...

Butta L

Friday, May 18, 2012


Here's something that you should know about !! It's about history..None of that other stuff that you're looking for..This here is for the Grown & Sexy crowd worldwide - so certain people won't understand the concept - so it might go over your heads..Get your education on - better download it quick before the masses take it down & there's no link !!

  1. (If It) Hurts Just A Little
  2. 99 Cassius
  3. Sing It Back
  4. I Feel Love
  5. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) ft. Barbara Streisand
  6. Heaven Knows ft. Brooklyn Dreams
  7. Macarthur Park Suite
  8. She Works Hard For The Money
  9. Miss Independent Remix ft. Jamie Foxx – Ne-Yo
  10. My Baby Understands
  11. Love to Love You Baby
  12. Naughty Girl – Beyonce
  13. One Night In A Lifetime
  14. This time i know it’s for real
  15. Bad Girls
  16. On the Radio
  17. Dim All the Lights
  18. Hot Stuff
  19. Last Dance

The Queen Of Disco - Ms Donna Sommer..

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who got the 2000 ( era ) MIX CDS...

More & more dj's came into the mixtape game every year & that made it weak..30 dj's with the same PLAYLIST, make people want their favorite dj's only !! Less skills & more BULLSHIT came into it !! Now you wonder why the 90's was so favorable among the people worldwide..If you grew up with those mixtape dj's in the 2000's, then you seen the change into it too !! It was just like a radio programmer, telling the dj to play these same 10 songs in your 2 hour set - now do you understand !! Street mixtapes was more popular than Internet cds..look & see for yourself !! Over the last 4 years, we made the 90's dj's come back with doing parties, mixed mp3's, hosting rappers mix cd's because people remember what they did & your favorite dj's looked up to those same dj's..Look at what Doo Wop, Kool Mike Ski, Showtime, Super C, Iroc, Tony Touch, Ron G, Lazy K, Belal, Smooth Denali, Kay Slay & other's is doing now...Stay with me because now i'm going to pull joints out & while i'm how you still say "wow"....Enjoy the Hustler by Kool Kirk & bet you didn't know about this either !!

Kool Kirk - The Hustler

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Alert ( Da Original Prop Master ) Interview...

Tapemasta: Props to Rare Hip Hop for this interview & checking out other things on their website..which is like a tribute to the real old school....Salute !!!

YEAH BOY!!! Hip-hop would not be the art that it is without the radio DJ. When the art left the street corner and was allowed to play for a couple of hours on a Friday and Saturday night on the radio, it took off. B-boys and b-girls sat around with their cassette radios to hear two dj's break new records from the street. One dj was Mister Magic (R.I.P) and the other was Kool DJ Red Alert. Red Alert had ties to the art form. He was part of the party crowd that witnessed Kool Herc and MC Coke La Rock do it.. The block party was his classroom and he began showing what he learned by delivering it to the masses with the Red Alert show, one of the first FM radio hip-hop time slots. He was a true dj, that mixed live on the radio.

Red was instrumental in spreading the art form. He is now considered fondly, as Uncle Kool DJ Red Alert because the time he has put into nurturing the art. Still spinning, keeping his ears to the street and delivering mixes that DJ's are attempting to emulate. Red has proven that hip-hop is a part of his soul and he is part of the fabric of hip-hop. We are here with the legendary Kool DJ Red Alert. So Red, what have you been up too lately?

Kool DJ Red Alert: Just finished overcoming the end of an era, a thirty year era at 98.7 KISS FM. I just finished doing my last show which was the last Saturday of April in 2012. I gotta say, the majority of my career has been there. Of course a lot of people know I left KISS and went over to Hot 97, came back then went over to Power 105, came right back, but this time there is no coming back cause of the end of KISS. How did you get your start over at KISS?

Kool DJ Red Alert: Let me see where I can go…Me being one of the members of the Almighty Universal Zulu Nation under the behalf of Afrika Bambaataa, a program director at KISS FM approached Bam about having some of the DJs come on and start incorporating Hip-Hop into their master mixes, it was called the KISS master mix. The first person they went after was this brother named Africa Islam who, him and I together used to do a show on WHBI that was an independent radio station (105.9) the show was called Zulu Beats. Africa Islam was the first person they had in mind, but he missed a couple of appointments. The next person they went after was my cousin, the original DJ Jazzy Jay. He did it for a couple of months but he wasn't getting paid. He was getting a lot of exposure for gigs and studio work, but he said 'you know what, I'm not going to do it anymore', so they came to Bam and asked who was the next person he had in line and that's when they came after me. I started in October of 1983. Did they give you full autonomy or did they have a show mapped out for you? At that time there was no really no format for a Hip-Hop show.

Kool DJ Red Alert: It wasn't fully a Hip-Hop show, it's just that a lot of people recognized it was coming from a Hip-Hop culture. The program director Barry Mayo, wanted to incorporate our style which was Hip-Hop, with the music they were playing on the radio which was dance and R&B. We learned how to fit everything together. When we were rocking at the Roxy at the time we used to be open minded and played all different genres of music. That's how Bam taught us to play all different styles so when I brought it to the radio I basically did the same thing I was doing in the clubs. During that time we were very diverse. How did you get the name, Kool DJ Red Alert?

Kool DJ Red Alert: Before I got into DJing, a lot of people knew me for playing ball. Growing up in Harlem, went to school up in the Bronx at DeWitt Clinton High School. I played high school ball and I was kinda of well known, slashy, skinny, big ole red head (laughs), big red afro, my man Dennis gave me that nickname 'Red Alert, Red Alert', so once I started getting into DJing I added 'Kool DJ'. When I approached Kool Herc, I asked him if I could add 'Kool' to my name, do you mind, Herc looked at me and said 'go head man' (laughs), so that's how it became Kool DJ Red Alert. Were you already a part of the Zulu Nation?

Kool DJ Red Alert: No, this is before I got down with the Zulu Nation. I started DJing as far back as 1976 and my cousin Jazzy used to always come by the crib and he saw what I was doing, so he wanted to learn. As I showed him the basics, at that time my family that was living in Harlem, moved to the Bronx. So when they moved to the Bronx, my Aunt brought Jazzy his turntables and mixer and he started learning on his own how to DJ. He made friends with people in Soundview, RIP to my man Sundance, then Sundance became one of his first emcees. Sundance was telling Disco King Mario, rest in peace, about Jazzy so he said 'yo man you need to get my friend, he's bad!' At that time Mario didn't have records or turntables all he had was a mean sound system. He asked Jazz to get down and he said yeah, Jazzy was wide open. He put him on although he wasn't paying him nothing. Meanwhile, my family all moved to Bronx River, but Jazz started rocking with people over in Soundview. While this is going on, there used to be a little rivalry between Disco King Mario and Afrika Bambaataa as far as the sound systems, one crew against another as far as DJs and emcees. They started hearing so much about my cousin they said 'who is that little guy over there with Mario, where he come from?' Somebody mentioned to Bam that that was the kid that just moved into the projects, he just got down with Mario. So Bam said, 'what is he doing over there, he need to be down with us!' So he reached out for my cousin and Jazz used to say you need to put my cousin Red down, so I got down in '79. So let's fast forward, how did you get involved with KRS-One and the battle with MC Shan. There are a million and one stories, what's the real deal Red?!

Kool DJ Red Alert: Ok, number one, rest in peace to my man Scott La Rock. Scott La Rock and I became good friends during the time he used to DJ at Broadway International. He was a counselor at a men's shelter, but he also DJ'd on the side. He'd always come to me and ask me how to break in DJing. When him and KRS-One first hooked up together, they made a record 'Success is the word' on Sleeping Bag Records. At the time my rival was Mr Magic on WBLS, rest in peace, damn we lost a lot of good brothers… Yea, too many!

Kool DJ Red Alert: So here it is, Mr. Magic was the dominant man, even though I just got on in '83, everyone knows Magic is the man, cause he the one that started playing Hip-Hop on radio from the HBI days. So on BLS, he was getting first dibs on records. Magic was known for dissing you if something wasn't good, so he dissed 'Success Is The Word' so bad that the label dropped Scott La Rock and KRS-One. So a little after that, you know Marley Marl is the DJ for Magic and he also had a couple of MCs under him so Marley did that record called 'The Bridge' with MC Shan. KRS and Scott are still burnt from what Magic did getting them cut off from the label, they went and got with this company, Rock Candy Records and formed Boogie Down Productions. So when they heard 'The Bridge', they said 'the hell with that' and went in the studio, I think it was only one take from what I learned and they came out with the record called 'South Bronx'. The first time I actually got to hear the 'South Bronx' was at the Latin Quarters. There used to be a thing at Latin Quarters during the mid-eighties called 'Celebrity Tuesdays', everybody used to hang out there. The Awesome Two were the DJs. The house DJ was this guy named Raul. Here it is, Scott and Kris came in with an acetate. An acetate is like a plate where you record the song on and it and it forms just like a record, but after a couple of plays that acetate wears out like a test press. So Raul put the record on and everybody went like Whoa! Before it went all the way to the end, Raul took the needle off and said, 'this shit is dope, I gotta play it from the beginning again!' He played from the beginning again and everybody started going crazy! Scott then handed it to me and said, 'this is for you for the radio'. When I got to play it on the radio that day, and mind you, even though Mr. Magic, Marley Marl and I were rivals on different radio stations, one thing I was known for, if anything sounds good I'm going to play it. So there were a lot of records that Marley produced that I would play and 'The Bridge' was one of them. So when I played 'The Bridge' and when it comes to the chorus, 'To the Bridge, to the, to the Bridge' and the chorus, 'South Bronx, south, south Bronx', the place went crazy! The phones were lighting up and that's what set the tone and started the rivalry.

So then Marley and Shan went in the studio and did 'Kill that noise'. Then I'm at the crib one day and Scott asked me to come to the studio, Power Play which is in Queens by Queensbridge. He said, we need you to come in the studio and do that phrase you are known for. So I did that off of one take and they finished up the song and put out 'The Bridge is Over'. But I am blessed to say, we always kept it on records and on the mic. It never went any further, it never got disrespectful, it never got out of turn, it was just what Hip-Hop is all along…the battle! Because a lot of people don't understand most of Hip-Hop is about being competitive and we kept it like like! Not knowing later on, KRS-One, Mr. Magic, MC Shan and I would wind up doing the Sprite commercial years later. That was big for Hip-Hop at the time!

Kool DJ Red Alert: After that Marley formed his Juice Crew, peace to everyone over there, and everybody who was under my affiliation along with Boogie Down Productions, like the Ultramagnetic MCs, I formed the Native Tongues starting off with the Jungle Brothers and all the other crews. Day one, I will never forget when I was on tour in '88 with BDP, I heard that Craig G and Poet did some diss songs. Craig G did 'Duck Alert', Poet did a record going after Kris. We kept hearing about it while on the road. So when we came back home, Kris went straight to the studio. He already had a song on the 2nd album called 'I'm Still Number One'. He did a remix to that, I will never forget this. I was in the studio, the 1st time back in the studio for Kiss FM after being on the road for the whole summer. I played a little segment and then played 'Duck Alert'. Baby Chris aka Chris Lighty was in the studio with me, he saw I was playing 'Duck Alert' and cutting Bobby Brown's verse 'Why you want to talk about me' from'My Perrogative'. Chris kept asking me why am I playing that record, I paid him no mind, cause I had a plan. After I played that record, there was a promo that Kris had did that talked about every individual and said 'I'm still Number One' and then I played the remix, 'I'm still number one' and I feel to this day that remix shut them down and you never heard anything from them after that, everything went quiet. That was it , but we were still cool with other, friends and everything!

Let me explain to you something else that a lot of people didn't know, you remember when the Roxanne Roxanne battles were going on? Yeah!

Kool DJ Red Alert: Ok, I was credited with breaking the record 'Roxanne Roxanne' because I remember when they first came out with the record, the A side was 'Breaking Out', I didn't care for that. I flipped it to the B side and started playing that. As I started playing that, I got credit for it. Mr. Magic and Marley was trying to take credit saying they broke it first...I broke it first! So they got mad at UTFO and got Shante to make 'Roxanne's Revenge'. So they made that record 'Roxanne's Revenge', you know there were a lot of Roxanne answer records. So a young lady came into the office one day to see Russell Simmons with my man Spyder D and it was Sparky D. Spyder had just finished recording Sparky's record. So they played it for Russell and we were like this is no joke, we gotta get her out there. Sparky said cool, but I ain't got no DJ. She turned to me and said 'do you want to be my DJ?' I said Ok and started DJing for Sparky. It was a rivalry between Sparky D and Shante. Mind you, we all go on the road together. Sometimes it may be Marley, sometimes Shan, or either or with Shante. Never no beef, never no problems. It bugged everybody out that my roommate on the road was Fly Ty, the Juice Crews' manager. It was always a respect factor from way back then, that's a beautiful thing! It's all about being competitive just like a sport! What about the Native Tongues? How did that formulate? Who was the first?

Kool DJ Red Alert: Ok, the first that came out was the Jungle Brothers, Mike G, Africa and Sammy B. Mike G and Africa went to Murry Bergtraum High School in lower Manhattan. At the same time there were a bunch of other people going to that high school. Q-Tip, Ali, Jarobi, Brother J and Sugar Shaft from the XClan, you had a lot that wanted to get their rhymes off. So I remember my nephew coming to me to start a group. I didn't take them serious. At the time there was a brother named Tony D that DJ'd for the Bad Boys who made 'Inspector Gadget'. So Tony D came to me and told me he had a studio in his house and if I had any ideas let him know. So I contacted Tony and told him my nephew and his people wanted to do some recording. The first song was called 'The Breaks', but it was never released. Now my brother was known for doing abbreviations. A lot of people hear me doing that, but I got it from him. People hear me say you 'BUM', Black Ultimate Man or say KMA 'Kiss My Ass', to give a few examples. So my nephew Mike always remembered what my brother would say, got together with Africa and said lets make this record called 'Jimbrowski'. So they got together with Adam Levy of Warlock Records. That's when they came out.

We learned at the same time De La Soul were coming out of Tommy Boy. DeLaSoul and Jungle Brothers got to be familiar with each other cause they had a similar type of vibe and style. I think they did a show together in Boston and decided to keep in touch. Now while the Jungle Brothers are getting onboard, on the side waiting their turn was Q-Tip, Ali, Jarobi and Phife. So the intro was lets get Q-Tip on one of the songs on the Jungle Brothers album. So he did a song on the Jungle Brothers album called 'Black is Black'. Meanwhile, when the JB's put out a single called 'Straight out the Jungle', on the flip side they did a song which was actually a promo. A lot of people knew that I had promos being played on my radio show that turned into songs. This happened to be one of them. The 'In time' promo was another introduction for Q-Tip. Now as we introduced Q-Tip the anticipation is building, people are hearing more of the Jungle Brothers. As people hear more and more of the jungle Brothers, here comes Q-Tip and them and people are like who is this Q-Tip? What really capped it was when Q-Tip did his little thing in 'Me, Myself and I' off of DeLaSoul, now everyone wants Q-Tip and did not know he had a crew A Tribe Called Quest. Now there is a bidding war and Jive Records got them.

Now with all this going on, I'm still moving with BDP, but who I also got close with is Mark the 45 King. he used to hand me different beats for me to play and I didn't want to take credit for what he did so I did the promo for him, 'Kool DJ Red Alert with the 45 King Special'. He used to give me different artists that was coming under him. He would give me Lakim Shabazz, Chill Rob G, Lateee and then here come across Queen Latifah. She was on the same label as DeLaSoul and she started flowing and jelling with the crew. We looked at her and said this is good, everyone has a similar vibe. Now in '88, the Jungle Brothers went overseas for the 1st time after dropping their album and the record that took them over the top was 'I'll house you'. You know, hip-hop on a house record. Who does Africa come across meeting, is the top MC at that time overseas, a female, Money Love. He got involved with Money Love, found out a lot about her and she then came back to the states. Everybody started jelling together. It was actually the Jungle Brothers with the idea of forming the Native Tongues. What topped it off more was the remix of 'Buddy', it took it to another level. It all started with the Jungle Brothers. There is a lot of credit that the Jungle Brothers need to receive that they don't get unless you are really a true Hip-Hop head.

Kool DJ Red Alert: Right! Right! You know what I learned, sometimes you may have somebody who kicked everything off or originated something and whoever feeds off of that person may become bigger because they may have a better machine behind them. So here it is the Jungle Brothers, were on a small label but didn't have a great promotion and marketing machine behind them. While DeLaSoul and Queen Latifah on Tommy Boy and Tribe Called Quest on Jive, they got better marketing and promotion behind them, that's why their names became bigger than the Jungle Brothers. For example, The baddest DJ in Philadelphia was Cash Money but who everybody got to learn about was Jazzy Jeff, cause Jeff was down with somebody who was known and made some good records. Nothing taken away from Jeff, he's a bad motherf*****, but Cash Money was that dude. It's the machine behind you that make you big. Your son is in the industry, what advise did you give him?

Kool DJ Red Alert: You talking about my youngest son Kool G Mims. It surprised my wife and I, because he went to away to college, St. Bonaventure, he's a ball player and everything. Then he said to my wife and I, he said check this out, it was a video of an R&B artist and during a segment of the song my son comes out rapping! My wife and I looked at each other and was like, where does this come from? We knew he was around it all the time, but he never showed interest. Come to find out he always wanted to rhyme but he kept it to himself cause his heart was more into playing ball. That was his goal and he didn't go as far as he wanted so he decided to start rhyming and surprised all of us. What I always try to show him is that number one, you gotta set your own standards and platform. Yea, I could let everyone know he is my son, but I want him to have his own identity. I want people to accept him for him not because of who he is to me. So I tell him acknowledge the business but master your craft at the same time. How prevalent are ghost writers in the industry?

Kool DJ Red Alert: Surely, you are trying to say in an indirect way Grandmaster Caz was the 1st ghostwriter (laughs). It wasn't meant to be but it end up being like that to tell you the truth. Because everybody knows the rhymes that Hank took from his book, so you might as well say he is the 1st ghostwriter but was never credited for it! What about DJs, you guys used to have everyone hypnotized.

Kool DJ Red Alert: That was the purpose of the DJ, to command the set, command the audience and have everybody jell together listening to a little bit of everything. The DJ used to be bigger than the rapper?

Kool DJ Red Alert: It was in the beginning, respect to Kool Herc. Herc was considered the pied piper during the beginning of the culture. You had Herc bring everyone together and who was hanging out at his parties, the b-boys and the graffiti artists. The only guy on the mic then was Coke La Rock and he wasn't saying rhymes then, if he did it was very short a brief. Even Herc used to say short rhymes, but who changed the lyrical game after them, here comes Cowboy, rest in peace, Melle Mel, Kid Creole, then you had the party rocking MCs like Busy B. Then Bam had the biggest group ever, a lot of people didn't know the Soul Sonic force was 10 emcees. Wow!

Kool DJ Red Alert: Now the lyrical game is getting longer. I used to hear Melle Mel say 'Jack and Jill went up the hill and took a chill pill'. They took upon themselves and start delivering more. It became more lyrical. The party scene kinda faded out because as they were commanding the stage as being lyrical, people stopped dancing and starting looking at them. Before, everybody was dancing, but then the emcees started delivering a little more and commanded presence.

That whole Furious crew were Hip-Hop's first superstars as a far as a group is concerned lyrically. The first record that we all know was not made by the Furious Five, we all know that the Sugar Hill Gang came out with Rapper's Delight. But we didn't really accept them cause they weren't really from our circle, yall wasn't here with us. Especially when we learned who they were and where they got the rhymes from (Grandmaster Caz). Like I said earlier, you might as well consider Caz the first ghostwriter. Hank managed Caz and came to him asking for his rhymes, Caz gave him his book and the rest is history. Caz is looking at it in a street sense, I'm going to look out for you if you look out for me. So that's why I say he is indirectly the first ghostwriter. So when they came out, we were like who the f**k is these guys? But because it became so popular it really opened the door for other people to get involved. When Sylvia, rest in peace, put that record out, you had other independent labels up in Harlem looking for guys that are doing this Hip-Hop in the streets. So Sylvia Robinson went looking for Flash and them and then afterwards Spoonie Gee, Country with the Disco Four, Master Don (RIP) and the Death Committee 'Funk Box'. Then Peter Brown put out a few records on the side too, so a lot of the independents are putting these records out.

Now people are starting to pay attention more to the emcees than the DJ. Every time you heard of a group you always heard the DJ name before the group, but what happened over a period of time, every time you heard a record being played, you may see the DJ in the back like a band, but who is upfront doing the performing or who do you hear all the time? You don't hear the DJ on a record or the DJ on the radio, you hear the emcee. We appreciate the love! Any shout outs you have to give Red!

Kool DJ Red Alert: Shout outs to every single person that took belief in me from day one. To find out more about me go to, cool with a 'K' or what they say nowadays, just google my damn name (laughs)!

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The Beatography Of Justin Smith ( Just Blaze )

Tapemasta: Time for the people to be educated on the music...

Hevehitta: The Beatography of Justin Smith (Just Blaze) was a mixtape I originally planned to release in 2005. It was actually going to be the first solo mixtape of my career, but then my “3 Kings” mixtape series came to fruition. This mix you’re about to hear is the skeleton of the actual mixtape. These are just ideas I recorded to see how the concept would play out in audio form. Like a lot of my actual mixtapes, this mix is heavy with dialog. The dialog plays a major role as it’s retelling the story of Just Blaze and his successful music career. Hopefully this “skeleton mix” will give you a good idea of where I’m going with this. My plan is to record this mixtape in its entirety and release it to the public.. hopefully before the end of summer. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy this audio presentation. Feedback can be sent to:

Just Blaze


Now this is for those people who they can't get touch with dj's..Now people ( dj's ) is waking up & doing what i've been asking for years...Salute to Doo Wop & Junior Tec..Believe me, other dj's will do it in a minute too !! His website is

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Queens DJ's..The Real Side !!

Now you get to see what's coming soon on Pushin' Tapes..but now you get to see what these dj's did in the parks & the block parties..This is the vibe i grew up on..Real dj's doing what they love & none of that EXCLUSIVE BULLSHIT - which took over the game for a minute !! Can you tell me who the dj's in PICTURE...No Clue & Envy over !! Shout to MC Lotto for the pic !! Get your GOOGLE on....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dennis Blaze - Projects V7 ( 2001 )

Here's another one that you didn't know about & all you thought i had was NY dj's..i'm laughing all the way & still doing my thing..Nothing but throwbacks & real dj's doing their thing over here !! Salute to the bloggers who continue doing their thing..No more talk, just music !!


Dennis Blaze - Blaze Projects V9 ( 2002 )

Now you saying now..I'm going to keep bringing dj's that you don't know about..I met Dennis during the Technition DJ's era..If you don't know about that..then Google it like you always do..This team was before all the other dj's crews ( Core DJ's, Bum Squad, Noize Mobb & others )..Dennis is a real dj & has the remixing skills on lock..Once agan, POW !!


Projects V9

M Rock - The Best Of The Beastie Boys

So you thought i was done for the day..Nope !! This should be up for a minute like how Green did his version of the Beastie Boys..Rest In Power to MCA..By the way i was in the era when they ( The Beastie Boys ) came out..Can you say the same for today's rappers..hmmmm !!!

  1. M-Rock’s Intro
  2. An Open Letter To Nyc
  3. Too Many Rappers ft. Nas
  4. B-Boys Makin’ With The Freak Freak
  5. Stick ‘Em Up w/Hurricane
  6. Rock Hard
  7. Paul Revere
  8. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  9. Make Some Noise
  10. Sure Shot
  11. Root Down
  12. The New Style
  13. Let me clear my throat Bpm 103
  14. Hey Ladies
  15. Hey Ladies (Paul Nice Remix)
  16. Shake Your Rump
  17. Body Movin’
  18. Aquarius (Let The Sunshine In) by Moog Machine and Headless Heroes by Eugene McDaniels
  19. Get It Together ft. Q-Tip
  20. Danger – Blahzay Blahzay +
  21. Drop – The Pharcyde +
  22. Three MCs And One DJ (Live at MTV Awards 97′)
  23. Intergalactic (Live at MTV Awards 97′)
  24. Ch-Check it Out
  25. Brass Monkey
  26. Fight For Your Right
  27. Girls
  28. Rhymin & Stealin
  29. The New Style
  30. Slow And Low
  31. Pass The Mic
  32. Gratitude
  33. Sabotage
  34. So What’cha Want
  35. So Whatcha Want (Remix) ft. B-Real
  36. Ya Don’t Stop – The Beatnuts +
  37. Skills To Pay The Bills
  38. Jimmy James
  39. Alive
   History Of Beastie Boys


Here's something short & nobody thought about either..I bet you wished that i couldn't keep doing this - i told you that everybody knows what's up now..M Rock did his thing with this & it's a blend joint feat Mrs Keys vocal's over Kanye's beats !! Pow....


  1. You Don’t Know My Name
    over Scarface’s “Guess Who’s Back”
  2. Girlfriend
    over “All Falls Down”
  3. Gangsta Lovin’
    over Slum Village’s “Selfish”
  4. No One
    over “Flashing Lights”
  5. If I Ain’t Got You
    over Janet’s “I Want You”
  6. My Boo
    over “Never Let Me Down”
  7. Feelin Me, Feeling You
    over “Addiction (Terry Hunter & Kenny Dope Remix)”
  8. Diary
    over “Slow Jamz”
  9. Empire State of Mind pt 2
    over Family Business”
  10. Un-thinkable
    over “Blame Game”

Keys Over Kayne

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shazam X Hip Hop Mix ( 80's & 90's )

Now let's really get into this with the hip hop..I told you, if the dj's from the past was rocking & you enjoyed the mixtapes from the past..why not, let them keep rocking you with joint..Now let's see who can rock with these FLASHBACKS... Salute to my fellow Brooklyn dude..Shazam X is on the mix !!

80's & 90's..

SoulBuck - Sicker Than Your Average

Now we're all over the place with mixtapes..You know if it's good then i'm rocking out - all the way !!
Hands down, this get you over that normal BS you hear on the radio..

Sicker Than Your Average

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Funkmaster Flex - Return Of The Tunnel V11 Part 2

Guess who stole it all now..Drop left then right..Mixtape after Mixtape..If you know about the series or the club..then you know what time it is..Nothing else to be said !! Enjoy this one because Social Network is going to luv this one !!

Return Of The Tunnel

Kool Mike Ski - Guess Who's Back V2

I'm just having fun & showing you what's really happening now..Watch how you say "wow" !! Those Ipad's is going to be hooked up this week !! This is how we was back in the days, we got at least 10 mixtapes a week & it depended on the dj because sometime he or she dropped 2...

Guess Who's Back V2

Grand Imperial - Put Your Weight Up !!

Now there's nothing to know exactly what's up now..As the title say's " Put Your Weight Up ". The intro's alone should have you hooked & the fun of part all this - All Hip Hop !!

Put Your Weight Up

Grand Imperial - It's Goin' Down

If you listen to the other joints by GI, i put up recently !! Then you know we got more coming at you..Let's say it's Hip Hop week..Once again, bet you didn't have this one or know about all these joints that he put out back then..As the title says " It's Goin Down" on the net now...

It's Goin Down

DJ Action - Game Time 99

Before you say it, no this isn't Action Pac..If you remember Craig G shouting out dj's on his mixtapes from the past..then you'll know who this is !! Brooklyn's own DJ Action is on the mix..Once again, Hip Hop at it's finest !!

Game Time

Soul - Double or Nothing

Now you know this title suits the purpose of what i do..Shouts to DJ SOUL for dropping this years ago & still be able to rock joints today !! Once again, i keep telling you - i got mixtapes & watch how i drop them on you !! Nothing but HIP HOP !!

Double or Nothing

Kay Slay & Dazon - Playerhater Eliminators V7 ( Ghetto Plantinum )

Hands down, let's just keep going with the hip hop..who's smiling again ??

Playerhater Elim

Kay Slay - R & B '98

Here's another one which you couldn't find on the net & i know you wasn't around when he dropped it back in 98..Harlem stand up !!

R & B '98

Junior Tec V5 ( The Blends )

Remember i can continue to keep doing this & the fun part everybody knows it !! While you stay on Google, i keep dropping joints on the masses..This should make you think & say " Hmmmm". Everytime you leave the blog 5 more joints come back up..make you wonder !! Once again, i luv IP numbers from computers because you can see where everybody is at..

The Blends V5

Iroc - EBC Mixtape

Now guess who's bringing basketball to the mixtape..Here's one that you didn't know about & i know you wasn't in the Polo Grounds watching the games either..Shout to Iroc for getting on with the Ciroc Boyz..I'm in this for real, while some people stay behind a "KEYBOARD" & talk garbage !!

EBC Mixtape

Craig G & P Nice - Hot Like Fire V1

Remember the song Knock em out the box, rick !! Guess what now..Nope tell you later !! Have fun & enjoy this one...

Hot Like Fire V1

Tec 1 - Birthday Flava 11/95 Side A

Let's sneak this one & watch the people say, Damn !! Now no more talking just joint after joint..This one is for my South Bronx people that use to rock out on 149th & 3rd..Tec use to rock out @ Sandy's back in the days...Check out the dj's on this one & you thought these dj's was just STREET, well now they're everywhere thanks to all of you..The mixtapes is now GLOBAL !!

Birthday Flava

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kool Kirk - Kirkmatic V2

Here's the another one for you to rock out with..Remember the verbal battle between NAS & Jay's on this one..Told you classic after classic..The Stillmatic era is back !!

Kirkmatic V2

Kool Kirk - Kirkmatic V1

Now what do you say ?? Hip Hop at it's finest..Bet you didn't know about this one either..Once again, i'm good at this people !!

Kirkmatic V1

Grand Imperial - The Beginning 2000

Here's another one for you to say, "damn, where was this at"..I keep telling you that your neighborhood spots was only getting certain dj's & they didn't take chances on other dj's..That's the fun part of being in NYC because you can see all the mixtapes..

The Beginning 2000

Grand Imperial - Blend About

If you was getting joints back in the days, then you know about this dj..His blends was on point - the vibe was even hotter when he started dropping hip hop joints..Bet you didn't know about this one either. I keep telling you that if you seen mixtapes everyday, what could happen..I got more joints than your average website that push weak joints on you today !!

Blend About

Kool Kirk - Where's The Party At ??

Back on that blend vibe again..Once you realize how i can dig & what to find - then maybe you can realize how all this comes together !! It's about what you don't know about & why all this can come together..Enjoy all this because it's coming at a certain pace !!
Where The Party Is At ??

Kool Kirk - R & B V5

Check out how we do this for the people worldwide..I'm sure some of you seen the Kool Kirk joints, so you know how i do by digging. Well this one so the people who like that hard but it still have that R & B vibe - i got you on this one !!

R & B World V5

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Red Alert For President

Who you know represented hip hop to the fullest ( 29 years on KISS FM ) & was still about to keep rocking on..Red was that man & you never know what can happen with a little push..NYC is real with it & everybody needs to know that HIP HOP doesn't have that age limit...Think about it, people !! Salute to RED ALERT - Here's where Red goes in & at the end he give his shout outs, which is UNIQUE !!

The Thank You Mix V2

F Sharp & Supa Dave - The Mobb Hits

Now tell me you remember this one..Hmmmm, the homie Supa Dave w/ F Sharp..This joint was copied & bootlegged for years...

F Sharp & Supa Dave

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Real Cassettes V23 - Supreme ( Hip Hop V4 Side A )

Here's another one from that 1995 era..Let's see who rock out like this !!!

Supreme's Hip Hop

The Real Cassettes V22 - Supreme ( Hip Hop V2 Side A )

Now you see i'm on a roll now..The year is 95 & can you imagine what's on this tape..Nuff said !! Enjoy people because there's more to come..

Supreme '95 Hip Hop

The Real Cassettes V21 - Supreme ( Handle Your Bizness Side A )

Now let's get to see & hear what we know about that hip hop from the 90's..Your current state of Hip Hop is weak & now you get to see why we don't respect it today !! Too much light on the weak stuff & not enough focus on the real the title say's " HANDLE YOUR BIZNESS "

Supreme - Handle Your Bizness

The Real Cassettes V20 - Supreme ( Hip Hop Reggae Side A )

Let's keep going with the reggae vibe for the masses worldwide..You might not respect it, but you'll enjoy it !!

Supreme's Hip Hop Reggae

The Real Cassettes V19 - True Force International ( Hip Hop Reggae V5 Side A )

Now let's get back to what i know & why..This one is for the Queens Crew on 165th & Jam Av..Back then we had Hip Hop reggae & dj's was trying to touch it !! Once again, this won't be found on the net - back it'll give people flashbacks...

True Force International

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shazam X - Hip Hop Mix 2012

Now let's see who rock can out with some of that real Boom Bap vibe that we all miss out on.. Remember it's that NYC vibe..Leave the skinny jeans at home & rock this loud !! Here's what the 90 mixtapes was about & Shazam X was one of those dj's back then...Google the name people !!

Shazam X