Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Got Titles ???

Now let's really get into this & have some fun !! Everywhere you go they talking about Pushin' Tapes or Tapemasta ( Google CLASSIC MIXTAPES & see what comes ) !! Now let's really push the button & see what the people say..I've been in this too long & then you say i ask for full mixes..Dj's  send me what they want & if i enjoy it..i'll post it up !! I tell dj's to do 90 minutes or more ( look how Doo Wop did the Underground Joint recently - Side A MP3 & Side B MP3 remember that concept, where you think that came from - if everybody is doing straight mp3 aka CDs ) I got dj's hitting me up for their mixtapes, ask Doo Wop what i did years ago !! I could put up the Keith Murray drop & leave it at that..But nah, i'm going to keep moving & smile without saying a name, but you'll know what i'm talking about !! I know all this about a cover/playlist, but it was the way it was done !!

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