Monday, April 23, 2012

Real Cassettes vs Compact Discs ( The Mixtape Era )

Recently i had a conversation with someone about the Mixtapes from the late 80's the mid 90's..So i thought why not let everybody get on it worldwide & speak about what they had..Alot of us started recording off the radio ( KISS FM, WHBI, WBLS was my stations back in the days ) & making home made MIXTAPES & album sales started slowing down. I remember when people was trying shut down the dj's & make rappers the front guy ( Henceforth the DAT Machine ). Justo's Mixtape Awards was born & now the dj was in the spotlight again. Rappers & reps from record labels worldwide was trying to get into this Phenomenon call MIXTAPES..Now what was your 5 favorite mixtapes from the late 80's to the mid 90's & let us know because people need to know why those dj's back then was so important & how they change the today's djs..Imagine if those dj's from back then would comeback with today's technique. Remember the saying for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY !! PS: i'm the pic with one of the MIGHTY SHIRT KINGS, we was in Harlem USA back then..


  1. i lived in upstate ny, so i got a hold of red alert, marley marl magic mixtapes from whoever however. some memorable mixtapes for me was red alert (we can do this),doo wop summer jam 94, 95live series, wopduizm, we had a cat around the way who made tapes. plus we had college radio shows as well so we'd be recording feircely. i remember the shirt king prom on red alert show, he'd rock a picture of the autobot(red alert) on it. i remember of first hearing tony touch tapes in the early 90's, i'd heard of kid capri and ron g but hadnt gotten any of their stuff. by the mid 90s i think cats was travelling to the city for the soul purpose of copping joints and EVERYBODY dubbed them i remember mid to late 90s after funkmaster flex dropped 60min. of funk, other cats were making "retail" mixtapes. now...everyone is a dj so you actually have to sift through garbage. the djs that kill me the most are the ones puttin out "ol skool" mixtapes that have the same ol tracklistings. if i hear DWYCK on another 90s mix i'll scream, anyway thers my story...

  2. There you go & that's what i'm looking for..Alright people, let's keep this going because later you're going to say why i didn't do !!

  3. well Tape u already know about my history but for those that dont know, i first knew about mixtapes in the classifieds in the back of the Source mags back in the days. thats when i started seeing stores in NYC carrying mixtapes by djs, and at the time i had no clue that was goin on. i started recording off the radio back in '93 when Naughty by nature came out wit "Hip-Hop Hurray". i used to make my own tapes just recording joints off the radio. thats all i knew
    but the more i started reading the source the more i started readin about certain djs comin out wit dope tapes and thats when i was intrigued by mixtapes.
    the 1st mixtape i heard was in '95 by DJ Goldfinger, a friend of mine from NYC had the tape and let me borrow it and it changed my life at that moment. that was when i 1st heard Lil cease "crush on you", and i had no idea that song was on kim's 1st LP. then a couple of weeks later i heard bad Boy mixtape vol. 2 wit stretch armstrong. i knew then that artists had songs on mixtapes that wasnt on albums and i was surprised by that cause i knew nothing about it.
    then in '99 when i was in Chicago i heard my 1st Clue tape. from then on i was hooked on mixtapes but it was a still a struggle to get them until around late '00 early '01.
    when i started my blog back in '08, tapemasta schooled me on the game of mixtapes. it was him that gave me the knowledge about it and gave me the opportunity to hear other tapes by other djs that i liked. without Tape & SOUL at that time i wouldnt have the opportunity to hear mixtapes at all cause they was the only ones puttin them up before me.
    but my top 5 mixtape djs are Clue, Capri, Mister Cee, Evil Dee & tie between Doo Wop and Tony Touch.
    there's no way i can name my top 5 mixtapes cause there's so many to choose from. thanks Tape for givin us this platform. 4 years goin strong and i owe it to u.

  4. Im not even from Jersey but Juice, Selecta Bam Bam, and Dexterity out Jersey..I use to play so much I popped the real and had to put back together with tape and such..Top 5 is almost impossible because as soon as you get to naming 5 you gonna think of 5 more and next thing you know half an hour later you gonna have a list of 1000 tapes you dont know where they are but you gonna wanna go find just because...DoggTime, Kid Capri, Kool Kid, Kool Kirk, Boo Da the Barber, King Smij, SnS, Doowop...Super Rockin Ekim, Mr. Cee, Ron-G, and on an on and on

  5. All the way from the Netherlands so for me it was very difficult to get the mixtapes over here. I had to order them thru Germany or England to get the tapes from mixtapekingz
    So i couldn't get hold of the hardcore tapes from the streets. The first tapes i heard where from Tony Touch & Kid Capri in the early 90's and was hooked from then & now thanx to Tapemasta i'm learning about the hardcore dj's who sold there tapes in the streets.