Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Real Cassettes V1 - Chuck Chillout ( Live On Kiss 5/9/86 Side A )

Now you going to see what we really do on the internet now !! How many of you know about Chuck Chillout rocking on the radio before there was a Funkmaster Flex or DJ Clue..The year is 1986 & i know about the 80's babies ( Sparky Dee, Melle Mell, Rakim, Run DMC, Whodini & more..when was the last time you heard these songs on the radio - i know xmas time with Red & Flex )..Now you get to hear what your parents was rocking with..Once again, you can bite the concept or even try to bring the dj's back but remember, I GOT IT ALL & who did it first !! Shouts to my Brother Shakim Allah & Chuck Chillout for making me realize what HIP HOP is all about !! Oh yeah, listen to the intro of this tape & tell me when was the last time you heard songs like this on the Radio or Mixtapes - matter of fact, listen & see where your favorite dj's get their playlist from...Nuff Said !! Twitter is going to luv me again... Chris Medina, S.O.U.L, Mixtape Museum, Sommer, Miami Kaos, DJ Belal, DJ Soul, DJ Mars, Red Alert, Flex, LA Luv, Doo Wop, DJ Uneek, Iroc, Showtime, Rob Dinero, We Go Hard Radio & others..Let's go !!

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