Friday, April 20, 2012

NYC Radio DJ's V3 - The Sounds Of NYC V1 ( Side A )

Man, this time up i'm really going back with these tapes..Imagine being live on the radio & the year is 1987 ( May 7th )..Now while people try to dig for compact discs which was done 10 years ago ( I see what you doing - i've already did that 3 years )..i can pull out joints 25 years ago & older..Respect what's going on around because it's HISTORY AT IT'S FINEST !! Matter of fact, when did you know Grandmaster Flash was on the radio. Suprise people because now we got him & Chuck Chillout on this tape..What else is there to say now..Once again, enjoy because there's more to come !! So guess who's in the pic with Tapemasta..Once again, either you're going to respect this history one way or the other !!

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