Friday, April 20, 2012

NYC Radio DJ's V2- The Sounds Of NYC V2 ( Side A )

As you know, i'm representing for my real hip hop heads now..You know how we did when it came to those friday/saturday nights in NYC with the radios ( this here is before the stretch & bobito era )..Now i got my son listening to these tapes with me & my nephew is pulling the tapes out of the containers. Enjoy the sounds people because social media is going to love all this !! The music is raw & the dj's made history with all this !! It's good to have current generations listen to this music & see why we all go out for it !! Now let's see, my fellow bloggers try to do


  1. your son gonna be light years above his peers.....

  2. So true..The crazy part of all this..Him, my Nephew & grandson all be diggin in the boxes..So now, they'll be told the history in a good way..Now let's see how the "biters" do now..Pulling out tapes now because the cd format is played out..they make me laugh..I keep telling people if you wasn't in the NYC area, your "game" was weak & now they know it !! I got so many "jokes" now, it's not funny..All i do now is sit back & drop what i want..Watch what i do