Sunday, April 29, 2012

D Demo - Money Talks V2

Tapemasta: Now do you see the concept & why we do this..I come from a era with you hear the MIXTAPE first, then pick it up ( cassette with a rubber stamp or just write a dj name on it ) !! I know you mad because if you wasn't then why complain..I'm laughing all the way now & having fun at the same time..You got to luv NYC because where can you get the RAW stuff & still enjoy the music..Shouts to NB for dropping this one..Bronx stand up !!

Nick: New York City and beyond! Do you miss the days when every mixtape was guaranteed to have at least 3 cuts from The Firm album? How do some slightly sped up tracks from the clean version of In My Lifetime Vol.1 sound right about now? Or maybe you’ve never heard the Bobby Brown/Marley Marl/Tragedy Khadafi collaboration before? Whatever your individual needs are, this tape is guaranteed to put you in that ‘97 mentality. All that, plus an exclusive Rawcotiks freestyle to close things out! One side only, what up Tape!



  1. rawcotics....ah yes!...gone are the days when djs put joints on their tapes for the heads AND the ladies!

  2. Yes indeed !! Some people can't understand it & wonder why people like us..sit back & laugh today !!