Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Street Mixtapes V108 - Kool Kid ( Resolution Shut Down V2 Side A )

Word on the net is that Kool Kid is coming back to mixtapes..Can you be ready for that people..Imagine rocking with the Diesel series again...Shout to Big Dev !! Enjoy this one because you don't know what i'm going to do next !!


  1. hey tapemasta,

    thanks for the upload....this was a dope tape.
    question for you know the name of the song at 4min20sec? it sounds to me like Terror Fabulous, but i could be wrong. if you could lemme know the name of the track, or even the name of the artist, that'd help

    thanks in advance

  2. Sorry for the slow response..i don't know what the song title is because we didn't have covers or tracklistings back then..

  3. ok thanks for getting back to me and lettin me know