Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Street Mixtapes V101 - Red Alert ( Live On Kiss FM Side A )

Here's where we take all this onto another level..which will make people dig for joints..There's reasons why we do what we do for the luv of hip hop..You can't make it change, but i can make sure that you see why we rock all day & what made the dj's listen to back in the days..Salute to the original prop master - RED ALERT !!! The fun part of this all, the year is 1986 !!!

1 comment:

  1. Please Re-up this mix. Mediafire is giving the "Permission Denied" for this Red mixtape.

    P.S. Loving all the 80's Radio mixes, btw. Downloading all Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, and DNA & Hank Love mixshows. For a guy of 37 yrs. who grew up on New York Rap, but not from NY, I FINALLY GET WHAT I KNEW I WAS ALWAYS MISSING!! Thank you so much!!! Keep it up! :)