Friday, February 24, 2012

Street Mixtapes V31 - Arson ( Cruise Control V3 Side A ) UPDATED LINK

Guess who's back again & doing the damn thing on the net..who's doing over a half million views & over 25,000 downloads..The ebay people is hating me right now, because of what i'm doing..The younger generation is going to see & hear what we rocked with the real MIXTAPES..NYC was the captial when it came to the cassette tapes & now you understand why people from outside of NYC wanted to get their tapes in the stores ( Stereo Plaza ) & websites ( )...I'm from the era, where we got our mixtapes from the streets. No websites, no distributors, no people who was trying make a name for themselves by being slick. Guess what people it's over for you now..Either get on the team or just stay on the sidelines..

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