Thursday, February 9, 2012

Showtime - Throwback At Noon V18

See you thought we was just sitting around doing nothing..well, i'm staying busy & now everybody is watching..I know people been talking & i'm done with it all..I'm too old for the BS, now i'm just dropping & watching the numbers keep going up !! We got this on lock & now everybody knows..i didn't need alot of promotion to rock out with my "Collection", so now enjoy what we all can do !! Shout out to the We Go Hard staff for dropping on the internet radio everyday..To my brother in crime, DJ SHOWTIME keep rocking those joints & see how dj's from the past is reinventing themselves from the use of the dudes better watch out because we're coming & now we got this !! See the knowledge, that i'm dropping on all of you because eventually all this will stop !!

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