Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shazam X - Guess Who's Back !!


Shazam X started his musical career pursuits back in 1984 as a DJ who did house parties in his neighborhood. He soon after got offers from club promoters and began DJing in clubs. Later he became interested in mixtapes and began doing a mixtape series labeled "The X-Files" and he also did a "Best Of" series. Soon after that he took an intrest in making beats and studio engineering. He began to hang around Calliope studios with the rap group "Ultramagnetic" where he began to find his love for music production. Later down the line he began to hang out with his friend Raheim, who later introduced him to Salaam Remi. He learned alot from Raheim and Salaam and he took what he learned and used the knowledge wisely. With the help of his long time friend Kenny Dope, Kenny helped Shazam get his chance to make his first record back in 1994 which was titled "Down For My Crown". So from there, Shazam made music production his priority. So now he's here to give beat needy MCs what they need, which is hard hitting beat production. Shazam X has been a producer for over 15 years and he's still at it but now the tracks are even more harder hitting than before. Here are a few recording artist Shazam X has worked with: The Sqwad (Shazam X, J Love & Ric Nice), Lazy I aka SLD, King Sun, Kenny Dope, Johnny P, Smif n Wessun, Percee P, Large Professor, Neek The Exotic, Guru Of Gangstarr, Masta Ace, OC Of D.I.T.C., Group Home, Wu-Tang, Kaotic Style, MOP, Tragedy Khadafi, Cormega, Cella Dwellas, Brand Nubians, Pos/Neg and Sista Act just to name a few. Shazam now resides in Atlanta, Ga and he has found that Underground music scene that he loves so much. He's also on several different projects and also working with some new up and coming artist that live in the Atlanta area and are making a name for themselves, such as Big Reczilla, Goldenchyld and his new artist Dell G which is on the come up. So please know that Shazam is still working hard to keep that Shazam X sound alive with his new sound. If you are interested in getting the chance to flow over one of these hard hitting Shazam X tracks, holla at him at SHAZAMXNYC@GMAIL.COM. Believe me you won't be disappointed.

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