Monday, February 27, 2012

Street Mixtapes V53 - Dirty Harry ( High Noon - Off The Hook V1 Side A )

I come to realize that alot of people really didn't know about DH..Only what they seen on the websites or google ( Hey Vlad, send me that check )..well, i was the first person who put out the " Who's On Your Deck " 60 minute tapes ( I bet alot of you don't know why there was 60 minute tapes )on the internet a few years ago..Now this tape never made it to cd & there was a reason for that !!

Street Mixtapes V52 - Ron G ( Mixes V12 Side A )

Now i'm about to show you exactly who i am now..Time for everybody to get their download on..I want to give respect to the Youngest In Charge & The Flavor Man Jamel for dropping hot mixtapes every weekend..Saturday's was something to look forward to after Soul Train went off & then making that ride to Harlem ( Shouts to the 2 train back then New Lots av to 125th st )..90 minutes was a good way to rock out MIXTAPES on the train ride back home..

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Street Mixtapes V51 - Supreme ( Far Rockaway ) ( Mad Flava V2 Side A )

Now i'm dropping this one before somebody say, ooh he's dropping side b's now..I can do both & still have fun !! I told you, i'm dropping joints that you probably didn't know about !! Once again..REAL MIXTAPES !!

Street Mixtapes V50 - Ron G ( Live In Virginia Side B )

Who dropped 50 links for you on the internet recently !! There's nothing else to be said now..

Street Mixtapes V49 - Hollywood Productions ( Blends 9/95 Side B )

Now you see how we keep touching all the bases of what a MIXTAPE should be like ??

Street Mixtapes V48 - Chubby Chub ( 7/13 Side B )

Do you like how i can keep going all over the place..Take this one & see what we do in NYC ( 5 Boros )..

Street Mixtapes V47 - Xtreme Feat JOJ ( Tape V22 It's The Bomb Baby Side A )

Here's another one for my queens people worldwide..Bet you didn't see this one on the internet..Keep up people, i got more coming !!

Street Mixtapes V46 - Arson ( Cruise Control V5 Side A )

Here's another one for you to rock out this week...

Street Mixtapes V45 - Showtime ( NYC Hitmen World Tour Chapter 1 Side A )

Here's another mixtape that you didn't know about, but if you was around when Showtime dropped this then you know what time it was in Leland, North Carolina ( Chocolate City )..It's all live !!! Study your MIXTAPE HISTORY !!

Street Mixtapes V44 - Nyce n Nasty ( Back 2 Back Side A )

Here's another dj that you probably don't know about..But after this you'll be on that GOOGLE shit real quick..He was hitting people in their heads with his mixtapes.

Street Mixtapes V43 - Famous ( Blends To The Best Side A )

Let's just keep going on..while you scratch your heads & figure out what's coming out next !! Listen to the !!

Street Mixtapes V42 - Big Redd ( Tape V7 Side A )

Now i'm going take all this onto another level for mixtapes..For my queens people watch what i do now..Straight turntables over here !! No producer dj's over !!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Street Mixtapes V41 - Tony Touch ( R & B V14 Hip Hop Soul Side A )

Let's keep going with the flow..

Street Mixtapes V40 - Tony Touch ( R & B V15 Summer Soul Side A )

Let's go all out for the people now !! Nothing else to be said !!

Street Mixtapes V39 - Kurupt ( Flesh Of My Flesh Side B )

Now here's where i really have people go crazy with this one..The kid DMX doing his shit live..Drag is also doing his thing..The fun part of all this is that DMX is coming back doing his thing for 2012..Nothing but the classics over here..Now tell me, somebody got this joint !! As the song goes, You Can Hate Me !!

Street Mixtapes V38 - Supreme ( Hip Hop V10 The Mixtape Side A )

Here's another one for the masses..Now remember this isn't the same tape as "Knowledge Cipher"..It's 2 different tapes..

Street Mixtapes V37 - Supreme ( Hip Hop V10 Knowledge Cipher )

Now you know i got all this covered..Who's dropping Supreme ( Far Rockaway )mixtapes on the net ?? That's all i got to say for now..

Street Mixtapes V36 - D Demo ( Blends V12 Side A )

I know this out but somebody wanted it again..As the song goes, Jump up & bounce !!

Street Mixtapes V35 - Kay Slay ( Mixmaster V1 Side B )

Let's keep them moving with the flavor of what we rocked with back in the days..

Street Mixtapes V34 - Chill Will ( Masterpiece V4 Side A )

This one is for the international crew worldwide !!

Street Mixtapes V33 - Kool Kid ( True Player Side A )

Let's just keep going with the joints & make people realize what we do !! This side is for the laid back fellas & the ladies worldwide..

Street Mixtapes V32 - J O J ( Spring Break 99 Side A )

If you notice everything that i drop is CASSETTE TAPES only..Which shows you why people didn't see none of these on the net anywhere..My view is why give you joints that you can get anywhere, henceforth PUSHIN' TAPES..Now the concept has been taken well & you can see it on blogs, websites, ipads, itouches..Enjoy the flavor because there's more coming..

Street Mixtapes V31 - Arson ( Cruise Control V3 Side A ) UPDATED LINK

Guess who's back again & doing the damn thing on the net..who's doing over a half million views & over 25,000 downloads..The ebay people is hating me right now, because of what i'm doing..The younger generation is going to see & hear what we rocked with the real MIXTAPES..NYC was the captial when it came to the cassette tapes & now you understand why people from outside of NYC wanted to get their tapes in the stores ( Stereo Plaza ) & websites ( )...I'm from the era, where we got our mixtapes from the streets. No websites, no distributors, no people who was trying make a name for themselves by being slick. Guess what people it's over for you now..Either get on the team or just stay on the sidelines..

Friday, February 17, 2012

Street Mixtapes V30 - JOJ ( Detention Side A )

Did you think that i forgot about the blends for my people..Let's keep the vibe going with some more MIXTAPES !! Nothing else to be said now...

Street Mixtapes V29 - Cutmaster C ( Dirty Money V2 Episode 2 Side B )

Wow, think how i just keep doing this & making the people go crazy !! Drop after drop with that REAL HIP HOP vibe..All this can make you see what you missed over the years !!

Street Mixtapes V28 - Cutmaster C ( Dirty Money V1 Side A )

Send those checks over here & let's have some fun..all those 90's mixtapes is coming back including the dj's..Guess who made it possible !! Concepts come everyday, but can you make it work for you !! Hate me now, because i'm a roll now !!

Street Mixtapes V27 - Dazon ( D I F V2 Side A )

Once again, who got what mixtapes again !!

Street Mixtapes V26 - Kool Mike Ski ( The Principle 93 Side A )

I guess you see where we're going now..Sit back & watch how we drop that real hip hop on the masses now..Best believe people is shaking their heads & wonder how these tapes is getting out over the place..Once again, you got to love the NYC STREET MIXTAPES..

Street Mixtapes V25 - LA Luv ( Good, Bad & Ugly Side A )

Over here, we go for the neck when it comes to the mixtapes..Now check the freestyle from Fat Joe & see what we the Lords Of The Underground was mad about !! Remember don't try to diss a Legend because you don't know what can happen to your career. Bet you didn't know about this either !! It's a NYC flava over here now !!

Street Mixtapes V24 - Kool Kid ( AFD Side )

Who got what mixtapes..It's time ro really drop joints on the net worldwide now. Some people try to keep up & guess what it's time to show em what we got !! Shout to Kool Kid & best believe we're going to have some fun now..Remember the saying from EF Hutton !!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Is What We Do Over Here V1

This is what we do over here..People complained about why the music wasn't right & what we needed to do !! I kept telling people about what they needed to do, some people took the idea & tried to make it their own - i came with a concept ( i stayed in my own lane ) & made it work ( Remember the saying NO IDEA'S ORIGINAL - i agree 100% with it..LOL - Shout to DJ SOUL..)..Some people tried to be slick..But if you're really into it, then the just reward will come to you eventually !! Shout to S.O.U.L , Sugi & others for keeping it what we said it should be in the beginning ( People thought the Blogs wasn't going to work in the beginning - Now everybody is scratching their heads & doing one..I Luv it !! )..People thought i just came on the scene like a year !! Once again, i've done Pushin' Tapes with Rapmullet, Mixtape Reviews with Tapekingz, Mixtape Awards with Justo, Foundation Magazine with B Mack, Mixtape Madness with King Apex, Scratch Academy DVD ( Mixtape Class with Green Lantern, G Brown & others ) & things you can't find on ( If you wasn't there, that's not my fault - it's yours )..So remember when you ask stupid questions about what i should do or what i did - ask yourself what did you do & then remember what i said from the beginning.." This is what we do over here "...Also remember i talk with alot of these dj's from the past to the present & everything will come back in a circle - You got to luv NYC & the 5 boros !! Props to We Go Hard Radio, Nike, Adidas, Marc Ecko, Amazon, Apple...

Street Mixtapes V23 - Kid Frisk ( Xmas Shit 96 Side A )

Let's keep dropping more joints on the people worldwide..This one is a blend with some jewels on it !!

Street Mixtapes V22 - Tec 1 ( Old School V1 - For The Ladies Side A )

Here's another that you don't know about..Shout to Sandy, Nino & Mike - where ever you are at !! Now you can realize what we do & why..Real dj's doing mixtapes !!

Street Mixtapes V21 - Dennis Blaze ( MJB Queen Of Hip Hop Soul V1 )

You got to understand how all this can keep flowing around you !! If you're over 35 then this one is for you..Just sit back & press play !!

Street Mixtapes V20 - SML ( Coolout V5 1/96 Side A )

Here's another coolout joint for you !! After 16 years, don't you think these tapes sound better than what you rocking on the radio right now..Oh yeah, be mad because i'm having fun, while you scratch your head !! Make a old school cd on itunes, while i rock all these joints...

Street Mixtapes V19 - SML ( Bad Boy Empire V1 Side A )

Once again, i'm back in the Bronx with DJ SML..Sit back & rock out with the Bad Boy family..

Street Mixtapes V18 - Mistic ( Hip Hop & R & B V1 11/95 Side A )

This time up is Brooklyn own's DJ Mistic..Once again, you don't know about this dj either - but he did joints with DJ Supreme ( Far Rockaway )..When i tell you that i keep this vibe alive, you don't know how much..Social media has kept all this going & since the end of Megaupload - links are dead & people searching for mixtapes..Oh yeah, i know it all !! I wasn't lying when i told you that i don't have to get a mix cd for 10 years - whether it has old school or new school on it !! So while you keep searching for mixtapes - i'll keep dropping...once again, enjoy this one !!

Street Mixtapes V17 - Mike Nice ( Old School R & B V2 Side A )

This time up is Mike Nice & he's dropping some old school r & b on this tape... Remember people i'm from a era where mixtapes did better than singles or albums..I can do this everyday & the fun part of it all - My ipod & kindle fire is looking crazy right now..

Street Mixtapes V16 - LA Luv ( 90% Flava V2 5/95 Side A

Let's keep it on that Bronx flava..Remember don't hate just enjoy the sounds & keep up..LA Luv been doing mixtapes for a long time & the crazy part alot of you didn't know that either because all you do is GOOGLE DJ's names..Which is crazy to me, but best believe you'll know about all these MIXTAPE DJ'S from NYC ( The 5 Boro's )...

Street Mixtapes V15 - J Styles ( Mellow Fellow V1 Side A )

Here's another one that you don't know about unless you was in NYC because there was no distributors rocking out with tapes back then..Some of the smooth rnb..Once again, shout out to the 3rd ave Villians...

Street Mixtapes V14 - Arson ( Old 2 New 96 Side A )

So word on the net is that mixtapes is coming back & more people is downloading CASSETTE MIXTAPES & not mix cds..I guess people is realizing that the classics is on point..Well, this time up i'm dropping DJ Arson on the people..Enjoy this one because once again, it's not on cd or the net anywhere !!

Street Mixtapes V13 - Kool Mike Ski ( Coolout V4 Side A )

I'm back at it again..This time around the Bronx Bomber is up on the mix over here !! Watch how we keep stuff going on the net...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roz ( Champion Sounds ) - Big L Harlem's Finest

Tapemasta: Now here's a best of that i can rock over & over again..The net was pushing this last year..So for the brother's bday, which is my daughter's also. Enjoy what we do people & remember Been There, Done That !!

Roz: HARLEM'S FINEST. Mixed in the Fall of 2003... This tape did numbers too. Street Certified!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Erick Sermon - Breathe Of Fresh Air

I'm dropping this one on you because people need to understand where we're going. Respect what this man did for hip hop & see what's coming on around you..enjoy this & see what hip hop should be like..If you're going to get a copy, might as well get it from a original rapper..I know that might of went over your heads..But enjoy it anyway..

Dallas Green - Old School Slow Jams V1

Tapemasta: Let's keep doing it to the ladies worldwide..My wife is loving me right now..haters beware because i'm going all the way !!

Dallas Green: My Valentine's Day Gift To You - Old School Slow Jams 1

1. Janet Jackson - Let's Wait Awhile
2. Keith Sweat & Jacci McGhee - Make It Last Forever
3. Tracey Spncer - Tender Kisses
4. Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk
5. The Deele - Two Occasions
6. Tony Tone Toni - Anniversary
7. Al B. Sure - Oooh This Love Is So
8. Freddie Jackson - You Are My Lady
9. Rafeal Saddiq - Ask Of You
10. Tony Tone Toni - It Never Rains (In Southern California)
11. Tony Tone Toni - Whatever You Want
12. Hi Five - Quality Time
13. Monica - Why I Love You So Much
14. Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha
15. Adeele - Tonight
16. Freddie Jackson - Rock Me Tonight
17. Tony Tone Toni - Just Me & You
18. R. Kelly - Honey Love
19. Xscape - Who Can I Run To
20. SWV - Your Always On My Mind
21. Mint Condition - Pretty Brown Eyes
22. Silk - Freak Me
23. Jodeci - Freakin U
24. Jodeci - U & I
25. Michel'le - Something In My Heart
26. Tyrese - Sweet Lady
27. Xscape - My Little Secret
28. Janet Jackson - Anytime, Anyplace
29. SWV - Weak
30. Usher - Nice & Slow
31. LSG - My Body
32. Keith Sweat - Nobody
33. R. Kelly - You Remind Me

" Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man."
-Jimmy Lyons

S.O.U.L Prod Presents Dj Irie - The Other Side Of Valentine

Tapemasta: Now tell me we don't keep the vibes rocking all over the world..

Finaly the wait is over today on the day of love i'm proud to bring to you The Other Side Of Valentine a mixtape by DJ Irie focused on the dark side of love. Feel free to spread this valentine feeling on your websites.

Irie :"I decided to do what I do best and flip the script on the situation. Cause if there's love, there's always pain. Where you see happiness, you're pretty shore there will be some sadness. To make a long story short I chose a list of songs that talks about broken hearts, drug abuse, back stabbers, gold diggers and more."

Enjoy The Other Side Of Valentine....

01. Les McCann - Save Your Love For Me
02. Just Ice - Booger Bitch
03. Jeru Da Damaja - da Bitchez
04. Scarface - High Note
05. Aretha Franklyn - One Step Ahead
06. Mos Def - Ms Fat Booty
07. Aretha Franklyn - One Step Ahead
08. Slum Village - Fall 'N Love
09. Mad Villian - Fancy Clown
10. Organized Konfuzion - Why?
11. Gangstarr - Ex To The Next Girl
12. Grand Puba - Backstabbers
13. Louis Logic - Best Friends
14. Jerry Springer Skit
15. Soul Position - Jerry Springer Episode
16. Funkdubiost - Pussy Ain't Shit
17. BDP - Love's Gonna Get Ya
18. Atmosphere - Shoulda Know
19. Brand Nubian - Slow Down
20. Phife Dawg - Bendova
21. Drink Away The Pain
22. Lost Boyz - Renee
23. MC Lyte - I Cram To Understand You
24. Everlast - The Letter
25. Biz Markie - Young Girl Bluez
26. Kool Keith - Supergalactic Lover
27. Cella Dwellaz - Perfect Match
28. Ice-T Sex Skit
29. Slick Rick - Adults Only
30. Nas - Knocking Boots
31. NWA - A Bitch Is A Bitch
32. Rob Swift - I'm Leaving

M Rock - Happy Valentines Day 2012

Tapemasta: Here's something for the ladies worldwide..We didn't forget about you & best believe it's all good over here !! Sit back & relax with the sounds..If you enjoyed M Rock's Jay Z's mixtape then this one should be on total replay !!

1.Come Back to Me – Janet
2.Rockin That Shit – The Dream
3.Luv – Janet
4.Party (ft Andre 3000 & Kanye West) – Beyonce
5.Walk Away From Love – Bitty McLean
6.Turn Da Lights Off – Tweet Feat. Missy Elliott
7.Turn Your Lights Down Low (with Lauryn Hill) – Bob Marley
8.Come Over – Estelle
9.Vixen – Miguel
10.Super High – Rick Ross Ft. Ne-Yo
11.I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby – Barry White
12.Whenever, Wherever, Whatever – Maxwell
13.Tell Me – Groove Theory
14.Tell Me What You Want – Mase
15.All I Want Is You – Miguel Ft. J. Cole
16.I Want You – Common Feat.
17.One On One – Hall & Oates
18.Kiss Of Life – Sade
19.Outstanding – Gap Band
20.Wifey – Next
21.Forthenight (Feat. Aaries) – Musiq
22.Sumthin’ Sumthin’ – Maxwell
23.Never Too Much – Luther Vandross
24.My love – Justin Timberlake
25.No one – Maxwell
26.Take Care – Drake ft. Rihanna
27.Vai Minha Tristeza – TomNJoyce
28.Release (Masters at Work Main Mix) – Afro Celt Sound System ft. Sinead O Connor
29.Moist (M-Rock Remix) – Janet
30.One In A Million – Aaliyah
31.Fortunate – Maxwell
32.Knockin’ Da Boots – H-Town
33.Pony – Ginuwine
34.Moments in Love – The Art of Noise
35.Pretty Brown Eyes – Mint Condition
36.Freak Me – Silk
37.The Way – Jill Scott
38.You Give Good Love – Whitney Houston

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Street Mixtapes V12 - Ekim ( Winter Flava 95' 2/95 Side A )

For all those dj's who can't do a MIXtape perfect or those people who download mixtapes because they can't find the right mix..Relate to this one & let me know how you think it should be today !! Yes, you can put together a 90's mixtape, but can you keep the listener's ear focus from beginning to the end..Yes, i said it & believe me..i meant it !!

Street Mixtapes V11 - Dave O ( Niggas Ain't Ready 95 Side A )

For real who's doing it like this on the internet right now !! The people who wanted the 90's mixtapes & now you got it !! All you got to do is google CLASSIC MIXTAPES & see who's dropping joint after joint..

Street Mixtapes V10 - Doggtime ( 4 Da Big Dogg Side A )

I had to sneak this one in for my international crew !!

Street Mixtapes V9 - Kid Nice ( DJ's Started Something Side A )

Now you know what & how we do..Let's drop another Kid Nice Mixtape on the net..Once again, you got to love the 90's..See ya at the finish line..

Street Mixtapes V8 - Kool Kirk ( 3rd Pound 95 3/95 Side A )

Now let's keep dropping more flava on you..There's nothing to be said over here !! You know what we do & now just sit back & watch how we make the internet go crazy with drop after drop..You already know who Kool Kirk is & what he can do..The fun part of all this - i already knew & people just catching up now..

Street Mixtapes V7 - J Styles & Technician ( Live @ 183 Side A )

I know you're probably saying where is Tapemasta getting these tapes from ?? I keep telling you that i was there & no websites or distributor was forcing MIXTAPES on me. I'm sure you know about Technician doing his mixes now live in Boston, MA..So you know, i can drop joints on any dj from the past..The fun part of all this is Tech is on the mic & J Styles is on the turntables..Once again, respect what i'm doing because there's not too many people who can do it like this !! It's about real dj's doing their thing with the turntables..Enjoy another blast from the past..

Street Mixtapes V6 - J Styles ( Catchin' Wreck V3 Side A )

So what's the deal people ?? It's kinda good to be able sit back & watch how the mixtape game is slowly coming back to what it use to be..So now, i'm going to bring some more heat for those Ipods, Kindle Fires, Itouchs..Shouts to the 3rd Villians crew worldwide..Believe me, when i tell you - that i got some "JEWELS" coming & you didn't know anything them either..Check this one out & ask yourself why the internet didn't let you know anything about these joints..I keep saying, if you wasn't in the streets of NYC, then you missed out on alot of mixtapes - PLAIN & SIMPLE !!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Showtime - Throwback At Noon V18

See you thought we was just sitting around doing nothing..well, i'm staying busy & now everybody is watching..I know people been talking & i'm done with it all..I'm too old for the BS, now i'm just dropping & watching the numbers keep going up !! We got this on lock & now everybody knows..i didn't need alot of promotion to rock out with my "Collection", so now enjoy what we all can do !! Shout out to the We Go Hard staff for dropping on the internet radio everyday..To my brother in crime, DJ SHOWTIME keep rocking those joints & see how dj's from the past is reinventing themselves from the use of the dudes better watch out because we're coming & now we got this !! See the knowledge, that i'm dropping on all of you because eventually all this will stop !!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

DJ Soul - Live At Frozen Files

Here's something to hold you over until - No Idea Original V3 comes out !! I keep telling that the classics will continue moving all over the place !! Some people feel that we should keep your collections flowing..Well, if you go to & download stuff ( Books, Videos, Movies, Newspapers, etc ) for your Kindle Fire or Ipad..What happens ?? Think people because sooner or later it's going to happen, whether you believe it or not !! Enjoy this one because it's a classic for your ipod, itouch or smartphone...

Wonder - Special Shade 45 mix ( Tribute to Mr Don Cornelius )

Tapemasta: Nothing to be said but Rest In Power to the Original MC - Mr Don Cornelius..Enjoy what he gave to the people on Soul Train !! Old School, It's time time shake your groove thang !! PLAY THIS LOUD ON THE TRAIN, HOUSE, CAR..Give it to your parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, grand parents, great grand parents !! Respect to DJ Wonder & Sway !! Remember it's about the Classics & Vintage..

Don Cornelius Intro
2. Michael Jackson - Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough
3. Kool & the Gang - She’s Fresh
4. The Whispers – Rock Steady
5. Slave - Slide
6. Crusaders - Street Life
7. Sister Sledge - He’s the Greatest Dancer
8. Stevie Wonder – Do I Do
9. Teena Marie – Square Biz
10. Billy Ocean - Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)
11. George Benson - Give Me The Night
12. Don Cornelius Interlude
13. Janet Jackson - Control
14. DeBarge - Rhythm of the Night
15. Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)
16. Earth, Wind, & Fire - Brazillian Rhyme
17. Michael Jackson - Rock With You
18. Michael Jackson - Remember The Times (Acapella Break)
19. Keith Sweat - I Want Her
20. Jeff Redd – You Called And Told Me
21. Guy - Groove Me
22. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative
23. Entouch - II Hype
24. LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl
25. Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity
26. After 7 - Can’t Stop (Clap-A-Pella)
27. Afrika Bambaataa Presents: Time Zone - Zulu War Chant (Funky Remix)
28. Sly & The Family Stone – Everybody Is A Star
29. Rest In Peace Outro

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jaycee - Paying Dues

Everybody rocked out with Eargasms V9 recently..So why not you give something different to jump with..Once again, you get to rock with real sounds & a dj who knows how to give to you !! As the song goes, Coming straight from the Ghetto !!

Shazam X - Guess Who's Back !!


Shazam X started his musical career pursuits back in 1984 as a DJ who did house parties in his neighborhood. He soon after got offers from club promoters and began DJing in clubs. Later he became interested in mixtapes and began doing a mixtape series labeled "The X-Files" and he also did a "Best Of" series. Soon after that he took an intrest in making beats and studio engineering. He began to hang around Calliope studios with the rap group "Ultramagnetic" where he began to find his love for music production. Later down the line he began to hang out with his friend Raheim, who later introduced him to Salaam Remi. He learned alot from Raheim and Salaam and he took what he learned and used the knowledge wisely. With the help of his long time friend Kenny Dope, Kenny helped Shazam get his chance to make his first record back in 1994 which was titled "Down For My Crown". So from there, Shazam made music production his priority. So now he's here to give beat needy MCs what they need, which is hard hitting beat production. Shazam X has been a producer for over 15 years and he's still at it but now the tracks are even more harder hitting than before. Here are a few recording artist Shazam X has worked with: The Sqwad (Shazam X, J Love & Ric Nice), Lazy I aka SLD, King Sun, Kenny Dope, Johnny P, Smif n Wessun, Percee P, Large Professor, Neek The Exotic, Guru Of Gangstarr, Masta Ace, OC Of D.I.T.C., Group Home, Wu-Tang, Kaotic Style, MOP, Tragedy Khadafi, Cormega, Cella Dwellas, Brand Nubians, Pos/Neg and Sista Act just to name a few. Shazam now resides in Atlanta, Ga and he has found that Underground music scene that he loves so much. He's also on several different projects and also working with some new up and coming artist that live in the Atlanta area and are making a name for themselves, such as Big Reczilla, Goldenchyld and his new artist Dell G which is on the come up. So please know that Shazam is still working hard to keep that Shazam X sound alive with his new sound. If you are interested in getting the chance to flow over one of these hard hitting Shazam X tracks, holla at him at SHAZAMXNYC@GMAIL.COM. Believe me you won't be disappointed.

J Rocc - 90's Hip Hop

Now if you wasn't under a rock, then you know what's going to happen right here !! Once again, just sit back & press play !! Believe me, all of this will have your head nodding back & forth..Once again, remember it's all about the CLASSICS & VINTAGE FLAVOR !!

Spinna - 90's R & B Mix

Once again, it's time for the Brooklyn way !! Now we're on that smooth tip for a minute !! Shout to one of my Interns ( Tracey B ) for hooking me up last week - giving props for keeping it real !! Oh, yes, i'm taking all this to another level for MIXTAPES !! Shouts to the Brooklyn Bandits !!

DJ I AM - R & B Essentials

This one here is for the 35 & older crowd !! Sit back & rock out to those favorite R & B joints..The wife will love you for it !!

DJ Dummy - Live On Beatminerz Radio ( All Blends )

As the story goes, people don't realize what's happening around them..So why not show you what makes a dj rock on the fly !! If you don't know who DJ Dummy is then you're not a TRUE MIXTAPE COLLECTOR..Enough talk, just download & hear for yourself !! This is not your average mixtape, this here is all live !! Shouts to DJ DUMMY for hooking me up...This here is how the BROOKLYN PEEPS ROCK !!