Monday, January 30, 2012

Street Mixtapes V1: Kool Mike Ski ( New Year, New Flava 94 Side B )

Guess who's back with a new theme this time up..Once again, i'm bringing you more mixtapes that i'm sure you didn't know about !! That's what makes this blog so unique, of course people try to copy - but everybody know what i can do !! The social network is booming with the mixtapes i drop on the net, the mixtape dj's is coming back because the people wanted it !! The luv is here with these mixtapes & like the title say NEW YEAR, NEW FLAVA , so why not drop some more heat on you & keep coming with more for a minute..Check the intro out & see why we got this !! Now you're going to see the difference between MIXTAPES & INTERNET CDS..It's not about the 90's now, it's about the quality of music !!


  1. YESS!!!....i miss those doowop/bounce squad freestyles..many thanx!

  2. this particular mixtape is the very essence of what i remember bout 94!

  3. Exactly Mike, we need this now & people need to know what's up about mixtapes..