Monday, January 23, 2012

Now Here's What You Call A Party !!

Alot of people can't see things moving around them at the same time..But once you realize what's happening then we can laugh all the way !! This here is what's hip hop is about & why people can rock out live !! It's in your blood people & now 25 years still keeps coming - like mixtapes has that purpose to move on !! Henceforth Pushin' Tapes !! Classics & Vintage time...Now I'm going to drop a "DJ TEC 1 OLD SCHOOL V2 SIDE A" Check out the intro because this here is what we rocked out with "tapes, no cds"- matter of fact check how the records go with it !! Once again people, we got this for the year !! My old school heads is going to enjoy this one - blend time in the city !! See you at 11 !!

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