Wednesday, January 4, 2012

M Rock - The Best Of Jay Z ( 25th Anniversary ) ( UPDATED LINK )

Tapemasta: If you enjoyed the Tribe mixtape, then this one will take you over on another level..Bet everybody going to say how he got this one...1 hour & 45 minutes of some good music..Guess who's old school now !! I can't wait for the arena ( The Nets new home ) to be finished in Brooklyn..Watch out MSG..See You at 11 !!

M Rock: What more can I say? Welcome to my 4th creation in my “best of” mixtape series. This tape features every aspect of DJing that I can think of. The idea came to me after the Kanye tape dropped, lying in bed thinking “it’s 25 years since HP gets busy (his first recording), I could package this in a unique way”. And because his music is laced in my live sets, I had a few live routines ready. A 2-month recording/editing process was needed to select Jay’s best work and add much better routines.

•The Intro as always was a lot of fun to put together and to bump. Notice how it switches into a mafia segment from his albums and somehow the Jay-Z original sample fits. The izzo parts let me tell DJs “you don’t know what you’re doing…I show you how to do this son!”. I had to train for a day to click like that.

•I’m really proud of the Change The Game juggle – it’s basic tablism, but I managed to give it some composition.

•Excuse Me Miss: Somehow what I did changes it from funky to spooky, intergalactic sounding. The way it mixes into ‘paris’ came to me live one night at Nyood, and is the first of 2 tempo switches in the tape.

•I love the unplugged parts. The best thing about Jay is women love his brand of rap, and you can hear them rapping along.

•Otis: That’s the mastermind technique of switching beats around on purpose.

•Heart of the city + Empire State + Welcome to NY City: Really happy about how that worked out.

•Crazy In Love: Got that idea sitting at a Starbucks one day.

•M.O.P. on the remix: That shit is not for women. Women will not enjoy that part, haha.

•On to the next one: That routine is a year old. I used to do it live all the time, and nobody had a clue what I was doing, haha, which sometimes is the reaction you want.

•It’s important for me to rep funk (the Steve Arrington bit) because I love soul and funk, with thick dirty claps and those porno guitars.

•All the rnb: I love blending the right kinds of harmonies. It’s so pleasing for me to do and to listen to. The way Heartbreaker and Change Clothes work…it’s a formula, not a fluke.

•The Show me what you got routine: That’s from a really bad mixtape I made years ago called “biggie vs jay-z”. I just re-did it. Like those melodies I made out of the rump shaker sax?

People ask me to do tribute tapes for all kinds of random artists. I gotta feel that artist 100%. Initially, I didn’t relate to Jay in the way I did with Kanye and Tribe, after all I really got into his stuff when Just Blaze and Kanye brought out more soul and a less jiggy side of him. That’s the Jay I really love. I love his club stuff too, but that’s more for going out, I wasn’t bumping all that stuff at home. With that said, nobody can use their mind to come out blasting rhymes with integrity and somehow go to #1 on the charts like him. He’s gifted: he does his memorized verses without a pen in one take, and never raps without funkiness and wordplay. Without question, Jay-Z is one of the best. Put aside an hour and fourty-five minutes and I hope you enjoy how I put together and freaked 86 songs by Shawn Carter.

A personal note: I do this stuff because I love music and I love my fans. I’ve appreciated meeting every person that approaches me to express something kind to me, whether they bus tables or count billions. Thank you guys. All you Toronto DJs who love music, you’re dope. Some of you guys irritate me though: Some of you guys try to be tablists in the club but can’t even orbit. Some of you guys are cocky but can’t mix. Some of you guys are in cliques and sound the same as each other. Some of you guys need to schmooze or lower your rates to get gigs because your product is not solid. Do you guys even like music or just hear it in the mall? If you love something, develop it. All the Toronto blogs who haven’t posted my mixtapes but claim to love our city: I’m speechless. The award shows with judges who don’t know their nominees: Wow. Special thanks to One Eleven RIP, Nyood, F-Stop, Cabbie, T-Rexx, Rap City, Strombo/Darby, Kevin Nottingham, HiphopDX, the blogs that have helped me, the designer I hired (Jordan England), my friends, the fans, music lovers, DJs like Spinbad, Starting from Scratch, the tablists who inspired me and anyone I forgot.


1.M-Rock’s Intro
2.So Ghetto
3.Brooklyn’s Finest ft. Notorious B.I.G.
4.Fool’s Paradise – Meli’sa Morgan **
5.Can’t Knock The Hustle (ft. Mary J. Blige)
6.Ain’t No Nigga (Unplugged)
7.It’s Alright (Juggle)
8.Change The Game (Juggle)
9.Roc Boys
10.Otis ++
11.I Just Wanna Love U ft. Pharrell
12.Do It Again
13.One Minute Man (Remix) – Missy Elliot +
14.Do My Ladies – Memphis Bleek +
15.You, Me, Him And Her
16.Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) – Kanye West +
17.Excuse Me Miss Again
18.Niggas In Paris ++
19.Who Gon Stop Me ++
20.Big Pimpin **
21.Is that your chick – Memphis bleek ft. Missy Elliot +
22.Shut Up (Acapella) – Trick Daddy
23.U Don’t Know
24.U Don’t Know (Remix) ft. M.O.P.
25.Dirt Off Your Shoulder
26.Hard Knock Life
27.One In A Million – Aaliyah **
28.A Million
29.I’ma Hustla – Cassidy *
30.What We Do – Freeway +
31.I Wanna Rock (Remix) – Snoop Dogg +
32.99 Problems
33.Bring Em Out – T.I. *
34.Crazy In Love (juggle) – BeyoncĂ© +
35.Beware – Panjabi MC +
36.Money Ain’t A Thang – Jermaine Dupri +
37.Weak At The Knees – Steve Arrington **
38.Frontin’ – Pharrell +
39.Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey +
40.Change Clothes ft. Pharrell
42.Shaft In Africa -Johnny Pate **
43.Show Me What You Got
44.Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B & Rakim
45.HP Gets Busy – High Potent ft. Jaz-O +
46.The Originators – Big Jaz +
47.Off That (ft. Drake)
48.That’s My Bitch ++
49.XXXO (Main Mix Clean) – M.I.A. +
50.On To The Next One
51.Can I Get A ..
52.Money, Cash, Hoes (Remix)
55.Guns & Roses ft. Lenny Kravitz
56.Where I’m From
57.Guess Who’s Back – Scarface +
59.Hova Song
60.Go Crazy (Remix) – Young Jeezy +
61.December 4th
62.Dear Summer – Memphis Bleek +
64.2nd Round Knockout – Canibus ^
65.Ether -Nas ^
66.The World Is Yours – Nas **
67.Dead Presidents
68.Big Brother – Kanye West ^
69.Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love)
70.Empire State Of Mind ft. Alicia Keys
71.Welcome To New York City – Cam’ron +
72.Run This Town ft. Rihanna
73.Chase the Devil – Max Romeo and the Upsetters **
75.What More Can I Say
76.Girls, Girls, Girls
77.The Best of Both Worlds ft. R. Kelly
78.The Best of me (Holla remix) – Mya+
79.Who You Wit Part I
80.Sunshine (Always Be My) ft. Foxy Brown, Babyface
81.Sunshine – Alexander O’ Neal **
82.Keep It Real – Jon B Ft. Coko +
83.Things We Do For Love (Remix) – Horace Brown +
84.One For The Money – Horace Brown
85.Feelin’ It ft. Mecca
86.Never Change
87.Song Cry