Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hard Pack 2012: Classics & Vintage Time Is Coming..

Now you all know that this blog has been around for 3 years now ( I like staying in the background )..But before that i was doing my thing with the mixtape awards to magazines to websites..Now we're bringing a Mixtape Museum to the world soon ( Sommer, we got this )..i showed the internet world who was really doing it on the mixtape scene in the 90's ( The Downloads don't lie, people )..Shouts to Bully ( from the chat box ) for making me see the light again on why i got to do this...Props to Craig Leckie from Ireland, for making me dig again..King Apex, rocking with me in the beginning with our dream..Ike Love & Grandmasta Vic, for bringing back that Queens sound & now we got it all..The Legendary Showtime, We're going to show them how the New & Improved HARD PACK 2012 get's down. I got a few projects in the works now, which will make people shake their heads & say wow !!! Let's just say that i only scratched the surface on what i did so far. But don't say i didn't warn you on what's coming...Also checkout for the DJ Buckwild Blends V7 Side A on here...Yes, he's the producer one & he's a dj too...See you at 11 !!


  1. for those who didnt know Buckwild was a dj they need to beat themselves with a

  2. Loving the Classics & Vintage series keep them coming