Monday, January 30, 2012

Classics & Vintage Time - Old School Vintage Time

I was on that well deserved vacation & doing some moves recently..I would like to thank my interns for helping out during the past week & beyond !! Well if you're NYC on Feb 18, then rock out with the true legends of the TURNTABLES ( Red Alert, DJ Lance & Marley Marl ) in Brooklyn !! Once again, 30 & older is about to rock out all night !! See recently, we dropped NYC RADIO MIXTAPES on the net & the people loved it !! All the social networks was on total flashback, now the party scene is going to go crazy too !! Now you all thought this was about MIXTAPES on blogs, New Year - New Ideas !! Don't worry, i got more joints coming on the blog..Keep guessing, while i keep going !! See you @ 11...No more talk, just action !!