Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quest - R & B meets Rap V5 ( Side A )

You got to love Gary Anderson's vibe for mixtapes..Some people try to exploit things for their own benefits - but believe it'll all come out for the people to see eventually !! Enjoy this one & watch what comes out next !!

Mr Handz - Handz On Training ( H. O. T. ) Side A

Once again, Gary Anderson is dropping another mixtape on us !! Believe it, when i tell you that mixtapes have a reason & no matter how many people try to copy a format - the vibe is still the same !!

Evil Dee - Nasdee Bushwick Joint ( Side A )

The public speaks & now Gary Anderson ( I've known GA since my Rapmullet days, yup i'm that guy ) is doing his thing with his mixtape collection now. Enjoy this one & see what we all been trying to tell you since the beginning !! The MIXTAPES REMAIN RAW & IT'S A GIVEN FACT NOW !!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Classics & Vintage V27 - Wanye Ski ( Live On Beatminerz Radio )

If you need that real dj vibe, then this one is for you !! Stop digging for joints, that i'm sure you really can't find..Remember it's about real dj's over here !!

Street Mixtapes V5: Damage ( Bac The Fuc Up 93 Side A )

As the title says, it's time for you to do it !! Hands down, it's over !! We drop another jewel for you all the way on that computer !! Tell the people, we're back on point now !!

Street Mixtapes V4: Kid Nice ( Winter Masterpiece V1 Side A )

Once again, we did it again with these mixtapes..Here's another one that you didn't know about !! It's about the streets & what the people rocked out with before the internet..Keep up because you might miss out on something rare !! Kid Nice did his thing recently on this blog, so why not keep going with the flava !! Remember we bring back dj's over here !! Think out of the box people because now you get to hear what we rocked out on the boom boxes before portable cd players !!

Street Mixtapes V3: Mike Nice ( Summertime Nonsense 94 Side A )

Let's keep going with some more heat again !! Raw sounds with 2 turntables & a mic !!

Street Mixtapes V2: Ekim & LA Luv ( Spring Flava Side A )

Over here, you're going to see what made mixtapes so popular all the way around the world..People thought the internet pushed the mixtapes, but now remember alot of these mixtapes wasn't on there..So tell me what makes, it flow so lovely !! When was the last time you had 2 djs on a mixtapes, believe me - you didn't know about this one either !!

Street Mixtapes V1: Kool Mike Ski ( New Year, New Flava 94 Side B )

Guess who's back with a new theme this time up..Once again, i'm bringing you more mixtapes that i'm sure you didn't know about !! That's what makes this blog so unique, of course people try to copy - but everybody know what i can do !! The social network is booming with the mixtapes i drop on the net, the mixtape dj's is coming back because the people wanted it !! The luv is here with these mixtapes & like the title say NEW YEAR, NEW FLAVA , so why not drop some more heat on you & keep coming with more for a minute..Check the intro out & see why we got this !! Now you're going to see the difference between MIXTAPES & INTERNET CDS..It's not about the 90's now, it's about the quality of music !!

Classics & Vintage Time - Old School Vintage Time

I was on that well deserved vacation & doing some moves recently..I would like to thank my interns for helping out during the past week & beyond !! Well if you're NYC on Feb 18, then rock out with the true legends of the TURNTABLES ( Red Alert, DJ Lance & Marley Marl ) in Brooklyn !! Once again, 30 & older is about to rock out all night !! See recently, we dropped NYC RADIO MIXTAPES on the net & the people loved it !! All the social networks was on total flashback, now the party scene is going to go crazy too !! Now you all thought this was about MIXTAPES on blogs, New Year - New Ideas !! Don't worry, i got more joints coming on the blog..Keep guessing, while i keep going !! See you @ 11...No more talk, just action !!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Now Here's What You Call A Party !!

Alot of people can't see things moving around them at the same time..But once you realize what's happening then we can laugh all the way !! This here is what's hip hop is about & why people can rock out live !! It's in your blood people & now 25 years later..it still keeps coming - like mixtapes has that purpose to move on !! Henceforth Pushin' Tapes !! Classics & Vintage time...Now I'm going to drop a "DJ TEC 1 OLD SCHOOL V2 SIDE A" Check out the intro because this here is what we rocked out with "tapes, no cds"- matter of fact check how the records go with it !! Once again people, we got this for the year !! My old school heads is going to enjoy this one - blend time in the city !! See you at 11 !!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Classics & Vintage V26 - Hank Love & Teddy Ted ( Rock The House Side A )

Man, you got to love these radio tapes from back in the days !! I'm willing to bet your radio don't nothing like these tapes !! The fun of all this - i can drop Mixtapes from off the radio, the streets or the internet - talk about a triple threat !! So shop around & see what you can put out !!

Classics & Vintage V25 - Brotha Bill ( Summer Madness V2 Side A )

I got you now !! See how we keep going with the joints..Another Mixtape DJ from Queens, This time up - got to bang them joints out !! Just enjoy the sounds because once again we got this covered all the way !!

Classics & Vintage V24 - Chuck Chillout ( Getting Loose Side A )

Now it's time to get you mad with a radio mixtape from 1985...hands down, respect the flava because we're touching everything now !! Classics & Vintage time !!!

Classics & Vintage V23 - Jadel Prod ( Coolout V2 Side A )

Back to the blends again..Hands down, now who's doing it like this !! Thanks to all my interns worldwide & see how we do it right this year !! Once again, now you have to respect what's happening around all this because it's going to bug everybody out !! It's all official over here now !!

Classics & Vintage V22 - Kid Nice ( Old To New Side A )

Tell me, if your favorite blog or website is doing it like this !! Back to back dropping nothing but the classics !! Now remember these "MIXTAPES" was before Serato & rappers trying to be dj's..anybody can have a hot playlist & rock out !! See where i'm going with all this..

Classics & Vintage V21 - Rampage ( Tape V12 Side A )

Let's keep going with the drops..All hip hop & we can't be stopped !! The fun part there's more to come !! Thanks to the international crew for showing us love !!

Classics & Vintage V20 - Ra Vee ( Tape V27 Side A )

I know you saying how did all these mixtapes get out here & we didn't know about it..I keep telling everybody, i got alot of mixtapes ( Remember i got both Mixtapes & Mixcds ) & now people is seeing it on a full focus view..This one should have people saying, whoa - i know he got more..Remember it's about the classics !!

Classics & Vintage V19 - Smooth Dominant ( Class In Session Side A )

Now tell me we're not rocking the right way now..The format of mixtapes on blogs is changing right in front of your eyes !! Websites can't keep up..I know they're waiting for me to slow down - Sorry because i'm not anytime soon..As the title says, " CLASS IN SESSION "..Remember it's about the music & what the djs did with it back then !! Hip Hop at it's finest !!

Classics & Vintage V18 - Unique & Xqwizit ( Southside Side A )

Here's another that you don't know about..These joints wasn't on the websites because they wasn't up on them or they was only looking for the same 10 djs', which everybody knows about now !! Well over here, i got them all & remember we're doing CLASSICS & VINTAGE for a minute..Salute to the Southside crew, if you're not in NYC then you won't know about this one.

Classics & Vintage V17 - Mell Starr ( Rock Steady Sounds )

Time to drop some more classics on the people worldwide..Once again, for those people who's really into hip hop..Then this one is for you !! None of the weak hip hop over here !!

P Nice ( Top Floor Ent ) - Old School Classics V1

Tapemasta: As the people say, there's nothing like the old school !! For the old heads, sit back & enjoy the real sounds of R & B...See you at 11 !! The Classics & Vintage is back for 2012 !!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megaupload Gone !! Watch What You Do People !!

One day after the infamous STOP SOPA day of protest led by Google, Wikipedia, Reddit and others the Fed goes in on Megaupload, the online file sharing service whose CEO is megaproducer, rapper, professor, husband, Swizz Beatz and shuts them down. While Swizzy was not named in the indictment it does throw another monkey wrench his world takeover plans, despite having friends with the likes of Kanye West, Chris Brown, Will-I-Am and other A-lister do a video promoting the service.

JANUARY 19, 2012, 5:00 P.M. ET

FBI Charges Seven With Online Piracy

WASHINGTON—The Federal Bureau of Investigation shut down Thursday one of the world’s most popular file-sharing websites, MegaUpload.com, and announced the arrest of four of the people behind it in a global crackdown against the suspected online pirates.

The move pushed the raging piracy debate to new territory: the role of online ‘lockers’ where users around the world store and share material, often times pirated movies and music. The raid came a day after Washington lawmakers were besieged by complaints about legislation designed to crack down on offshore file-sharing services. Internet sites like Wikipedia and Google Inc. protested the legislation as censorship.
The Indictment

See the court filing against MegaUpload.com.

MegaUpload, which is based in Hong Kong and was knocked offline Thursday, claimed it had 50 million daily users. The site lets individuals upload files—anything from a document to a digital movie—and provide Internet links that other individuals can use to download a copy. It charges for memberships that give users faster and unlimited amounts of transfers.

Lawyers for MegaUpload couldn’t immediately be reached.

Seven people have been charged with online piracy crimes in an indictment unsealed in Northern Virginia. Four of those suspects, including the site’s alleged founder and senior executives, are already in custody, authorities said.

The four were arrested in New Zealand. Federal agents and other law enforcement agencies simultaneously moved to search bank records and server farms in multiple locations around the globe, authorities said. The charges include conspiracy to commit racketeering and criminal copyright infringement.

MegaUpload.com is already engaged in a legal fight with Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group over a promotional video featuring some UMG artists, including Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, Kim Kardashian and others. Universal filed a lawsuit to have the video removed from YouTube saying the video violated its copyrights.

The site’s chief executive has been reported to be music producer Swizz Beatz, whose real name is Kaseem Dean and who is the spouse of Alicia Keys. Mr. Dean wasn’t named in the indictment. A spokeswoman for Everest Entertainment, which is distributing an coming album by Swizz Beatz, had no immediate comment.

On a “frequently asked questions” section of the website, MegaUpload acknowledges that some have criticized its practices, but insists it is an aboveboard business. “The fact is that the vast majority of mega’s Internet traffic is legitimate, and we are here to stay. If the content industry would like to take advantage of our popularity, we are happy to enter into a dialogue,” the website reads in part.

The Justice Department paints a different picture.

According to the indictment, MegaUpload is responsible for at least $500 million in losses for the owners of the copyrights in question. The indictment calls the company “a world-wide criminal organization whose members engaged in criminal copyright infringement and money laundering on a massive scale.”

Investigators estimate that MegaUpload’s piracy business has earned them more than $175 million, according to the indictment.

Jungle Brothers Live In NYC

For the first time in nearly 10 years, Native Tongues founders the Jungle Brothers will perform live. It all goes down February 7 at SOB's in New York City.

"Just like all of the other music that we grew up on, it's good to see Charlie Wilson from the Gap Band and Smokey Robinson come out and perform, Hip Hop has that same energy and history and people need to know that," says Mike G, the founding member of the Jungle Brothers trio, which also consists of DJ Sammy B and Afrika aka Baby Bam. "Music history is just as important as any other type of history, especially Hip Hop history."

Other Native Tongues members in attendance will be De La Soul, Black Sheep, Leaders of the new School (including Busta?) and Red Alert.

"When I look at Native Tongues, I look at the Lakers in their heyday when they had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic, and James Worthy," says Red Alert, who is viewed by some as the leader of Native Tongue, but he humbly declines from wearing that title. "They all were leaders within themselves and they made themselves winners by working together."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Classics & Vintage V16 - Kool Mike Ski ( Can't Hold Back 94 Side A )

Let keep the fire going..Some people think they can rock with what i'm doing. Suprise bro, there's no way !! If you wasn't in NYC back then how do you think that you can keep rocking out !! Shouts to DJ Hot Day ( Dream Team ) for the pic !!

Classics & Vintage V15 - Sandman ( Tape V120 Side A )

This one is for the international crew worldwide !! Method Man on the freestyle tip !!

Classics & Vintage V14 - Shazam X ( The Classics Of KRS1 Side A )

Now you know, i like to drop joints that you didn't know about..So all i'm going to say is..Respect the teacher BLASTMASTER KRS ONE !! As the saying goes, You Must Learn !! See you at 11 !!!

Classics & Vintage V13 - Shazam X ( X Files V1 Side A )

I know, how did i get that one !! I'm willing to bet your favorite mixtape spot didn't have this either..It's about history over here, i've seen what people did & now i'm going hard for 2012 & guess what they're going to talk about.. Yup "CLASSIC MIXTAPES"..It's all about the classics over here & i can touch all the levels of hip hop..Shouts to Shazam X for the cover..PS: He had Capone & Intellegient Hoodlum aka Trag on the freestyle intro !!

Classics & Vintage V12 - Ekim ( 2 9 Trey 11 4 Side B )

I know alot of you thought all Ekim did was R & B..Suprise people, i got another jewel for you. Which i know you didn't see on the internet because it wasn't..I just love how i can keep dropping joints, while you figure on what to drop next !! Now send the checks & we got a deal !!

Classics & Vintage V11 - Jaycee ( Eargasms V9 )

This one is truly classic & the whole thing is on total play !! Once again, I know you're mad - but the fun part of this is that i rocked his whole series " EARGASMS"..Jaycee is a real dj..Check it out because it's like a flashback for the masses !! I can't wait for V10 to come out !!

Classics & Vintage V10 - Jaycee ( Eargasms V4 )

Now for all those people who be looking for mixtapes on the internet..Here's one that i'm sure you missed out on..If you don't have variety in your taste of music, then this one isn't for you !! For my blend heads, worldwide - then you got a JEWEL right here !!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Classics & Vintage V9 - Afrika Bambaataa ( Zulu Nation Live In Germany V2 Side A )

Now here's where you get that real stuff & believe me, you won't understand it unless you're a real B Boy..Afrika on the turntables..This might go over your heads, but if you're over 40 then this one is for you !! Stand back & understand the real Hip Hop that we use to hear in the parks of Brooklyn, Harlem & The Bronx...I told you that i'm going all over the place now...

Classics & Vintage V8 - Zulu Nation ( Live In Germany V1 Side A )

Now i'm going show you what made the mixtape dj's from 90's go wild..when you hear stuff like this - it makes you go crazy..Imagine Grandmaster Caz & Crazy Kuts on the turntables. Rahiem ( Furious 5 ) & Whipper Whip ( Fantastic 5 ) on the mic & live..once again, who's doing it like this...Respect the teacher, when i come thru with the mixtapes on the internet !! This here is TRUE SCHOOL HIP HOP & NOW YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT WE DO PEOPLE !! NOW I'M DOING IT WITH MIXTAPES - My old school people is going to love this...

Classics & Vintage V7 - Hank Love & Teddy Ted ( The House Is Rockin Side A )

Now let's get real for a minute now..This here is a radio mixtape & the beginning is going to bug you out !! Kool Moe Dee & T LA Rock doing a live freestyle..Real hip hop at it's finest !! Now the date of this tape is September 20, 1986 !! Who's messing with me now..Respect this because we got it all !! Salute to Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Mr Magic, Marley Marl, Awesome 2, Hank Love & DNA, Funkmaster Flex - the golden era of real hip hop...I can talk because i was there recording...once again, respect what i do..You can copy but be original with what you do...

Classics & Vintage V6 - Buckwild ( Blends V2 Side B )

Everybody talks about the golden era of hip hop..So what do we call MIXTAPES from that era..If you rock with those tapes, then you know the sound is raw..Enjoy the classics because your other choices to look for mixtapes on the net don't have joints like this remember i start this trend first..

Classics & Vintage V5 - Spyndarella ( Str 8 Off The Hook Side B )

If you enjoy DJ Priiest mixtapes, then you should know that this dj is the same person..Also if you look on the first Salt & Pepa album..Then you would know that this is the original Spinderella..Harlem stand up !! I told you before, that i got mixtapes..

Classics & Vintage V4 - Ron G ( Live At The Cotton Club Side B )

The internet is going to love me right now..Now remember if you're going to put this up on your blog or website..Do me favor & use my link..Remember just because you don't respond on the post or hit the chat box - that i don't know who's downloading. Got to love IPO #'s....

Classics & Vintage V3 - Ron G ( Live In Virgina Side B )

What else can i say now..Keep up because there's more coming soon..

Classics & Vintage V2 - Iroc ( Blends V8 Side B )

There's a reason to all this & believe me, the blog world won't be the same..If you not going to pay the price for the CLASSICS..Do me a favor & don't ask. You know that your neighborhood guy don't have these tapes & your supply is running thin. The Ebay thing is going to stop real soon because of what i'm going to do next. Respect what we do because sooner or later people is going to see what you're doing. Remember i got the dj's on my side now, so what are you going to do..See you at 11..

Classics & Vintage V1 - Iroc ( Mixes V7 Side B )

Looks like the time is coming for people to realize what was happening in the streets of NYC before the start of the internet aka the websites...I told you joints was moving in the 90's..Guess who's the net talking sbout now..I got more coming..

The Hard Pack 2012: Classics & Vintage Time Is Coming..

Now you all know that this blog has been around for 3 years now ( I like staying in the background )..But before that i was doing my thing with the mixtape awards to magazines to websites..Now we're bringing a Mixtape Museum to the world soon ( Sommer, we got this )..i showed the internet world who was really doing it on the mixtape scene in the 90's ( The Downloads don't lie, people )..Shouts to Bully ( from the chat box ) for making me see the light again on why i got to do this...Props to Craig Leckie from Ireland, for making me dig again..King Apex, rocking with me in the beginning with our dream..Ike Love & Grandmasta Vic, for bringing back that Queens sound & now we got it all..The Legendary Showtime, We're going to show them how the New & Improved HARD PACK 2012 get's down. I got a few projects in the works now, which will make people shake their heads & say wow !!! Let's just say that i only scratched the surface on what i did so far. But don't say i didn't warn you on what's coming...Also checkout for the DJ Buckwild Blends V7 Side A on here...Yes, he's the producer one & he's a dj too...See you at 11 !!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monster and Beats electronics discontinue partnership

Color us surprised, but word on the street is that Monster and Beats By Dr. Dre are soon going to be a thing of the past. After years of pumping out fashion-forward, bass and treble pumping headphones that (debatably) changed the landscape of personal audio products -- and spawned a slew of imitators -- both companies have reportedly decided not to renew their five-year contract. Businessweek notes that two sources have confirmed that disagreements over "revenue share" and "who deserved the most credit for the line's success" stemmed the decision between the companies -- not surprisingly, Beats Electronics wanted more of both.

In the the followup, Monster will pump eight new headphone lineups featuring due out this year, Monster is also noted to have brought in 60% of its own revenue from Beats by Dre, and now plans to shift its focus on older demographics, such as executive types, which the brand never exactly catered to. Notably, Businessweek also states that Beats Electronics will retain to the rights to the headphone's iconic design, sound-signature and branding. Considering Beats' partnerships reign far with companies like HP and HTC, things probably won't be all doom and gloom for the company -- but the amount of time left to pick up your very own JustBeats likely just got slim.

Showtime - The Throwback At Noon V16 ( The New Jack Swing Edition )

Now you realized what the 4th quarter was about now..Nothing but heat all over the place..Time for some of that New Jack sound invented by Teddy Riley..Once again, RIP to Heavy D !! Now you know what i'm going to say..See you at 11 !!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mixtape Gems V35 - Sandman ( Tape V117 Side A )

I think this one is out already..i'm not sure but enjoy it because the intro will have you going ( i got more tapes on Sandman too )...Now remember there's a reason for all this & some people might try to do different things, but beware that what you do will come out in the "LIGHT"..See you at 11 !!

Mixtape Gems V34 - Dirty Harry ( Who's On Your Deck V4 Side A )

This one is for the international crew & i know it's already out..because i put it out on the net years ago..Salute to the Queens crew worldwide !! Also this joint was called The Good, Bad & Ugly...See you at 11 !!

Mixtape Gems V33 - Tec 1 ( R & B V11 Side A )

Once again, if you was in the South Bronx back in the days..Then you knew the mixtape dj's was hungry & mixtapes was flowing every week, which means the mixtapes was hard & raw...Today's joints can't compete with these tapes from the 90's..Once again, see you at 11...

Mixtape Gems V32 - Smooth Dominant ( How You forget Side A )

If you was in Harlem or Bronx back in the days..Then you know who this dj is..I keep telling you that the internet didn't have all the dj's..let's rock out with some street sounds...See you at 11 !!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mell Starr - G. B. O. A. T.

If you seen Master Of The Mix last season..then you know this dj & that's all i'm going to say..Enjoy a real blend dj doing his thing on the mix...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mixtape Gems V31 - Clue ( R & B V2 Just Cruisin' Again Side A )

As the title says, i'm just cruisin' now..Don't get mad now because here's where i can take it all..remember everything i'm dropping is tapes & i know you're watching. The fun part of all this is..i still have MIXTAPES...keep searching while i know that you're downloading each tape i drop..Bet you won't find this on the net anywhere. To the international crew, here's where we go global now !!

Mixtape Gems V30 - Kulcha ( R & B Classics Side A )

If you was on the mixtape scene, then you should know about DJ Kulcha's R & B mixtapes..But i know some of you won't because i know that you was looking on those websites for cds..But this never came to cd, so for my real old school crowd - this one is for you..just sit back & hit play !!

Mixtape Gems V29 - SML & Cool Kev ( Bronx & Uptown Connection Side A )

I bet you're scratching your heads now..oh yeah, i got all kinds of tapes..I rep NYC all the way when it goes to mixtapes..

Mixtape Gems V28 - Kool Kirk ( Money Train V3 Side A )

Let's keep going after the gold now..Salute to everybody on Twitter for showing the love worldwide..

Mixtape Gems V27 - Kid Nice ( Mixes V8 Side A )

Here's another one for those who wanted those blends from the South Bronx..The classics keep coming over & over again...

Mixtape Gems V26 - Bam Bam ( Dancehall Reggae V8 Side A )

This one is for the international crew & Queens NY...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

M Rock - The Best Of Jay Z ( 25th Anniversary ) ( UPDATED LINK )

Tapemasta: If you enjoyed the Tribe mixtape, then this one will take you over on another level..Bet everybody going to say how he got this one...1 hour & 45 minutes of some good music..Guess who's old school now !! I can't wait for the arena ( The Nets new home ) to be finished in Brooklyn..Watch out MSG..See You at 11 !!

M Rock: What more can I say? Welcome to my 4th creation in my “best of” mixtape series. This tape features every aspect of DJing that I can think of. The idea came to me after the Kanye tape dropped, lying in bed thinking “it’s 25 years since HP gets busy (his first recording), I could package this in a unique way”. And because his music is laced in my live sets, I had a few live routines ready. A 2-month recording/editing process was needed to select Jay’s best work and add much better routines.

•The Intro as always was a lot of fun to put together and to bump. Notice how it switches into a mafia segment from his albums and somehow the Jay-Z original sample fits. The izzo parts let me tell DJs “you don’t know what you’re doing…I show you how to do this son!”. I had to train for a day to click like that.

•I’m really proud of the Change The Game juggle – it’s basic tablism, but I managed to give it some composition.

•Excuse Me Miss: Somehow what I did changes it from funky to spooky, intergalactic sounding. The way it mixes into ‘paris’ came to me live one night at Nyood, and is the first of 2 tempo switches in the tape.

•I love the unplugged parts. The best thing about Jay is women love his brand of rap, and you can hear them rapping along.

•Otis: That’s the mastermind technique of switching beats around on purpose.

•Heart of the city + Empire State + Welcome to NY City: Really happy about how that worked out.

•Crazy In Love: Got that idea sitting at a Starbucks one day.

•M.O.P. on the remix: That shit is not for women. Women will not enjoy that part, haha.

•On to the next one: That routine is a year old. I used to do it live all the time, and nobody had a clue what I was doing, haha, which sometimes is the reaction you want.

•It’s important for me to rep funk (the Steve Arrington bit) because I love soul and funk, with thick dirty claps and those porno guitars.

•All the rnb: I love blending the right kinds of harmonies. It’s so pleasing for me to do and to listen to. The way Heartbreaker and Change Clothes work…it’s a formula, not a fluke.

•The Show me what you got routine: That’s from a really bad mixtape I made years ago called “biggie vs jay-z”. I just re-did it. Like those melodies I made out of the rump shaker sax?

People ask me to do tribute tapes for all kinds of random artists. I gotta feel that artist 100%. Initially, I didn’t relate to Jay in the way I did with Kanye and Tribe, after all I really got into his stuff when Just Blaze and Kanye brought out more soul and a less jiggy side of him. That’s the Jay I really love. I love his club stuff too, but that’s more for going out, I wasn’t bumping all that stuff at home. With that said, nobody can use their mind to come out blasting rhymes with integrity and somehow go to #1 on the charts like him. He’s gifted: he does his memorized verses without a pen in one take, and never raps without funkiness and wordplay. Without question, Jay-Z is one of the best. Put aside an hour and fourty-five minutes and I hope you enjoy how I put together and freaked 86 songs by Shawn Carter.

A personal note: I do this stuff because I love music and I love my fans. I’ve appreciated meeting every person that approaches me to express something kind to me, whether they bus tables or count billions. Thank you guys. All you Toronto DJs who love music, you’re dope. Some of you guys irritate me though: Some of you guys try to be tablists in the club but can’t even orbit. Some of you guys are cocky but can’t mix. Some of you guys are in cliques and sound the same as each other. Some of you guys need to schmooze or lower your rates to get gigs because your product is not solid. Do you guys even like music or just hear it in the mall? If you love something, develop it. All the Toronto blogs who haven’t posted my mixtapes but claim to love our city: I’m speechless. The award shows with judges who don’t know their nominees: Wow. Special thanks to One Eleven RIP, Nyood, F-Stop, Cabbie, T-Rexx, Rap City, Strombo/Darby, Kevin Nottingham, HiphopDX, the blogs that have helped me, the designer I hired (Jordan England), my friends, the fans, music lovers, DJs like Spinbad, Starting from Scratch, the tablists who inspired me and anyone I forgot.


1.M-Rock’s Intro
2.So Ghetto
3.Brooklyn’s Finest ft. Notorious B.I.G.
4.Fool’s Paradise – Meli’sa Morgan **
5.Can’t Knock The Hustle (ft. Mary J. Blige)
6.Ain’t No Nigga (Unplugged)
7.It’s Alright (Juggle)
8.Change The Game (Juggle)
9.Roc Boys
10.Otis ++
11.I Just Wanna Love U ft. Pharrell
12.Do It Again
13.One Minute Man (Remix) – Missy Elliot +
14.Do My Ladies – Memphis Bleek +
15.You, Me, Him And Her
16.Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) – Kanye West +
17.Excuse Me Miss Again
18.Niggas In Paris ++
19.Who Gon Stop Me ++
20.Big Pimpin **
21.Is that your chick – Memphis bleek ft. Missy Elliot +
22.Shut Up (Acapella) – Trick Daddy
23.U Don’t Know
24.U Don’t Know (Remix) ft. M.O.P.
25.Dirt Off Your Shoulder
26.Hard Knock Life
27.One In A Million – Aaliyah **
28.A Million
29.I’ma Hustla – Cassidy *
30.What We Do – Freeway +
31.I Wanna Rock (Remix) – Snoop Dogg +
32.99 Problems
33.Bring Em Out – T.I. *
34.Crazy In Love (juggle) – BeyoncĂ© +
35.Beware – Panjabi MC +
36.Money Ain’t A Thang – Jermaine Dupri +
37.Weak At The Knees – Steve Arrington **
38.Frontin’ – Pharrell +
39.Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey +
40.Change Clothes ft. Pharrell
42.Shaft In Africa -Johnny Pate **
43.Show Me What You Got
44.Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B & Rakim
45.HP Gets Busy – High Potent ft. Jaz-O +
46.The Originators – Big Jaz +
47.Off That (ft. Drake)
48.That’s My Bitch ++
49.XXXO (Main Mix Clean) – M.I.A. +
50.On To The Next One
51.Can I Get A ..
52.Money, Cash, Hoes (Remix)
55.Guns & Roses ft. Lenny Kravitz
56.Where I’m From
57.Guess Who’s Back – Scarface +
59.Hova Song
60.Go Crazy (Remix) – Young Jeezy +
61.December 4th
62.Dear Summer – Memphis Bleek +
64.2nd Round Knockout – Canibus ^
65.Ether -Nas ^
66.The World Is Yours – Nas **
67.Dead Presidents
68.Big Brother – Kanye West ^
69.Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love)
70.Empire State Of Mind ft. Alicia Keys
71.Welcome To New York City – Cam’ron +
72.Run This Town ft. Rihanna
73.Chase the Devil – Max Romeo and the Upsetters **
75.What More Can I Say
76.Girls, Girls, Girls
77.The Best of Both Worlds ft. R. Kelly
78.The Best of me (Holla remix) – Mya+
79.Who You Wit Part I
80.Sunshine (Always Be My) ft. Foxy Brown, Babyface
81.Sunshine – Alexander O’ Neal **
82.Keep It Real – Jon B Ft. Coko +
83.Things We Do For Love (Remix) – Horace Brown +
84.One For The Money – Horace Brown
85.Feelin’ It ft. Mecca
86.Never Change
87.Song Cry

The Insanity Of Copyright Law

Tapemasta: When i seen this one, i was like wow, somebody at the top is really slipping...Think abut what you put on YouTube...

Tech Dirt: The Insanity Of Copyright Law: When Even Professionals Have No Idea They're Breaking The Law from the is-it-so-easy? dept:

My cousin works (year round) for a summer camp. Her husband (who, technically, is also my cousin, but not by blood), works in film & TV production, doing all sorts of work in and around the entertainment industry. He's worked on various movies and TV shows. To help his wife out, he helped set up a website for the camp, and posted a slide show video the camp put together of campers, which he uploaded to YouTube. The video... was set to the music of a very famous major label recording artist. This is the kind of stuff that people do all the time. Because it feels normal and natural and if the music is a part of their lives and was what they experienced when the photos/video were taken, it seems totally natural to include it as backing music for the video.

I received an email from him, however, after he got a note from YouTube about how the video infringes on content from Universal Music. His concern -- and remember, he works in the industry -- was that he knows the camp has an ASCAP license, and he couldn't figure out why that didn't allow him to post the video. He was asking what he should do and if there was any way to make sure the video was legal.

The problem (well, one of many) here is simply that the ASCAP license only covers a limited set of rights under copyright law, and does not cover things like putting music to a video. In fact, without knowing the details, I'd bet that the ASCAP license his camp has really just covers performances at the camp. But, still, here's a guy who works in the industry who naturally assumes that what he's done shouldn't violate copyright law. Because it seems ridiculous to think that it does, especially when the camp that the video is for has "an ASCAP license."

The idea that anyone should need to understand the differences between performance rights and reproduction rights and performance licenses and sync licenses, just to post a fun slide show of a summer camp, doesn't make any sense at all. It's a serious problem borne out of a history of copyright law that was designed for an entirely different purpose. It's supposed to be for commercial infringement, not personal use, and copyright law has been built by simply duct taping on new or different rights every few years as the technology changes. What you get is a hodge podge mess that's impossible for most people to understand, even those who work in the entertainment industry and who that same industry insists only wants ever more draconian copyright law.

The system is hopelessly broken. But rather than looking to fix it, we have Congress trying to duct tape on another batch of rules and rights. What a shame.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year V6 - Shorty Love ( Live @ SCB On New Years Eve 2011 )

If you're into live parties then this one is for you..Hands down, it's about the music. Rock out & see what the people do in Harlem USA..Told ya'll brand new shit with a twist..Shorty Love rock out !!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mixtape Gems V25 - Unique ( The Blends Hosted By Supreme Side A )

This time up..here's a blast from the past & to let you know that the Queens dj's was doing the blends to the fullest !! I realized that alot of the so called websites, didn't know about these dj's from Queens..All they knew was Clue, Dirty Harry, Grandmaster Vic, Ike Love..The fun part is that they didn't have old tapes on those dj's, all they had was cds..Now check this one out & this Supreme was from Southside Queens..Not Far Rockaway !!

Mixtape Gems V24 - Rampage ( Tape V9 8/94 Side A )

Now you know i'm over NYC with these mixtapes..The mixtapes might be dead in NYC, but the downloads show a different number..let's keep rocking out with the 90's because i might drop a joint & make people bug out again..we got this covered & the people is not going to understand what's going on around them..I told you from the beginning, it's about real dj's over here !!

Mixtape Gems V23 - Kid Nice ( Mixes V7 Side A )

People been hitting me up on the email for some more Kid Nice joints..So here you go people & let's see how you like these mixes..remember these times didn't have cdj or serato. Who got the classics ?? See you at 11...

Mixtape Gems V22 - Homicide ( Summer Shut Down 94 Side A )

The net is loving what's going on around them..I can pull joints out from almost any era & the fun part of all this..everything is straight tapes..no cd versions over here..So you know the tapes are real CLASSICS...

Mixtape Gems V21 - D Demo ( 9/9 Side A )

Let's keep going with the uptown sounds..

Mixtape Gems V20 - Ekim ( Tape V11 Side A )

Now it's time to bring that uptown flava..The year is 93 & this was around the time when Chicago was playing against Phoenix for the NBA Finals game 5..So think what was you doing then..i was getting mixtapes & rocking out with basketball games..See you at 11...