Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Collection V74 - C Rock ( R & B Blends V1 Side A )

This one is for the international crew !!

The Collection V73 - Lil Wrek ( Blend Situations V1 Side A )

Remember it's not about the same 10 dj's & about something different..Enjoy this one, because more is coming !! Don't get mad, i got this !!

The Collection V72 - Dr Duss ( Reel To Reel V1 Side A )

Now i'm going real deep now..Shout to the Dr & keep doing your thing bro !! We still on the blend tip..straight turntables, no cdj's..Only records !!

The Collection V71 - Sage ( Melodic Sounds Side A )

Here's another blend joint for the people !! The Queens NY people is going to know what this one is..If you wasn't a dj or a collector, who made their runs to Queens..then you're not going to understand the concept !!

The Collection V70 - SML ( feat Moe Love - Live In The Lab 10/95 Side B )

This one is for my old school crew !! This what we rocked back in the days..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Collection V69 - LA Luv ( 90 Degrees Of Flava V2 Side A )

This one is for my Bronx crew worldwide..Listen to the intro & see what i'm talking about !! Remember this is what i do !!

The Collection V68 - Ron G ( The King V2 Side A )

This one is for my international crew !!

The Collection V67 - Double R ( Old School Reggae V2 Side A )

Let me guess, now you trying to figure out on how you going to keep it up with what i do..Like how i can flip it & still keep going !!

The Collection V66 - Lazy K ( Butta Rican V2 Side A )

Alot of people get things twisted on what i do on the "net"..I went from being the first person doing mixtape reviews ( With King Apex ), Award shows, magazines ( The Foundation, The Technition, The connex list, The Source magazine )..Everything i do surround mixtapes..Now the Mixtape Museum..Now sit back, watch how i do this !!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Collection V65 - Unique Hosted by Cutmaster C ( Straight Cheese Side A )

Now you know, i couldn't leave without dropping a blend joint..This one was done by DJ Unique hosted by a young Cutmaster C..Once again, as the title say it's straight cheese over here !!

The Collection V64 - Dream Team ( In The PJ's V3 Side A )

Guess you're going to be mad again..Once you hear the freestyles on this one, watch how you shake your heads..Hot Day & jae Supreme had some hot joints back then..Once again, if you need that street hip hop..Download this one because while everybody is doing other stuff, i'm staying ahead of the pack with releases..Now who's doing what again..nuff said !!

The Collection V63 - Kool Kirk ( Mary Joints Side A )

Now this here is what i call a best of..If you enjoyed the Biggie one, then this one is for you !! Old mary rocking those ipods worldwide !!

The Collection V62 - Reg Reg ( Live on The Radio 6/27/92 Side A )

If you know about Hank Love & DNA..Then this tape is for you !! Check out the drops on this one..All this was on the radio..

The Collection V61 - Chubby Chub ( Now What Side A )

So while everybody including myself sitting around waiting for the food..I figured on dropping some more joints on you..As the title say, Now What !! Don't have me start pulling out cds on you again..lol !! I'm about to drop some fire for your ipods, just tell the family to hit me on the hip or email..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Mixtape Museum is here !!

The Mixtape Museum offers a comprehensive study in to the evolution of the Mixtape. While encouraging the research of mixtapes as records of time, place and situation, we will also examine the individuals that have shaped its existance. Through exhibitions, publications, symposia, collaborative projects, and other partnerships, our aim is to create an environment that encourages dialogue between scholars, music professionals, and enthusiasts on the mixtapes’ various functions in society.

Here's the link for the website page..http://mixtapemuseum.wordpress.com/

Here's the link for the Facebook Page..Sign up http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000165803415&ref=tn_tnmn#!/mixtapemuseum

Here's the link for Twitter Page..Sign Up..http://twitter.com/#!/mixtapemuseum

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Collection V60 - Brotha Bill & Bulletproof ( Smooth Flava V10 Side A )

I told you before back in the 90's Queens dj's was doing blends..It's not about the 15 same dj's over here on this blog..Shouts to my blog brothers who's keeping it real !! Once again, sit back & relax to some blends for the holiday !! I might do a special treat for Thanksgiving..Enjoy this one until then !! I know you're mad because there was no cds for this just "TAPES"....try to keep up because i know your watching & the google search speaks for itself !!

The Collection V59 - Brotha Bill & Masta Lee ( Smooth Flava V9 Side A )

Now you didn't think that i was going to leave without dropping some more blends. For my blend heads, sit back & just hit play..Straight mixing with that 90's vibe..

The Collection V58 - Kool Mike Ski ( Heatwave 95 Side A )

Now who got what ?? Once again, we did it again !! Check out the intro on here & then maybe you can rock out too !! Matter of fact, happy bday to Kool Mike Ski ( Today is his day )..

The Collection V57 - Babye KDL ( Nuttin But Blends V3 Side A )

While you dig & try to drop joints..i make more & more hits on the internet !! Once you realize what we do, it's going to be over for you !! Shouts to Ol Skool & here's another one for you !!

The Collection V56 - Evil Dee ( Rap V16 Side A )

Now you know i didn't forget about all of you !! Now everybody wants to be classic now, when i was saying this a few years ago..Nobody wanted to get with it !! Now you see what i was talking about - the classics is real !! Now i get to hit you with the knock out punches. Watch how the people start going crazy on the internet in the next few weeks..remember i had warn you - i brought everybody back with me !! Let me know if you seen this one on the net..Time for some aksun people !!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Collection V55 - Red Alert ( Musical Genius 12/19/87 Side A )

Who can do what now..remember i was doing this before the cd's came out - strictly Sony or TDK tapes over here..Your favorite dj's from the 90's was rocking with these same radio shows back then. Today's dj's don't do nothing like this - say what you want !! See the date, people..That's all i will say !!

The Collection V54 - Chuck Chillout ( The B Boy 12/87 Side A )

Now what can you say now..Here's where you have to respect the legends of the radio & mix tapes..The time of this radio show was December 18, 1987..Hands down, see where i'm going with this now..shout to Mike Camel & Babye KDL for keeping the artform alive !! No more of those studio gangsters or popcorn rappers aka heatwave..

The Collection V53 - Jesse Jazz ( Blends V3 Side B )

Tell me, who's dropping like 5 joints at one time on the net..Keep up, there's more coming at you !! Shout to Jesse jazz for being a real dj...

The Collection V52 - Doggtime ( Get That Cheese Baby Side A )

I think SOUL put this up on is blog already..Enjoy the download !! There's more coming..hold on !!

The Collection V51 - Kay Slay ( R & B Legend V6 Side A )

So you thought i was going to slow down or change up my concept..Sorry, i'm smacking you all the way back to the way music was..Let's go !!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Collection V50 - E Brothers ( JB ) ( Mixes V3 Side B )

Do you remember the record Harlem on the rise !! Once again, this wasn't on cd either - so you know the joint is classic..Who's doing what on the internet now. Nothing but blends for your ass over here !!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The collection V49 - Grandmaster Vic ( Old School Blends Side B )

Now let's get it on now with the internet..I put it out side A early in the year..Let's keep it going with the blends !! You know who i am !!

The Collection V48 - Mike Nice ( Double or Nothing Side A )

See we still going with that hip hop finest !! Can you feel what the dj's was doing back then..when was the last time you got a mixtape like this..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Collection V47 - Supreme ( R & B V10 Side A )

Here's one of Far Rockaway's finest..who dropped mixtapes every week & with different djs' too !! I'm on the R & B tip for a minute..while you putting up hip hop, i'll switch up with some r & b..

The Collection V46 - Kay Slay ( R & B Legend V5 Side A )

Remember what i told you in the beginning about how i could rock mixtapes for another 10 years..Well guess what people, i didn't lie - where on the internet can you find mixtapes like this & they say CLASSIC MIXTAPES..if you google the name, guess who comes up..Yup, Pushin' Tapes !! Step to the rear people i got this covered..

The Collection V45 - Kool Mike Ski ( Coolout V7 Side A )

Time for some of that R & B for the ladies & the smooth brothers worldwide..Once again, you got to luv the 90's..That's all i can say right now !!

The Collection V44 - K Swave ( Hate Me Now V2 Side A )

I'm still on the blend tip & here's another dj that you didn't know about !! In the beginning i told you that the collection was big..If i start to drop the radio mixtapes again..the game is going to change once again !! Keep dropping cds, while i stay on top of the game once again !!

The Collection V43 - Doggtime ( Tape V16 Side A )

Let me guess you didn't know that Doggtime made joints with numbers..I realized that alot of people didn't know about MIXTAPES unless the title or the dj was on the internet !! See when people feed you joints, you take that on face value !! It's time for the mind to grow people !!

The Collection V42 - Doggtime ( Tape V15 Side A )

Here's another blend joint..While you sleep on what's happening around you, i keep going on..Imagine if i was to drop a mixtape everyday on the internet !! People would go crazy !! Reguardless what people say, Doggtime made a impact on this mixtape game whether alot of you know it or not !! Knowledge is self !!

The Collection V41 - Shougun ( Thug Passion V3 Side A )

Keep going with the blends..The impact has been made over here & now people know who's the true tapemasta now !! Once again, shout to C Washington for making me dig for these blends..lol !! Shouts to the international crew ( Europe, Japan, Jamaica, Domincian Republic ) for all the love because now we made it !! I kept telling people that this was more than what you thought !!

The Collection V40 - Shogun ( Thug Passion V2 Side A )

Let's see how you keep up now..These joints take you back for a reason & the world is going to know why !! Shout to C Washington, i didn't forget you bro !!

The Collection V39 - Extreme ( Mad Flava V7 Side A )

Time to bring the blends again..If you was rocking with Clue in the beginning, then you know about this dj..Don't you like it when i keep digging in the boxes for tapes.

The Collection V38 - Chubby Chub ( Spring Fever 98 Side A )

Now who got what tapes..Hands down, i know you're mad !! No cds over here straight history with actual mixtapes..I know you wasn't around when these tapes was out & now that's the fun part..But if you're going to make mixtapes at least be original with your concept !! I take honor with people following my concept, but when you talk shit..i just sit back & drop mixtapes that you didn't know about !! The fun part of all this, these djs' can still rock today..Doesn't that make you mad !!

The Collection V37 - Chubby Chub ( Still Goin 98 Side A )

As the title say, STILL GOIN..Now it's time to keep going & i'm not stopping my format anytime soon..Believe me, there's reasons to all this..Remember i know what you're doing & i got this covered all the way !!

The Collection V36 - Camilo ( BQE Side A )

Ahhh, you thought that i was going to slow down..Never that !! I heard that you're mad again..I'm laughing at you real hard..Now you trying to get fans by telling them to sign up to facebook & they can get your latest mix..Boy, you going backwards !! Let me ride out with Camilo as we do the BQE on you..Bet you wish that you never made me mad !!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Peaceful Journey : Heavy D

Truly a gifted & kind brother..I remember meeting him years ago at Uptown Records. We cracked jokes about things happening around us..Shout out to the whole Uptown Family, Eddie F, The Boyz, Andre Harrell...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Special Delivery V6 - Doo Wop & Robbie O ( Braza Mix Tape V1 )

Here's that 90's vibe for the masses world..The people doing it hard in CT..Every Friday night !! The bouncemasta & the fellas doing it big now !! Enjoy that hip hop with that taste of rnb..Now tell me, this vibe can be stopped now..Salute fellas !! We need that bus for the NYC peeps !!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Collection V35 - Chubby Chub ( 5/4 Side A )

Once again, the flow is going right on time !! Do you like how people try to get you to drop what they want..Back in the days people didn't have playlists or covers - Just straight music - matter of fact, just the title of the tape & the dj name !! You had to wait until the next month for that favorite dj mixtape..take a hint people & enjoy this one !!

The Collection V34 - Homicide ( 6/94 Side A )

Let's keep dropping the flava on you..Imagine how the mixtapes is invading the internet right now..Guess who did it & wonder how we can keep going..I can appreciate a real mixtape & share it with the world..The 90's music ic countless & people is finally realizing it now..Check how the freestyle is flowing !!

The Collection V33 - Mike Nice ( The Bomb Shit 5/96 Side A )

Now it's time to drop the Bomb shit on the masses now..Hip hip at it's finest over here now !! What website is doing it like this now..Google the name CLASSIC MIXTAPES & see what comes up..

The Collection V32 - Ekim ( Volume 1 Side A )

Let's keep going with the hip hop..The net is going crazy trying to figure out how i can keep dropping tape after tape..Remember these are real mixtapes & if you can relate to them then this joint is for you..I got this covered for a minute !! Who got website/blog for the year !! I don't need to hype no other blog or talk about what the new dj's is doing...

The Collection V31 - SML & KOOL KIRK ( STICK & MOVE V1 SIDE A )

Now what can you say about this one..the year is 93 & think how the music is rocking in the streets..Listen to how this mixtape is & listen to how today's mixtapes sound like..Imagine how i can continue to keep rocking mixtapes all over the place..Once again, hip hop at it's finest..

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just A Thought !!

If you missed on what the 1st & 2nd generation did, that's not my fault !! I watched how the labels tried to kick the dj's to the side because of the rappers ( remember the dat machine..lol )..Then the mixtapes started to pop & then the dj's had that new life again ( lables flooding the mixtape dj's with music )..I realized how much i seen & heard when it came to mixtapes, almost 20 years. Everything revolves in a circle, whether you know it or now. WBLS & KISS FM had the radio rocking with that thing we call HIP HOP !! Alot of these things need to be known worldwide, it's more than the streets with a MIXTAPE - award shows, college, tours, tv, radio, internet has now took a grasp with it..Now the blog world is making moves with it !! I was able to take my love for hip hop to mixtapes & make it a reality worldwide !! Now i'm glad to be able to contribute to it again ( Mixtape Reviews, Websites, Magazines, Award Shows, Mixtapes, etc )..If you know my bio, then you know that it's a wrap now !! If you think, that i was able to show love on my blog watch what i do next & then see how the people will go crazy !! My brother ( Sha Kim Allah ) & Sister ( NasBooks ) made me see the the light again..To both of them, thank you for being true & holding me down with the real criticism..I was going to shut my blog down after 10,000 downloads..My point was to let people know on Facebook, Twitter & Google that mixtape dj's was rocking the 90's hard - Some people tried to make some fake claims, but they know what they did & i'm letting them know i know too !! Peep the cds - Doo Wop & Spinbad ( Now what can you say !! ) Real dj's doing their thing still today !! Once again, salute to the blog brothers worldwide, cbox peeps, people who downloaded & didn't respond ( your ipo#'s come up on my computer - so i know who you are & where you are at )..Once again, thanks for all the love worldwide because now we're going to take this higher than ever before !!I might do a weekly pic with tapes/cds to make people mad with jealousy..You got to love this !!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Collection V30 - EV & Stretch Armstrong ( Strictly Hip Hop Side A )

The tables have been tipped over & the result is hip hop at it's finest !! Let's have some fun now !!

The Collection V29 - Shogun ( Thug Passion V1 Side A )

It's about the blends today & what you really missed about mixtapes..NY had it on lock when it came to mixtapes..If you was out of NY, you wanted the mixtape right to the power houses of the mixtape game..

The Collection V28 - Kid Nice ( Mixes V10 - 6/96 Side A )

Bet you didn't see this one coming either..We got mixtapes, we got mixcds, we got mp3's. The net knows who got what & it kills them not to have these joints..Stay with me because there's more coming into those ipods, ipads, etc !!

The Collection V27 - Kool Kirk ( 12/6/96 Side A )

The net is buzzing now..Most people is saying that they want those mixtapes from the 90's..Google is going crazy, Ebay is trying to make money off it..People trying to find ways to reinvent themselves..I'm sticking to what i know..enjoy the tapes because this will stop one day..lol !!

The Collection V26 - Clue ( Clunino 98 Side A )

Now is the time to pull out the punches..People want mixtapes, but they want them for free..I can give you half, but not the whole thing..So enjoy this one because i got more coming..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Special Delivery V5 - DJ Break ( The Mixtape Collection )

Tapemasta: Now i'm going to touch all bases & show you who i know..Let me introduce you to DJ BREAK..He finished updating a brand new website with free downloads of his past mixtapes & has a new production company. His new mixtape is coming Winter 2011..Be on the look out for it !! Once again, you can thank me later !! I told you that this was all going to be international, now what you going to do.

Break: Do today what others won't do, so tomorrow you can do what others can't do !!

The Collection V25 - Big Greg Nyce ( Deep Freeze V1 Side A )

Another blend joint for the masses..How do you like being down with the net's best kept secret..Shout to all the supporters worldwide. This adventure is global now & we got it all covered !!

The Collection V24 - Capone ( The Best Of the Blends V4 Side A )

Wow, looks like somebody is mad now !! Let's keep dropping joints, while the numbers keep going up & you figure out how to compete staying on this level..Another blend for your ipod or ipad !! All you have to do is respect the game because you know it's over for you !!

The Collection V23 - Baby KDL ( Mixes V13 Side A )

Here's another blend..People once again realized what's the deal now on the net worldwide..Let's go on a ride !!

The Collection V22 - Cutmaster C ( Blends & Treats Side A )

When was the last time you heard or seen drop a blend on the streets or the net by cutmaster c..Hands down, you know who got this covered when it comes to classic mixtapes..People is mad because i kept all this going..guess what i'm not stopping anytime soon..so you keep dropping one mix cd & i'll keep dropping 10 at a time !! New York City had the mixtape game on lock whether people believe it not !! The DJ was the main part to the rapper & now the dj will continue to strive among those people..

The Collection V21 - Rhythm ( Pause 95 Side A )

I might keep going with this series all the way to 50..You know the fun part, people thought i ran out of mixtapes..i told you in the beginning that i could keep this up for over 10 years..Hip hop at it's finest !!

The Collection V20 - Rhythm ( Word To Burga 95 V1 Side A )

Time for some more hip hop..See how we can keep touching all levels of the 90's era. There's endless music from this era !!

The Collection V19 - Kool B ( Summer Mixes Side A )

Here's another blend joint..I know people is saying where was these dj's popin up from..Back then we was getting dj's dropping mixtapes every month..New & old !!

The Collection V18 - The Dream Team ( Ride Wit Us V2 Side A )

Let's keep going on..You never know where we going to stop at..

The Collection V17 - Dream Team ( Mega Blends V2 Side A )

Time for the blends again..Hot Day & Jae Supreme on the mix - straight turntables, no computer mixes yet !!

The Collection V16 - Arson ( Best of 97 For 98 Side A )

Shout to the international crew ( Germany & Spain - oh, yeah baby who's global now - you got to love the BROOKLYN CONNECTION )..For reminding me, about certain mixtapes..So once, again i'm on some other shit again..If you missed out before on certain 'tapes' before the cd culture, don't worry because the digging isn't going to stop..