Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special Delivery V4 - X Perts ( Old To New )

Here's another special delivery by Bobbyillz..This time he's dropping X Perts. Tell me, that we didn't change up the internet with the "Special Delivery" series. Don't worry we got some more joints coming..Albany is in the house of mixtapes !!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Special Delivery V3 - Showtime & Peejay ( Between The Sheets )

Tapemasta: Since the weather is about to be bad this weekend..sit close with the one you love & rock out with some slow jams..Thanks us later !!

Showtime: Treat yourself this weekend !!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Special Delivery V2 - DJ Swift ( Mixes V1 )

Once's another Albany NY dj..DJ Swift !! Now let's see if you can keep up now..I keep telling you that there's other djs out here - who was doing their thing back in the 90's..Shout to Bobbyillz for pulling the tape out of his collection..

Special Delivery V1 - Young Wise ( Birthday Tape V1 )

The man Bobbyillz sent this in for all you mixtape heads worldwide !! Hit him up on his email ( )& tell him thank for this tape..The man Young Wise doing his thing on the turntables..You got to love the 90's !!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Collection V15 - Mike Nice ( Fall Blends 10/95 Side A )

Tell me, you not happy right now..I keep telling you, it's not about exclusives. Real dj's doing their thing & what they love to do..when was the last time you got that on a mixtape in today's society..Who got the 90' !!

The Collection V14 - Cutmaster C ( 1999 Hosted by Skeletor of Hot 97 Side A )

Tell me, that i didn't come out of left field with this one..To my NY fam, this one is for you..Skeletor talking shit on the mic..You need this one in your collection..

The Collection V13 - Kool Kirk ( Smoke V3 Side A )

Are you mad yet ?? Let's get that smoke break & see if you can keep up..Here's another joint by Kool Kirk..Let's see if the people can keep up with me now !!

The Collection V12 - Mike Nice ( Back To School Side A )

Word on the internet is that people didn't know who Mike Nice was..Well let me tell you that the year is 94..Don't you just like how i can keep dropping more & more joints on the net..Believe me, i'm not stopping anytime soon..

The Collection V11 - Damage ( Welcome Back Side A )

Now the fun part of all this..i can keep dropping !! Here's another dj that you didn't know about !! The intro should have you hooked & look for more joints by this dj..Snagglepuss did a crazy freestyle for this..even Damage did a freestyle. Remember the year is 96 & don't ask what's on the tape because i'm not telling you.

The Collection V10 - Kool Kirk ( Biggie Blends V2 Side A )

I this the same as the other one..Remember what the title says..Volume 2..I wasn't lying when i told you that i had mixtapes..To those people who google to look for mixtapes, i bet you can't find side b to this !! Remember that song by NAS..You Can HATE ME NOW !!

The Collection V9 - Kool B ( The Real Shit Side A )

Here's another tape by a dj that none of you knew about but after you hear this..then you're going to wonder where can you get more of him..Remember what i said before about the 90's..there's alot of music & todays dj's can't keep up with what's going on around them..Have some fun because i'm certainly going to enjoy all this..check out the intro & let me know what you think..Remember the year is 1995 !!

The Collection V8 - Rhythm ( Bronxdale V1 - Side B )

Back on the old school tip..Now tell me, when was the last time you got a mixtape with songs going back & forth..Step back people, i got this for a minute !!

The Collection V7 - Chubby Chub ( 4/94 Side A )

This time you get some of that old school vibe..When i tell you that i'm on a roll - all i can say is watch your back because now you get it all & with no way to breathe..From this point, i'm going to take your lunch money & whatever fans you had. When i get finish with all this - you're going to wish that you didn't piss me off !!

The Collection V6 - Chubby Chub ( 2/94 Side A )

Once again, there's a reason to all this & when it comes how everybody start acting..These joints are not on the net & even the dj's is looking for these. Don't let people try to change your way of thinking..To my EBAY fans, all this will be stopping soon & what are you going to do then..Check out the freestyles by Techician The DJ & Redhanded..Now tell me, you knew about this one !! Frontin' ass dudes..

For All Masters V15 - Kool Kid

Tapemasta: I keep telling you that alot of us been down for years..I personally stay in the background for a reason..Shout to Nick @ & Kool Kid..Bronx stand up !!

For All Masters: Instilled with a tireless work ethic, DJ Kool Kid set his sights on the mixtape world at a very young age. Now 15 years and hundreds of mixes into his career, The Hood Legend shares his experiences with us. From traveling the world to breaking new artists: Kool Kid has seen it all, done it all. We learn about his best-selling tapes, as well as his unusual television connections. No bit of mixtape minutiae goes uncovered, with stories ranging from the famous DJ Big Mike to the lesser known rapper of the same name. There’s even something about a studio session with N.O.R.E, Mariah Carey, and some keg cups of wine?? And if you thought he was one of those DJs that only played exclusives, check out the live mix he did just for us at!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Guess Who's Back !! Dec 2011

Looks like you can't keep up now !! So you need some hip hop in your life..Remember, i can be a team all by myself !! The "machine" is coming in Dec..Make em Bounce, wop !! Shouts to 238 beats !!

The Collection V5 - Brucie B ( 11/20 Side B )

Hands down..its the world famous !! If you was around when Brucie B did his thing on the turntables..then you seen some real shit !! Just be happy it's on a mixtape, if you missed out..

The Collection V4 - Kay Slay & Dazon ( The Player Haters Eliminators V1 )

Once again, we did it again..Now tell me, if this was on the net..It's time to sweep everything up & keep going !!

The Collection V3 - Clue ( Cluemanatti V2 '97 The Rematch Side A )

Let's go..Who got the tapes now..if you remember this tape then you'll agree what's happening right now..Oh yeah, i'm on a roll now..

The Collection V2 - Kay Slay & Capone ( Eastside To Da Westside Side A )

Who got what now..You try to make peanuts, while i'm robbing the bank..Straight up, it's time to smash you with joint after joint..No i'm dropping what i want..If you got money then you know what to do..Don't get mad because you can't find the tapes anywhere on the net..

The Collection V1 - Action PAC & Supreme ( 4/96 Side A )

Time to drop the fire on the people worldwide again..When can you get mixtapes like this today..This era will last forever & the music is endless..Keep up, i got more coming..

We Got Next - I Did It My Way...

I want to thank all the bloggers ( United we Stand ) from the beginning for rocking these classic mixtapes worldwide on their blogs..You made a impact whether you know it or not..To the people hitting me all over the world ( Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, US Army, Yahoo, Google ), thank you for sharing those thoughts about the classic mixtapes..People thought i wasn't really getting those numbers for what i was doing..SUPRISE ( See Below ) !! It's not about who chat on the inbox or who post..If you really feel about this thing called MIXTAPES, then the people will see it to...I've done my best about staying 2 steps ahead on what i do with my blog..I went from CDS, MP3 mixes, now MIXTAPES !! When i first started my blog i was mad because all i seen was the links or mix cds of the same 10 djs & then i realized what about the other 200 dj's who doing their thing in the 90's also that people didn't know about ( what made a mixtape popular, if the playlist is the same - remember the times when rappers did the intro to tapes )..I messed up people minds with the project with DJ Manifest, then i killed it with the TDK vs MAXELL series, S.O.U.L is up next - watch for that one, Then i got the new project coming which will make people say WHOA !! When i tell you that i breathe this MIXTAPE thing, it wasn't a lie - if you know my history, then we're on the same page - it's about memories & i'm bringing it to you RAW !! I could make tons of money off this, but i seen the bigger picture & now it's coming into fold..Watch out EBAY !!

Shouts to: NASBooks ( My Sister ), Sha Kim ( My Brother ), DJ Manifest, S.O.U.L, Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected, Sommer, Sugi, Ol Skool, Gil, CAM, Bully, Mario, Ogbee, Six Six, Jazzy Joyce, DJ Roz, Step One, Doo Wop, Ron G, Brucie B, Showtime, Action PAC, Craig G, Technican, P Nice, Miami Kaos, Dimez, Big Chew, Red Handed, Doggtime, Grand Master Vic, Mista Rello, Cosmic Kev, Fran Lover, Chubby Chub, Buckwild, Chill Will FTE, LA Luv, D Demo, Triple C, Homicide, Hollywood, Luv Bug Starski, Rhythm, SML, Kool Kirk, Kay Slay, Clue, Priiest ( The Original Spinderella ), Supreme ( Far Rockaway ), Ekim, Jay Faire, 1200 Assassin, Lazy K...Beat Street ( Brooklyn ), Stereo Plaza/Palace, Harlem Music Hut, Sandy's, Keith ( 149th & 3rd )..To anybody else, i forgot..i got you !! For those who got tapes that you want to share with the world hit me @ & let's do it !!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V50 - SML ( Blends Side A )

Those people in the NYC area is going to know what's up now..Remember it's not about the same 10 djs & i proved that point..Shouts to the 90's dj's whose making noise on the radio, internet, mixtapes now..Who said it couldn't be done..I drop 50 joints on you & the fun part more is coming..

TDK vs Maxell V49 - Triple C ( Illegal Bizz Side A )

The people who rock that hard r & b..This joint is for you !! Believe me, i got joints for days..

TDK vs Maxell V48 - Rhythm ( Winter Blow Up 1993 )

When i tell you that the EAST IS IN THE HOUSE..believe it !! Brooklyn is all the way here..Shouts to the god DJ Rhythm for dropping those mixtapes back then..Bronx stand up & represent !!

TDK vs Maxell V47 - Fartha Ramzee ( Affilated V2 5/96 Side A )

Now tell me who's doing it like this now..Once it stop, you're going to be shaking your heads wondering why..

TDK vs Maxell V46 - Doo Wop ( Birthday Side A )

Nope, i'm not telling you what's on it or what year..Just enjoy the intro & for those who enjoy real hip hop..guess where you got it at !!

TDK vs Maxell V45 - D Demo ( Straight Flava 8/94 Side A )

So now you scratching your head..trying to figure out how you going to top all of this..Suprise fella, because you can't..Just download & thank me later !! Shout to DJ Unexpected..

TDK vs Maxell V44 - Cosmic Kev ( SM V18 Side A )

For those who don't know Cosmic Kev..Let's just say, i'm about to make you mad..Also for those who thought i just had NYC mixtape dj's..This week will introduction for something great coming..

TDK vs Maxell V43 - Chubby Chub ( 12/1 Side A )

Check the internet for these joints..Believe me, you won't find them anywhere..Now who's the true TAPEMASTA now..I can change lanes anytime..

TDK vs Maxell V42 - Action PAC ( Summer 1996 - Side A )

This week might be what alot of you been asking for..Hold on to those ipods because i'm not stopping anytime soon..

TDK vs Maxell V41 - 1200 Assassin ( Tape V14 Side A )

Time to bring it back to what we rocked in the 90's..people keep saying why you rock those old joints..tell me, why you rock straight legs jeans, members only jackets. This era was the shit & people know it..So let's rock with 1200 Assassin on the blend tip...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

4th Quarter V1 - Jazzy Joyce Live @ The Buzz

I told you that i was going in for the 4th quarter..Well people, it's time for you to get ready & see what's going on..The Queen doing her thing live..I'm here & what you going to say now..Respect to the queen !!

Friday, October 14, 2011

ROZ - Memory Lane V1

Tapemasta: Some might not know what 4th quarter means, but let's just say..Now the time is about to come & show you what we all do..Here's 2 people that i watched grow from the beginning until now..Try to understand what's going on around you..While you hunt around the internet for tapes, i'm doing more projects !! Keep up because you're done as a blog or website..basically respect what you see happening now. Believe me, you're probably mad that you didn't think about doing it first !! Shouts to S.O.U.L & DJ Manifest...I'm back baby !! Watch what next project comes out next !!

DJ Roz & Wiz Hoffa - Memory Lane V1
It's the 4th Quarter, 2 months left on the clock... A few Dj's just might get crossed over! It's the Mob U Bastids!

1. Daydreaming- Kurtis Blow
2. Funky Sensation- Gwen McCrae
3. Don't Look Any Further- Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett
4. Curious- Midnight Star
5. I Found Lovin'- Fatback Band
6. Before I Let Go- Frankie Beverly & Maze
7. Never Too Much- Luther Vandross
8. Candy- Cameo
9. Another Man- Barbara Mason
10. I Wonder If I Take You Home- Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
11. Rock Steady- The Whispers
12. Ghetto Life- Rick James
13. Lets Dance- West Street Mob
14. Watching You- Slave
15. Forget Me Nots- Patrice Rushen
16. Love Come Down- Evelyn Champagne King
17. Give Me- I Level
18. Saturday Love- Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal
19. Single Life- Cameo
20. That Girl- Stevie Wonder
21. I Love You More- Rene & Angela
22. Outstanding- The Gap Band
23. Happy- Surface
24. If I Was Your Girlfriend- Prince
25. Sugar Free- Juicy
26. Gotta Get You Home Tonight- Eugene Wilde
27. Remind Me- Patrice Rushen
28. Show Me- Glenn Jones
29. Tell Me If You Still Care- SOS Band
30. Funny How Time Flies- Janet Jackson

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Radio Mixtapes V5 - Technican The DJ ( The Afterparty - 7/3/10 )

Once again, you got to love what's happening to you on the internet now..The ipods & itouchs is in total control right now..When did you have so many mixtapes to choose from & be able to make them mp3's..Now enjoy this one & have fun..Straight 90's music once again..

Radio Mixtapes V4 - Technican The DJ ( The After Party 7/2/11 )

If you rocked off the Boston radio..then you know what Technican can do..I won't speak on it..Just download it & thank me later !! 90's music on total rotation here.
You like how i was able to switch concepts & still make it funky..

TDK vs Maxell V40 - Supreme ( R & B V10 Side A )

Now ask me how i was able to drop another joint on the internet..Check those Blogs, Websites or your Barbershop, if they got some of these old Supreme ( Far Rockaway )mixtapes..Let's just say that i'm sneaking into all those ipods, itouchs worldwide..

TDK vs Maxell V39 - Kool Mike Ski ( The Realness V2 Side A )

I think everybody knows that the realness is over here..So let me drop another Kool Mike Ski on the internet..Once again, shouts to my blog brothers..Watch what i do next month..See if you can keep up...

TDK vs Maxell V38 - Clue ( Tape V37 Side A )

Guess who's back at it again..I think that i'm going to stop when i get to V50 or 10,000 downloads - whatever comes first..So hold on because the drops is going to be crazy..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V37 - Clue ( Hip Hop Reggae V11 Side A )

Once again, these joints will make your day..If you truly enjoy the endless music from the 90's..Then imagine what the reggae world was like back then..Check out the blog world & see what they're dropping..

TDK vs Maxell V36 - Triple C ( Live At Club Velvet Side A )

I keep telling people, if you didn't get mixtapes from the 90's - then you missed out on something special..Don't let them tell you that it's dead...Enjoy this one because when was the last time you got a mixtape dj rock a crowd !!!

TDK vs Maxell V35 - Young Wise ( Mixes V14 Side A )

Did i prove my point on what's really hot on the internet..Well, i'm going to keep dropping more & more hits..Let's just say the summer isn't over & winter is going to take a seat for a minute..Another blend for your ipods or smartphone...

TDK vs Maxell V34 - SML ( R & B V10 Blends Side A )

If you wasn't in NYC back in the mid 90's, then you're not going know who this dj was..But ask Kool Kirk, Snaggle Puss, Leatherface..Remeber i'm on some other shit right now..You can thank the stupid guy - who's trying to get a reaction..Guess what, got it - see if you can keep up !!

TDK vs Maxell V33 - Supreme ( Niggas Know I Got Skills V3 Side A )

Once again, i'm on some other shit right now..To that stupid guy who said mixtapes is played out..Guess what i'm going to do next..This joint is on the blend tip & the masses is going to shake their heads because it's straight turntables - no computer mixes..When was the last time did you get a straight mixtape..Supreme was from Far Rockaway, Queens...

TDK vs Maxell V32 - Self ( 1999 Side A )

Tell me, you're not having fun this week..I've gotten over 25,000 views on this blog - since Jan 2011..So think on what's my birthday is going to be like..Let's drop this 1999 joint & rock out like legends..Check out Self on Power 105 in NYC..

TDK vs Maxell V31 - Juice ( V26 Side A )

When you realize its time to drop fire & keep going..People will either talk or hate. I can take both & smile while i know you can't stop downloading..Enjoy, the music because i'm not going to stop..

TDK vs Maxell V30 - Clue ( Birthday V3 Side A )

In the next upcoming weeks, i'm going for the 10,000 downloads since Feb 2011..So watch out because everything i drop is going to big..First up, is Clue..Say what you want now..I'm going for the "prize"...

TDK vs Maxell V29 - Rated R ( Niggaz Done Started Something..Like What V2 Side A )

Now do you see what's happening again..People is asking for joints & guess who can bring it to them !! I don't have to be on the radar to make things happen..So let's see you top this..Talk about flashbacks !!

TDK vs Maxell V28 - Self ( Thugged Out Tape V2 Side A )

I keep telling people i got joints & this generation thinks they can keep up..sorry but i got this all the way..I rocked with 3 Decades of music ( i don't have to repeat one time - if the link is done, get something else because there's more heat ). If you're in NYC check Self on the radio & see where he gets his FORMAT from. Brooklyn is in the house now.

TDK vd Maxell V27 - Kool Mike Ski ( The Realness V1 Side A )

See everybody is changing up with their formats..Suprise people, i got more heat coming..

TDK vs Maxell V26 - Priiest ( Ballerz & Balletz Side A )

The year is 96 & you know how i'm coming..Tell me, we haven't changed the concept of what mixtapes should sound like..The net was going crazy over the previous joints by Priiest..So you know i had to dig for another one..I keep telling people, if you wasn't around when mixtapes was smashing the industry albums..then you missed out on something special..Shouts to the real mixtape heads worldwide..No recycled joints over here..

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mixtape Legend V1 - Triple C

Tapemasta: See we're at it again..Stand up because now you get to see the full circle of what we do on a level that people "recognize"..You can copy, but remember who did it first & why..Remember we got the tapes !!

As many of you already know my man Manifest has closed down his blog onestopmusicplace a few weeks ago. This is a great lose for the mixtape community. So Manifest & OUHH decided to keep the history alive by doing a special montly post called Mixtape Legends. Manifest will select a mixtape once a month from his own vault and that one will be posted on my blog. To kick off this serie is a mixtape by Triple C which has no date on it but was made somewhere between 89 & 90. Enjoy & be educated. Also be on the look out for some more blogs joining forces to create some great projects.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

B Lord Live At Sugar Hill...

Tapemasta: Soooo, tell me that alot of you had this tape in your boxes..Shout to Nick ( ) dropping this on the masses..Time to drop some live joints on you !!

Nick: With a very tolerable mix of crowd noise, bass rattle, feedback and shoutouts: this tape is live in every sense! Recorded in late ‘97, 30-minutes till they close the bar, B-Lord rocks the crowd at Sugar Hill with a flurry of over 50 cuts running through the default B.I.G block, a splash of reggae, a little old school (like Al Green old school), some D.C. go-go, and even a No Limit set! When’s the last time you heard it like that? I wonder if that after-party at the Holiday Inn on Route 428 lived up to the hype...

Here's the original link for the page..

Success Of Mixtapes Finally Making Major Labels Realize That 'Free' Can Be Useful Marketing

Tapemasta: Now if the labels start this up back again ( remember when Rocafella was doing this with each of their artists, Puffy did with Bad Boy - Remember the mixtapes with Doo Wop, S & S, Stretch, Clue )..Should mixtapes become popular again within the streets of the world & not just the internet..Remember this can be used as a double edge sword..No more A & R reps..Just mixtapes, then in turn the labels would recruit dj's again for their projects..Then these releases would come out before the retails albums..

Mike Masnick: We were amazed a few years ago when the RIAA, with the help of law enforcement, started going after DJs who made mixtapes, even though those same mixtapes were considered a huge part of the promotional infrastructure of certain parts of the music world (mainly hip hop, but certainly elsewhere as well). Of course, after shutting down and arresting a bunch of mixtape DJs, a bunch of artists just started making and releasing their own damn mixtapes, and doing so for free online. And even though we still see some stories of the RIAA going after "officially released" mixtapes, it seems that even the labels are starting to recognize that free mixtapes help promote artists and aren't worth freaking out about:

"The game favors people that can produce quality music and then turn right around and produce more quality music-which is not a given," Atlantic Records VP of A&R Zvi Edelman says. His signee, Wiz Khalifa, leveraged free, original mixtapes like 2010's "Kush & OJ" and 2011's "Cabin Fever" into the building of a dedicated fan base that helped, along with an intensive touring strategy, make his Atlantic/Rostrum Records debut, "Rolling Papers," one of the few hip-hop debuts to sell more than 500,000 copies (it's now at 570,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan) in 2011.

"The game favors people that can produce quality music and then turn right around and produce more quality music-which is not a given," Atlantic Records VP of A&R Zvi Edelman says. His signee, Wiz Khalifa, leveraged free, original mixtapes like 2010's "Kush & OJ" and 2011's "Cabin Fever" into the building of a dedicated fan base that helped, along with an intensive touring strategy, make his Atlantic/Rostrum Records debut, "Rolling Papers," one of the few hip-hop debuts to sell more than 500,000 copies (it's now at 570,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan) in 2011.

A batch of newcomers -- such as J. Cole, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy, Mac Miller and Smoke DZA -- has adapted to the consumer demand for free, original rap music. The philosophy is often described this way: As a reward for artists remaining loyal to them (by giving away original music), fans return the favor by buying concert tickets, merchandise and "real" albums from record labels. The result is a give-and-take relationship that keeps rappers in control of their brand and marketing, and iTunes playlists full of free albums disguised as "mixtapes." The payoff is an active fan base, which labels and management hope stimulates retail purchases. This might be about as close as you can come to big record labels officially admitting that free music actually has value that is monetized elsewhere. But, still, apparently, we need special new laws to shut down the very same marketing that they now want to use to build a stronger fan base.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V25 - Doggtime ( V10 Side A )

As the song goes, Let it flow & you don't stop..See how we can keep all this going & people wonder when will it all stop..Suprise people, it won't..I'm touching all levels of MIXTAPES..Whether you understand it or not..

TDK vs Maxell V24 - Priiest ( Droppin Gems V3 )

Here's another one...A real dj doing her thing on the turntable..That real hip hip from the 90's...

TDK vs Maxell V23 - Mike Nice ( The Year Is 94 - Side A )

I want to thank all those people for sending me those emails on Mike Nice..He was a real DJ & believe me, people knew it back in the 90's..So you know i had to drop another one on the internet again..Enjoy !!

TDK vs Maxell V22 - Ekim - The Year Is 94 ( Side A - 7/94 )

Everybody thought Ekim did just R & B..Well suprise people because i'm going to show you what hip hop did for people worldwide..I remember when he did freestyles on the mic & then rock the whole tape..Shout to Ol Skool, i had to dig for this one..