Friday, December 23, 2011

Silver D - Live On The Radio WBLS 2/28/92

Tapemasta: If you listened to Kid Capri on the radio & mixtapes, even his album. Then you know about Silver D..If you missed out on this era of radio..then you missed on quite lot of good music ( BLS vs KISS ) !! Shouts to DJ Stickem for putting this out on his podomatic page..I'm so glad i recorded all these joints years ago !! Yeah, i know this was already out, but it needed to be put back out again..

DJ Stick Em: Another one from one of my favorites and one of my influences.. DJ Silver D. Dude had NY radio on lock for a while. If you listen closely to my mixes, you can hear me biting juuuusst a liiiitle bit. Haha! I learned how to mix from listening to Kid Capri, Silver D, Red Alert, & Funkmaster Flex - Driving around in my auto parts delivery truck wearing HOLES in my jeans tryin' to figure out how they hell they did that!! YOUNGSTERS TAKE NOTE... NO INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, NO INTERNET VIDEO TO BITE FROM, NO MP3S, NO SERATO, CONCAVE & CONVEX-ASS RECORDS THAT MADE IT DIFFICULT TO SCRATCH,,,,,, AND I WALKED UPHILL BOTH WAYS, SONNY..... WHAAAAAT?!!!!!! And that goes out to that fake-ass "Stickem" in FL yappin' waaaay too much. Get at me SON. Let's talk

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