Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mixtape Gems V4 - Shazam X ( The Best Of Tribe Called Quest Side A )

Now what can you say..If everybody is running around doing a best of now..Why not get a joint from the 90's instead..This way you can see what you missed back then !! Remember all these joints is "TAPES" & no cds..One of hip hop best groups on the mic..Sit back & enjoy this one because i'm having fun doing this !!


  1. Yup, i was bugging out when i seen them..My wife said when you throwing them !! I found older ones too !!

  2. i used took take my issues and give them to the barbershop when i was done with them.

  3. I'm mad that my mother had threw away all my old comic books ( spiderman, avengers, xmen, black panther, thor, etc ) !! I could of been rich !!