Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mixtape Gems V19 - Kid Nice ( Mixes V6 Side B )

Once again, it's time to keep dropping fire on the net !! Once again, if you wasn't in the South Bronx..then you won't undersatnd what's happening around you right now. The blends is what make's mixtapes unique ( who need a website, i got a blog )..see you at 11 !!

Mixtape Gems V18 - Ekim ( Spring Time Side A )

This one is for my people who was caught slipping & now you're trying to recover by downloading..For those people who was rocking out with some good r & b..this one here will make you say whoa..I never heard ekim rock joints like this..But in the beginning he was killing tapes & that's how i can tell if people was rocking mixtape before the internet !! Enjoy this one, because it'll be on total replay in the ride to work !!

Happy New Year V6 - Peter Parker ( Live In Stamford CT 4/8/94 Side A )

Recently people been coming out from under their rocks asking stupid questions..Now, it's time to go into over drive..No stopping anytime soon..Here's another radio joint which was hot !!

Happy New Year V5 - Silver D ( Dance With The Devil 11/30/91 Side A )

Now you know i had to go back with the radio joints..This time up is Silver D.. Listen to this tape because there's songs & people that you probably won't never hear again..Yup, this one is a classic people !! Shout out to DJ Stick em & The International crew ( Germany & Japan )..Oh yeah, See you at 11 !!

Happy New Year V4 - Big Kap ( Live At The Tunnel Side A )

Since everybody went crazy with the NAS live at the tunnel..Let's go real deep again.This time up is Big Kap & Biz Markie..Yup, i said Biz Markie !! Now let's see what you got to say now..Guess who's the rapper on this one..Don't worry it's goes right into it !! I'm just having fun now..See you at 11 !!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New Year V3 - Technician The DJ ( The After Party ( Classics ) 12/25/11 )

Here's another one for you !! Once again, if you enjoyed the Flex & Red show..Then this one should have you going crazy too !! Now, here's another NYC DJ doing his thing on the radio !! I'm on the roll people, keep up !! See you @ 11 !!

Happy New Year V2 - Red Alert ( Old School - The 80's Side A )

Red Alert has a touch on NYC radio that nobody can take away..When you hear red on the mic..all you can do is listen..Hands down, whatever you people say - the real Prop Master is here to stay !! Enjoy the sounds because everybody knows what i can do now & believe me, i'm enjoying every minute of it !! Shouts to Funkmaster Flex, Red Alert & Mr Cee for giving me that great xmas gift & now i'm giving ya'll that New Year blast with a twist !! See you @ 11 !!

Happy New Years V1 - Red Alert ( Old School V1 9/95 )

Since the net went crazy over last week's joints by Flex & Red..Why not continue the love with Red Alert from 95..Oh yeah, we got this covered on the net !! Now people should understand why NEW YORK has the Rap game & Mixtape world covered !!

Strictly Cassette - DJ Lord Ron Interview

Tapemasta: Now you'll get to see what's really happening around the world & the fun part is that i really know DJ Lord Ron & he's still a REAL mixtape collector like myself..brand new blogs isn't going to be able to keep up, i told you before we was doing all this for a long time !! Happy New Year !! See you at 11 !! The REAL MIXTAPES IS BACK !!! Respect to the god for doing this interview & letting people see his collection.. is the website for Lord Ron...

Strictly Cassette catches up with DJ Lord Ron to chop it up with him about his tape collection and some of the spots he used to cop joints from. You'll be impressed to see all the original dubbed recordings from the Golden Era.

(SC) What was your first tape?
Back in the day (Los Angeles), the mid 1970's I was always recording cassette joints off the radio on an A.M. dial which was K.G.F.J. and then it became 1580 K-Day which was more hip hop/r & b driven as opposed to K.G.F.J. whose format was straight up soul, r & b and disco music. Cassettes came on the scene hard around in the early 70's because the 8-Track tape was the thing besides vinyl and reel to reel tape decks.

My 1st tape re hip hop. I went out and bought RUN-DMC's "King Of Rock" tape at Village records. Village records was located at University Village, a shopping center with a movie theatre and food joints etc., which is owned by USC here in Los Angeles.

(SC) Do you still have your old tape collection?
I wish I did have my whole tape collection but sometimes in life, we take things for granted instead of preserving. I still have a nice collection though & if I come across certain tapes now. I will snatch it up and add to my collection.

(SC) Best music store to purchase tapes (old & new)
My brother Erik and I had been runnin' the streets hittin corners all day hustlin' these ladies Nike sweatsuits that were made of Velour material. We stopped by his crib on 106th and San Pedro, the east side. He's checkin his biz and I turn the TV on and start flippin' through channels. I come across Chris Thomas, the mayor of Rap City & I've always liked Rap City better than YO MTV Raps cause BET's Rap City showed more of the raw underground artists who were not gettin' day light on YO MTV Raps.

Anyway, this video comes on and it has this dope DJ scratchin' with precision and the track has a jazzy element but dope ass bass line with drums hittin' with horns comin in and out of the track. By then, my brother Erik comes downstairs and we are locked into the groove and video visuals.

Then the rapper's voice is monotone & he's wearing black leather with a kufi on his head & I'm seeing the young F.O.I. from the Nation Of Islam in step like an army yo. This rapper was sayin something that I could relate to cause my brother Erik & I were becoming more aware of our Black heritage and hip hop was doing that at that time. Me and Erik were hittin' up Temple # 27 on Western and 45th St buyin books, products and eating plenty of fish from their store joint which was across the street from the Temple.

That was Gang Starr's "Positivity" video. I told my brother Erik, let's hit up the Slauson Swap Meet cause I wanna find that tape and buy it. The swap meet vendor who was selling records and tapes had one left and I bought that tape.

Popped it opened and that was Erik's & I soundtrack for the rest of that year yo cause me and my brother was hustlin these women's clothes and other things.

We would ride to that Gang Starr album "No More Mister Nice Guy" all day without gettin tired of it. I still have that tape to this day. Peace and rest to Guru.

(SC) What do you think lies in the future for tape collecting?
Big up to all who have the mind state of preserving history re the cassette tape. I don't see a big surge happening in the now or the future. Technology comes and goes with newer gadgets. I truly think it will be just a small group of people who have a passion for collecting. It will be a small but powerful market cause of the internet & that's good enough. Nothin wrong with a small boutique shop. That means it's real straight up and down. Organic.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas V4 - Funkmaster Flex & Red Alert Xmas 2011

Best believe everybody will be downloading all this - it's all over the net !! Hands down, the best time in music is the 4th quarter ( i told you that a few weeks ago )..Remember people all the sounds is the NY Vibe from the past & that's what makes it great !! Old School stand up..If you missed out on the party @ BB Kings Friday night, then you missed out on the classics live - Now's who's in NYC now..Just download all 4 parts & rock out hard !! As the man, said see you on the 11pm news !! THE CLASSICS IS BACK - RIP TO MR MAGIC !!

Merry Xmas V3 - Funkmaster Flex & Red Alert Xmas 2011

Now you know i'm going to keep all this on total replay with my itouch..My neighbors is going to bug out until New Year !! Can you feel the classics !!

Merry Xmas V2 - Funkmaster Flex & Red Alert Xmas 2011

This here is how real radio is suppose to sound like !! None of that BS, that you hear on the mixtapes & radio today !! The Classics is coming back people !! Can you feel it !!

Merry Xmas V1 - Funkmaster Flex & Red Alert Xmas 2011

If you was listening to Hot 97, where the fellas was going off on the radio !! Real hip hop on the radio..We got it all for you !! If you 35 & older then this series is for you !! Rock out people !! Get all 4 parts..B.R.R ( Before Rap Records )!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mixtape Gems V17 - Funkmaster Flex ( Live At The Tunnel V2 Side A )

Since the people was going crazy for the Tunnel joints..I'm going to drop another one on the people..Its the only way to go out for the year & the fun part of all this, the year isn't over more "gems" to come..

Mixtape Gems V16 - SML ( Sandy's Music World Mixtape Side A )

There's nothing to be said about this one..If you was in the Bronx, then you know about Sandy..Straight records no cds either !!

Mixtape Gems V15 - Shazam X ( X Files V3 Side A )

If you knew your mixtape history, then you would know that Shazam X was a hip hop producer for alot of those hot rappers in the 90's. Remember we bring back classics over here !! Once again, check who's on the intro !!

Mixtape Gems V14 - Shazam X ( VO V2 Side A )

Now it's time to drop some underground hip hop from the 90's on you !! Keep guessing while i continue to drop more classics..Guess who's on the intro ??

Mixtape Gems V13 - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Tape V17 Side A )

Once again, if you wasn't in NYC getting "MIXTAPES"..then you missed out on alot of "GEMS"..Don't let the people fool you about joints that wasn't really moving in the streets, but you thought it was hot on the internet !! Imagine if the 90's dj's rock today !!

Mixtape Gems V12 - Mista Rello & Jadel ( The Formula Side A )

Once again, let's keep the blends coming..Shouts to the international crew ( Germany )for all the love..As the title say, It's The Formula !!

Mixtape Gems V11 - Jadel ( Coolout V3 Side A )

Here's a tape that will sneak up on the people..Another queens classic !!

Mixtape Gems V10 - Arson ( Best Of 96 Side A )

Here's another one, that people will say..Damn, i remember that joint !!

Mixtape Gems V9 - Action PAC ( Street Flava 96 Side A )

Time for some of that NY vibe & what made mixtapes great in NYC !!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Silver D - Live On The Radio WBLS 2/28/92

Tapemasta: If you listened to Kid Capri on the radio & mixtapes, even his album. Then you know about Silver D..If you missed out on this era of radio..then you missed on quite lot of good music ( BLS vs KISS ) !! Shouts to DJ Stickem for putting this out on his podomatic page..I'm so glad i recorded all these joints years ago !! Yeah, i know this was already out, but it needed to be put back out again..

DJ Stick Em: Another one from one of my favorites and one of my influences.. DJ Silver D. Dude had NY radio on lock for a while. If you listen closely to my mixes, you can hear me biting juuuusst a liiiitle bit. Haha! I learned how to mix from listening to Kid Capri, Silver D, Red Alert, & Funkmaster Flex - Driving around in my auto parts delivery truck wearing HOLES in my jeans tryin' to figure out how they hell they did that!! YOUNGSTERS TAKE NOTE... NO INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, NO INTERNET VIDEO TO BITE FROM, NO MP3S, NO SERATO, CONCAVE & CONVEX-ASS RECORDS THAT MADE IT DIFFICULT TO SCRATCH,,,,,, AND I WALKED UPHILL BOTH WAYS, SONNY..... WHAAAAAT?!!!!!! And that goes out to that fake-ass "Stickem" in FL yappin' waaaay too much. Get at me SON. Let's talk

We Go Hard Radio Show - The Legendary DJ Showtime !!

TAPEMASTA: Yes indeed people, i told you that the 4th quarter was going to be big over here at Pushin' Tapes..Mixtape Legend from Harlem NYC, is doing his thing Monday thru Friday on & doing parties/mixtapes every month for the people worldwide !! We got more suprises coming people..this here is just the tip of the iceberg & let's just say..I told you so !!



Mixtape Gem V8 - Craig G ( Best Of 94 Reggae Side A )

Now let me know if somebody dropped a reggae joint on you recently !! Once again, this might go over your heads, if so then your age is being shown then !! Remember classic after classic over here !!

Mixtape Gems V7 - Ron G ( 1/11/92 Side A )

Now maybe you'll understand what's happening around you !! I said it from the beginning, it's about the history of mixtapes & what it can do for you today !! Just like the mixtape game, too many dj's came into it & fucked it up..Now you can't find those real mixtapes like we use to in the past anymore on the streets..henceforth PUSHIN' TAPES & THE MIXTAPE MUSEUM !!

Mixtape Gems V6 - Grandmaster Vic ( 4/25/96 Side A )

This one is for the Queens crew worldwide !! While you wait for new joints to come up on the net..i'll make sure your itouch is fulled up with music !!

Mixtape Gems V5 - S & S ( Old School V4 Side A )

Here's one for the international crew !!

DJ Slim - I Love The 90's

Once again, it's on over here !! Nothing else can be said now..Here's where you can see what's happening around you..Stop, Look & Listen !! These joints is coming at you with a pace that i'm sure you can't keep up..Shouts to DJ Slim for sending me this & i truly enjoyed rocking this with my wife..Hate me now, baby because i'm on the roll for 10 more days !! I'm on that Lean Movement Shit right now !!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Classic Gem - The Party !!

If you're in NYC on Friday...Then you need to rock out with this !! Hands down, Hip hop at it's finest !! Told ya'll 4th quarter is going down hard @ BB Kings...Current school do what !!

Hip-Hop Legends:
Hosted by Funkmaster Flex
With music by the legendary DJ Hollywood
December 23, 2011

Showtime @ 11:00PM
Doors Open @ 10:30PM

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mixtape Gems V4 - Hot Day & The Dream Team ( The Instrumentals V1 Side A )

Once again, if you wasn't around then..Well, you missed out on another classic..Imagine, if there wasn't no websites trying to push mixcds on you !! Fun part of all this is that everything i drop is MIXTAPES..Now tell me, how many of you got this one close by..

Mixtape Gems V4 - Shazam X ( The Best Of Tribe Called Quest Side A )

Now what can you say..If everybody is running around doing a best of now..Why not get a joint from the 90's instead..This way you can see what you missed back then !! Remember all these joints is "TAPES" & no cds..One of hip hop best groups on the mic..Sit back & enjoy this one because i'm having fun doing this !!

Mixtape Gems V3 - Kool Kirk ( Best Of EPMD Side A )

All i can tell you is slow down & take lessons..Everything here is going to make you bug out & say whoa !! If you was in NYC for the concert with EPMD & Funkmaster Flex this summer..then this is for you !! Real hip hop & we got it !! Old school heads this one is you again !!! Remember 11 days & running !!

Mixtape Gems V2 - Ekim ( Tape V10 93 Side B )

I told you before that we was going hard for the 4th quarter & believe me, this here is what you get !! Another classic that you didn't know about !! My old school blend heads is going to love this !! With this series, i'm touching everything & i'm going to do it in 11 days !! Now what, you know who i am !!

Mixtape Gems V1 - Funkmaster Flex - Live At The Tunnel ( w/ Luv Bug Starski on Da Mic Side A )

Time for a new series & this time we going to go hard again & smile at the same time !! If you don't know about "MIXTAPE GEMS", then you wasn't in NYC getting mixtapes..Old school heads is going to enjoy this tape & guest what rapper was getting ready to drop his album when this came out & he was live !! Believe me, people will talk about this tape on the net !! Merry Xmas & watch out for the "GEMS" they coming...

Showtime - The Throwback At Noon V14

Showtime - Lean Movement !! We Go Hard Radio !! The Mick Jagger Of Mix Cds !!

Tapemasta - So you thought we didn't live all this..Suprise people..The "MIXTAPE GEMS" is back !!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Showtime - Throwbacks at Noon V12

The legend is back doing his thing like he suppose to..if you got the skills, music & was there..then people need to know it !! Rock this in your Ipod, Itouch, Ipad or the car, watch the heads turn...Play it loud too !! Also he's doing the blog thing too, here's the link below..Watch out people because we're coming !!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Collection V97 - Damage ( Winter Time Side A )

As they say hip hop don't stop & i guess you doesn't stop here !! Harlem stand up..Check the intro !!

The Collection V96 - Dr Duss ( Hip Hop V4 Side B )

Here's another hip hop joint that you don't know about !! The reason of my blog is to educate the public on what was moving in the streets of NYC - Not what was on the internet..Once again, shouts to the Bronx crew ( 149th & 3rd av )..

The Collection V95 - Lord Dakim ( New Taste V9 Side A )

Here's another blend joint for the international crew..shouts to the Queens djs !!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Collection V94 - 1200 Assassin ( Return Of The Powermove V12 Side A )

Now here's another flashback that you didn't know about !! Once again, the fun part of all this is that i was there when the mixtapes was being done..No distributors, No Internet, just stores & the dj's was dropping one mixtape per store !! If the dj pushed his or her own product, then you know you got a CLASSIC on your hands !!

The Collection V93 - Silva Sirfa ( Tape V13 Side A )

Now tell me, you didn't see this coming..I know but the fun of all this - you couldn't get it before today !! We changed the blog world thinking & now it's time to show them exactly what it means to rock MIXTAPES !!

The Collection V92 - Sage ( No Talk Side A )

Once again, i can keep dropping joints that you don't know about !! Everybody enjoyed the first one, so why not drop another one !! Shout to Hott Wax in Queens, NY..So google that & let me know what you think !!

The Collection V91 - Mike Nice & Redhanded ( Live In Mass Side A )

Now you know this wasn't on the net !! Have you seen how everybody is bringing back the classics..So what does that say for the music, you rock today !! When was the last time you had a mixtape dj give you a real live MIXTAPE...hmmm !!

The Collection V90 - Funkmaster Flex ( Live At The Tunnel V6 Side A )

I know you're trying to figure out, what's going on..But you know from here on out, it's going to be hard for you !! Once again, shouts to the Bronx crew !!

The Collection V89 - Funkmaster Flex ( Live At The Tunnel V4 Side A )

Time to do some live joints now..Once again, shouts to the international crew for all the love..

The Collection V88 - Dr Duss ( Reel To Reel V3 Side A )

Shout to the Zulu dj's worldwide..Bronx stand up !! The Brooklyn to Bronx connection is here on the internet !!

The Collection V87 - Dr Duss ( Reel To Reel V2 Side A )

Once again, this one is for my Bronx crew worldwide..If you're not over 35, don't even download this - unless you're giving it to your parents or one of the older family members..

The Collection V86 - Shougun ( Thug Passion V2 Side A )

For the international crew..My fault on the first one - here's the right link...Back on the blend tip people & with a twist...

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Collection V85 - Rhythm ( The Bomb 94 Side A )

Just listen to the intro & then you'll probably understand why people rock the 90's now..

The Collection V84 - Kool Kirk ( Smoke That V2 Side B )

So you thought, i didn't have mixtapes..Bet you didn't know about this one either..So who really have the CLASSIC MATERIAL...

The Collection V83 - Boo Tha Barber feat T Styles ( Flickee 95 Side A )

Here's another one that will sneak into the ipad's worldwide..Nothing else to be said !!

The Collection V82 - The Original Hollywood ( Live 97 Side A )

This one is for the international crew worldwide..I bet you didn't know this one existed on the net either...Shout to the 1st Generatiion dj's...

The Collection V81 - Uneek & DJ Self ( Lock & Load Side B )

Time for the blends..If you're in NYC, then you'll enjoy this rare joint by Power 105's DJ Self..Now who got classics now..Shout to the Planet Brooklyn !!

The Collection V80 - The Dream Team ( In The PJ's V1 Side B )

For the international crew worldwide !!

The Collection V79 - 1200 Assassin ( Anyway You Want It Side A )

So you think that you can keep up..well, show me what you got..while the numbers keep going up over here..

The Collection V78 - Chubby Chub ( 6/16 Side A )

Now we're going to keep the flow going..If you wasn't in NYC, then you missed out on some jewels..

The Collection V77 - Lazy K ( BBL 6/95 Side A )

This one is for the international crew !!

The Collection V76 - Lazy K ( To The Top V1 Side A )

So you ready to keep things going on the move..Hands down, you know what time it is now..

The Collection V75 - SML & Kool Kirk ( R & B V3 Side A )

Now's the time to drop joints on people worldwide..This one is for the crew who's over 35 & older..don't worry i'm about to go into overdrive for the month now..