Friday, November 4, 2011

Just A Thought !!

If you missed on what the 1st & 2nd generation did, that's not my fault !! I watched how the labels tried to kick the dj's to the side because of the rappers ( remember the dat )..Then the mixtapes started to pop & then the dj's had that new life again ( lables flooding the mixtape dj's with music )..I realized how much i seen & heard when it came to mixtapes, almost 20 years. Everything revolves in a circle, whether you know it or now. WBLS & KISS FM had the radio rocking with that thing we call HIP HOP !! Alot of these things need to be known worldwide, it's more than the streets with a MIXTAPE - award shows, college, tours, tv, radio, internet has now took a grasp with it..Now the blog world is making moves with it !! I was able to take my love for hip hop to mixtapes & make it a reality worldwide !! Now i'm glad to be able to contribute to it again ( Mixtape Reviews, Websites, Magazines, Award Shows, Mixtapes, etc )..If you know my bio, then you know that it's a wrap now !! If you think, that i was able to show love on my blog watch what i do next & then see how the people will go crazy !! My brother ( Sha Kim Allah ) & Sister ( NasBooks ) made me see the the light again..To both of them, thank you for being true & holding me down with the real criticism..I was going to shut my blog down after 10,000 downloads..My point was to let people know on Facebook, Twitter & Google that mixtape dj's was rocking the 90's hard - Some people tried to make some fake claims, but they know what they did & i'm letting them know i know too !! Peep the cds - Doo Wop & Spinbad ( Now what can you say !! ) Real dj's doing their thing still today !! Once again, salute to the blog brothers worldwide, cbox peeps, people who downloaded & didn't respond ( your ipo#'s come up on my computer - so i know who you are & where you are at )..Once again, thanks for all the love worldwide because now we're going to take this higher than ever before !!I might do a weekly pic with tapes/cds to make people mad with jealousy..You got to love this !!


  1. I'm trying to do the best i can with a twist !!

  2. another random thought about hip hop djs especially those that were making blend tapes...

    if you go back and think about contemporary r&b in the late 80s it was predominately new jack swing. it seems suddenly in the early 90s contemporary r&b made a drastic change from the new jack swing era to the more sample heavy hip hop inflicted sound. i kinda feel that the blend tapes were the missing link.

  3. i hear u Tape, u gotta let em know
    u lead the way and ill follow
    we both got big things to do!