Monday, October 24, 2011

We Got Next - I Did It My Way...

I want to thank all the bloggers ( United we Stand ) from the beginning for rocking these classic mixtapes worldwide on their blogs..You made a impact whether you know it or not..To the people hitting me all over the world ( Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, US Army, Yahoo, Google ), thank you for sharing those thoughts about the classic mixtapes..People thought i wasn't really getting those numbers for what i was doing..SUPRISE ( See Below ) !! It's not about who chat on the inbox or who post..If you really feel about this thing called MIXTAPES, then the people will see it to...I've done my best about staying 2 steps ahead on what i do with my blog..I went from CDS, MP3 mixes, now MIXTAPES !! When i first started my blog i was mad because all i seen was the links or mix cds of the same 10 djs & then i realized what about the other 200 dj's who doing their thing in the 90's also that people didn't know about ( what made a mixtape popular, if the playlist is the same - remember the times when rappers did the intro to tapes )..I messed up people minds with the project with DJ Manifest, then i killed it with the TDK vs MAXELL series, S.O.U.L is up next - watch for that one, Then i got the new project coming which will make people say WHOA !! When i tell you that i breathe this MIXTAPE thing, it wasn't a lie - if you know my history, then we're on the same page - it's about memories & i'm bringing it to you RAW !! I could make tons of money off this, but i seen the bigger picture & now it's coming into fold..Watch out EBAY !!

Shouts to: NASBooks ( My Sister ), Sha Kim ( My Brother ), DJ Manifest, S.O.U.L, Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected, Sommer, Sugi, Ol Skool, Gil, CAM, Bully, Mario, Ogbee, Six Six, Jazzy Joyce, DJ Roz, Step One, Doo Wop, Ron G, Brucie B, Showtime, Action PAC, Craig G, Technican, P Nice, Miami Kaos, Dimez, Big Chew, Red Handed, Doggtime, Grand Master Vic, Mista Rello, Cosmic Kev, Fran Lover, Chubby Chub, Buckwild, Chill Will FTE, LA Luv, D Demo, Triple C, Homicide, Hollywood, Luv Bug Starski, Rhythm, SML, Kool Kirk, Kay Slay, Clue, Priiest ( The Original Spinderella ), Supreme ( Far Rockaway ), Ekim, Jay Faire, 1200 Assassin, Lazy K...Beat Street ( Brooklyn ), Stereo Plaza/Palace, Harlem Music Hut, Sandy's, Keith ( 149th & 3rd )..To anybody else, i forgot..i got you !! For those who got tapes that you want to share with the world hit me @ & let's do it !!

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  1. you been murderin'em since january with the art of cassettes,summer blowouts, tdk/maxell series! i see u have a new series jumpin off. cant wait to see how far u take this. as always

  2. and oh yeah, in the words of jaz z...numbers dont lie!

  3. Thanks Mike..I seen how people tried to recover, so it was only right to show them..Now nothing can be said !! Yes, the new series, might be the last !!

  4. I like to thank you Tapemasta for dropping this knowledge.
    Without you my knowledge of the mixtape wasn't all that still learning from you everyday
    thanx for the inspiration.

  5. SOUL, we're about to change up on the mixtape history as people think..Real story is going to be more of who got what..