Thursday, October 27, 2011

For All Masters V15 - Kool Kid

Tapemasta: I keep telling you that alot of us been down for years..I personally stay in the background for a reason..Shout to Nick @ & Kool Kid..Bronx stand up !!

For All Masters: Instilled with a tireless work ethic, DJ Kool Kid set his sights on the mixtape world at a very young age. Now 15 years and hundreds of mixes into his career, The Hood Legend shares his experiences with us. From traveling the world to breaking new artists: Kool Kid has seen it all, done it all. We learn about his best-selling tapes, as well as his unusual television connections. No bit of mixtape minutiae goes uncovered, with stories ranging from the famous DJ Big Mike to the lesser known rapper of the same name. There’s even something about a studio session with N.O.R.E, Mariah Carey, and some keg cups of wine?? And if you thought he was one of those DJs that only played exclusives, check out the live mix he did just for us at!

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