Monday, September 19, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V5 - Kool Kirk ( Blends V3 Side A )

See i keep telling you that over & over again, that we can't be stopped over here. Here's another joint that i know isn't on the internet..Kool Kirk was doing his thing with his joints back in the days..This tape was done before he started doing joints with DJ Precise, i think - but don't quote me on it...Once again, enjoy some real classic blends..What you going to drop now..Throwback Thursday !! Watch what i drop next..Don't get mad because i was there when these tapes was being dropped. I've already dropped 500 cds on the internet..Now the tapes is coming..Remember Tales Of The Tape, well TDK & Maxell is going to make you think..

1 comment:

  1. Now listening to it, so great!! Masta, I never will give you enough thanks for this, it's my thing (Blends)!! :)))