Thursday, September 29, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V21 - Clue ( Hip Hop Reggae V13 )

Guess who's back at it again..While you keep looking for hip hop, R & B, Blends, etc. I can drop even reggae on the masses worldwide..Shucks, i might even do a slow jam for the ladies..Imagine a 90's or earlier slow jam by Jazzy Joyce or Kid Capri..

TDK vs Maxell V20 - Doggtime ( Tape V11 Side A )

Let's see if you can keep up with the blends..Hands down, who got it like this on the internet right now !!

TDK vs Maxell V19 - Kool Kirk ( Tape V4 Side A )

Here's another one for the masses worldwide..Over here's it's about the mixtapes & some people have different views on it...Keep up with what i drop because alot of people don't realize the history on front of their eyes..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V18 - Grandmaster Vic ( 11/10/95 - Side A )

Here's some more blends for you..Remember it's about the 90's over here..No computer, No CDJ, No Serato, No Protools...Straight records on 1200's..Now if you notice, dj's is rocking 45's..I would luv to get a mixtape where's the dj is rocking straight 45's all the way !! Talk about a plan...

TDK vs Maxell V17 - Mike Nice ( Mixes V7 - Side A )

If you rocked the first one, then you need to get this one..See NYC was rocking mixtapes in the 90's & those who didn't live in NYC, lost out on some good mixtapes..
Well don't worry because over here, we got this covered !!

TDK vs Maxell V16 - Juice ( V25 Side A )

Here's another one..Those people who rock with the blends - keep up & see what comes around next..

TDK vs Maxell V15 - Juice ( V20 Side A )

Let's just hit the ball out park with some more releases..Remember it's about the 90's over here. Some people might touch the year 2000 & more, but i'm going to stick with the 90's & see what can happen worldwide for a minute..Alot of people will understand the reason for all of this soon..DJ's like Juice made 2000 dj's be creative, but now they became lazy again - but with joints like this, maybe they can think again..See ya !!

TDK vs Maxell V14 - Whoo Kid ( The Afterparty V1 Side A )

Have your favorite website drop joints like this yet ?? Once again, see if you can keep up because there's more to come..Remember there's blends on this r & b joint..Also keep in mind that this blog is to show you what made history and not the same 15 mixtapes that i'm sure you got on the ipod, itouch, computer, etc !! Remember it's about the old Whoo Kid & his releases..

TDK vs Maxell V13 - Whoo Kid ( Club Shady V1 Side A )

Guess it's time to drop some r & b on the masses worldwide..Real music with some blends on it..When was the last time you got a Whoo Kid joint with blends on it..See you can't even remember..Have you figured out the reason behind TDK vs Maxell ??

TDK vs Maxell V12 - Priiest ( Niggaz Ain't Got A Clue - Side A )

Now for real..who's dropping the hot tapes on the internet now..Just open your minds & see where im going..Everybody copies, but who got the best now..Step up or move aside..As the title say, Niggaz Ain't Got A Clue !!

TDK vs Maxell V11 - Kool Kirk ( Pressure V1 Side A )

The title speaks for itself & guess what everybody knows..This makes people think on what can happen if you don't have a plan..Now you get hip hop at it's finest. Believe me, there's mixtapes out here that you don't know about !! Kool Kirk is dropping pressure on the masses..sounds familar !!

TDK vs Maxell V10 - Action PAC ( Next Level V2 Side A )

The short vacation was good & believe me, it's good to get away when you can..props to all the mixtape heads worldwide..For those who try to be sneaky, guess what i'm back & let's just say..i'm about to make you mad again..This time up is New York Finest - Action Pac & he's on that next level shit..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V9 - Whoo Kid ( Armageddon Side A )

See how i can flip it & still make you want more..If you want hip hop i got that, if you want blends - i got that, same thing for r & b & reggae...Now you understand, i got more than you think..Once again, this wasn't on the internet & i had to put it out for the masses..Now get mad & see if you can find this..Now remember this joint is old Whoo Kid & believe me, there's blends & hip hop on this one..See the era of the exclusives starting over here..Nuff said !!

TDK vs Maxell V8 - Young Wise ( Mixes V6 - Side A )

Now tell me, you heard about this dj..stand up & here some real good music..The fun part is that you get to see & hear what your missing in today's mixtape djs..The joint has blends on it..Straight turntable action !!

TDK vs Maxell V7 - Showtime ( Birthday Side A )

Now i'm about to show you what was happening in Harlem back in the days..The 80's & 90's was the shit, look at today's culture..Now get to ride out with me & see what really was happening..Take this & smile while i keep smashing the internet with more & more hits from the past !!

TDK vs Maxell V6 - Mike Nice ( Mixes V1 Side A )

It's time to dig in the boxes hard now..Alot of you on the internet didn't know that Mike Nice was rocking mixtapes back in 95 & earlier..Yes, this Mike Nice was killing it back then..Can you see how mixtapes envolved into something crazy today..Stay with me because the 90's was the SHIT & now alot of you know it !! Shouts to S.O.U.L, Manifest, Kool Kid, Jazzy Joyce, Showtime, Craig G...I'm back, Baby !!

Monday, September 19, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V5 - Kool Kirk ( Blends V3 Side A )

See i keep telling you that over & over again, that we can't be stopped over here. Here's another joint that i know isn't on the internet..Kool Kirk was doing his thing with his joints back in the days..This tape was done before he started doing joints with DJ Precise, i think - but don't quote me on it...Once again, enjoy some real classic blends..What you going to drop now..Throwback Thursday !! Watch what i drop next..Don't get mad because i was there when these tapes was being dropped. I've already dropped 500 cds on the internet..Now the tapes is coming..Remember Tales Of The Tape, well TDK & Maxell is going to make you think..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TDK vs Maxell V4 - Chuck Chillout ( Live On The Radio Side A )

Straight history here & i know this isn't on the internet either..For my people, who rocked with the radios back in 85, know what i'm talking about..Respect this people because your neighborhood bloggers or websites can't rock like this..Hands down, i got this locked..Shouts to Red Alert, Awesome 2, Lady B, Afrika Bambaataa, Sweet G. Oh yeah, i'm on my RADIO SHIT NOW...

TDK vs Maxell V3 ( Grandmaster Vic - 9/26/96 Side A )

See i'm back at it again..This series will have people think & wonder what's going on around them..Who got mixtapes ?? Enjoy the TDK vs Maxell series, there's more to come...Shouts' to my Queens peeps worldwide..

TDK vs Maxell V2 ( Priiest - I Got The Money V1 )

Now you think how can i keep dropping joints that you don't know about..Believe me, it's not hard at all..The reason for this series is because that's when the 90's was rocking hard on the streets worldwide..Priiest was going hard & the dj's was knowing it..Also she has skills on the turntables..Enjoy this one because there's more to come..

TDK vs Maxell V1 ( Self - Everybody Watching Me Side A )

If everybody remembers Canibus, then this one is for you..I'm back for a minute with a new series called " TDK vs Maxell "..The reason for this is because back in the days - TDK's was the masters & Maxell was the copy..Now you'll see where i'm going. Keep up because i'm going full steam ahead !!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Showtime ( Just Blends )


Now let's see if dj's come follow now..It's time to bring it back to what it use to be..No more Ipod mixes..Real dj's doing real things over here..Don't front act like you know..Let's go !!

Friday, September 2, 2011

SHOWTIME - Throwbacks @ Noon ( Classics )

Hip hop is back with a twist over here..Keep coming up people !! There's more to come & believe me, you're going to enjoy what's happening..