Monday, August 22, 2011

You Mad Because ???

Now you got people asking about why i put up only side a or side b..There's reasons to why i do it that way !! One of the reasons is because when i had put up the Doggtime series called " My Favorite Joints " somebody took the entire series off my blog & put it to cd in the streets of NYC..So now i'm not giving up both sides to tapes ( no track listing, songs or covers - just straight mp3 ) that i got over the years for somebody to make money off me ( Be glad i don't give up 5 minutes of each side - SEND A CHECK & WE CAN TALK BUSINESS )..So M Dub or whatever your name is..It's time for you to work harder to get your download for free on. So since you think my blog is dead - go to over to other blogs then ( i've gotten over 7500 downloads & counting since Feb 2011 ) All you doing now is making me drop more & smile at you while i'm doing it..Also i was the type of person who never follow what other people did or do..Now for the djs' who i put up..i go for the music & track listing..if it's old school then i'm going for it - not the same 20 songs. But i won't take mixes if i have to download from another website or blog, just that simple..So next time you talk shit to me at least be true with yourself before you start running off the mouth..I've been collecting tapes for years & MY COLLECTION SPEAKS FOR ITSELF - IT MOVES BETTER THAN THE CURRENT STUFF YOU HEAR ON THE RADIO, WEBSITES OR BLOGS!! So you want to put a battery in me to what i do next !! Shout out to all the other MIXTAPE COLLECTORS, who know why i do this..

Check the link for that Side B to that Radio show with Flex, Mr Cee & Magic in the title !! Now who got what ??


  1. im glad you put that "whoever" on blast for jackin your ish! damn shame people gotta rhyme n steal out here and not give props to the architects. but oh well bootleggin been goin on since the beginning of time. people should be glad that this blog even exists let alone complain about which side of a tape you post...KEEP BANGIN...ONE!

  2. hey we from same era i aint mad at ya playboy growing up being a queensbridge lox mase etc shit you helped me out getting shit couldnt never find for years and shit i never heard i got the best iPod in philly rite now lol my nigga