Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Blow Up V18 - Doggtime ( It's A Baby Boy )

Keep up people because i know what you don't have..Stay to the left because either you stay up or you're getting mowed down - just that simple..Too many people talk shit & now it's time to show you why people call me TAPEMASTA..Don't you realize that this mixtape world is small & people talk..I know alot of people, so you just keep doing what you do & i keep staying 3 steps ahead of you !! Here's that classic Doggtime shit !! Now what can you do..Mixtape Wednesday or Classic Thursday..I can do this EVERYDAY ( YUP, you made me mad now )..if you're going to do something at least be original with it..don't take links & make your website or blog look good because you know that you can't get the tapes..Remember the tape is called " IT'S A BABY BOY " take a hint, stupid..


  1. wow Tape i see you're wasting no time firing

  2. Dooooooooooooooggtime!!! Thx Masta. :)))

  3. Classic. Straight classic. I remember almost losing it when I heard that brandy/Who Shot Ya blend. Big thanks.