Saturday, August 20, 2011

Down The Dial With Tapemasta

I want to thank everybody for the love with the downloads & emails..Now i'm coming with the radio tapes ( Did you see what i done with that Pete Rock Radio Show ) real soon & believe me, people is going to go crazy again on the "net". When i dropped that RED HANDED & JAY Z FREESTYLE from a Chubby Chub mixtape, i seen what the people was missing & wanted. You'll get to see what the 90's dj's seen & heard on the radio back then ( remember these was the 80's - That hard Hip Hop sound, also it was the birth of the 90's mixtape djs ) rocking with NY Radio DJ's Afrika Bambaataa, Sweet G, Chuck Chillout, Red Alert, Marley Marl, Hank Love & DNA, Funkmaster Flex, Lady B, Awesome 2 & others - you get what i'm saying now..Not too many radio dj's is doing it like this today..Remember i'm touching all levels with these "radio" mixtapes..

To my blog brothers worldwide, let's show em how we do it..

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