Thursday, August 25, 2011

For All Masters: DJ Iroc

Tapemasta: Now while you still trying to figure out how we continue to do it again & again..Check the interview out & see what comes out next..You got to love the 90's..Shout to IROC for the interview...

Nick: Taking a break from his schedule DJing 7 days a week for Albany’s Jamz 96.3, the Grammy-nominated DJ Iroc provides FAM with possibly our most captivating interview yet! A member of the Bad Boy camp throughout their beef with Death Row and the passing of the Notorious B.I.G, Iroc was present for some of the most pivotal moments in hip-hop’s history. You’d be hard pressed to find a single relevant artist from the 90s that did not contribute to one of his classic mixtapes. He lets us in on the secrets of his hustle and shares stories ranging from touring Japan with Big L to getting into a car chase alongside (who else?) Fat Joe!

Monday, August 22, 2011

You Mad Because ???

Now you got people asking about why i put up only side a or side b..There's reasons to why i do it that way !! One of the reasons is because when i had put up the Doggtime series called " My Favorite Joints " somebody took the entire series off my blog & put it to cd in the streets of NYC..So now i'm not giving up both sides to tapes ( no track listing, songs or covers - just straight mp3 ) that i got over the years for somebody to make money off me ( Be glad i don't give up 5 minutes of each side - SEND A CHECK & WE CAN TALK BUSINESS )..So M Dub or whatever your name is..It's time for you to work harder to get your download for free on. So since you think my blog is dead - go to over to other blogs then ( i've gotten over 7500 downloads & counting since Feb 2011 ) All you doing now is making me drop more & smile at you while i'm doing it..Also i was the type of person who never follow what other people did or do..Now for the djs' who i put up..i go for the music & track listing..if it's old school then i'm going for it - not the same 20 songs. But i won't take mixes if i have to download from another website or blog, just that simple..So next time you talk shit to me at least be true with yourself before you start running off the mouth..I've been collecting tapes for years & MY COLLECTION SPEAKS FOR ITSELF - IT MOVES BETTER THAN THE CURRENT STUFF YOU HEAR ON THE RADIO, WEBSITES OR BLOGS!! So you want to put a battery in me to what i do next !! Shout out to all the other MIXTAPE COLLECTORS, who know why i do this..

Check the link for that Side B to that Radio show with Flex, Mr Cee & Magic in the title !! Now who got what ??

Classic Radio V3 - Hank Love ( Live On The Radio V2 Side A )

This one is for my real radio heads from back in the days..I made a impact with the mixtapes, now i'm going for the RADIO MIXTAPES..Keep up because we going hard..Once you realize what i'm doing, i'll be doing something else..

Shout to Ol Skool, S.O.U.L, Hamza, Manifest, Doo Wop, Showtime, Jesse Jazz, Eric ( E Dub ), Funkmaster Flex, DJ Stickem, Ev Boogie, DJ JS1, Sommer, J Love, Smooth Denali, Lazy K, S & S, Chill Will FTE, Uncle Ralph, Jazzy Jay, Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, DJ Unexpected...

Summer Blow Up V35 - Triple C ( Studio 17 - Side A )

So you want some of that real hip hop..Guess who got it ?? Believe me, people didn't want me to come out the gate & show em what i can do..Let's see who know the difference between hip hop & rap..

Summer Blow Up V34 - Triple C ( 5/21/90 - Side A )

Can you keep up with the flavor people..Yesterday, i was in Central Park watching EMPD rock the house with DJ Scratch..I got to agree with Erick Sermon, that bubble gum rap got to stop..So enjoy this one because, you won't hear this on any radio station worldwide..Who got mixtapes ??

Summer Blow Up V33 - D Demo ( Big Ballin' V3 - Side A )

For those Big Pun fans worldwide..this one is for you !! If you want it, then you know what to do..Shout to my Bronx peeps !!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Down The Dial With Tapemasta

I want to thank everybody for the love with the downloads & emails..Now i'm coming with the radio tapes ( Did you see what i done with that Pete Rock Radio Show ) real soon & believe me, people is going to go crazy again on the "net". When i dropped that RED HANDED & JAY Z FREESTYLE from a Chubby Chub mixtape, i seen what the people was missing & wanted. You'll get to see what the 90's dj's seen & heard on the radio back then ( remember these was the 80's - That hard Hip Hop sound, also it was the birth of the 90's mixtape djs ) rocking with NY Radio DJ's Afrika Bambaataa, Sweet G, Chuck Chillout, Red Alert, Marley Marl, Hank Love & DNA, Funkmaster Flex, Lady B, Awesome 2 & others - you get what i'm saying now..Not too many radio dj's is doing it like this today..Remember i'm touching all levels with these "radio" mixtapes..

To my blog brothers worldwide, let's show em how we do it..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Blow Up V32 - Ms Diva Tete ( Love Or Lust )

Tapemasta: You know i like to keep things going with different stuff..So this time around, we're tipping the tables with another twist..LOVE OR LUST !! Nothing else to be know what to do..


Summer Blow Up V31 - Big Juice 700 ( For The Lover In You V1 )

I'm everybody knows what i'm talking about with the real classics whether its slow jams, hip hop, r & b or reggae..Hands down WE GO HARD over here..Ladies, this one is for you..

Monday, August 15, 2011

For All Masters: TAPEMASTA

The time is now to show everybody what's really going on in the world of mixtapes ( There's 3 Generations of Mixtape DJ's )..Since people think MIXTAPES IS DEAD, then why do i have over 7000 downloads since March 2011..Reality is over here & believe me, some of you'll understand why i did all of this - believe me, i got what you was missing over the years..Enjoy the interview & share it on your Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Websites, etc..Shout to Nick from for doing the interview with me..

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Blow Up V30 - Mr Cee ( Live With Luv Bug Starski For Wendy Williams Bday Party Side A )

This was one of the joints i put up a few years ago on Rapmullet..Yes, i've been doing this for years, people..For those who missed out back's your chance to pick it up for that ipod upload..

Summer Blow Up V29 - Tec 1 ( Blends Side A )

If you was in the South Bronx back in the mid 90's..then you know about this dj & what he was doing..So if you like that raw sound in your mixtapes, then this one is for you..Watch out people because there's more to come...

Summer Blow Up V28 - Rated R ( Disconnected Side B )

Once again, it's that hip hop to the fullest..See how we can cover all bases & keep it moving at the same time !! This one will have total play on the ipod's worldwide.
Now who's doing what on the net now..You got to love the REAL MIXTAPES !!

Ssummer Blow V27 - Funkmaster Flex ( Live At The Tunnel V2 Side A )

Real hip hop & it's live..That's all i can say !!

Summer Blow Up V26 - Clue ( Spring V1 3/95 Side A )

Looks like people is seeing what's happening on the internet now..Now we can get to business now..Hands down, you got to rock what's moving on the internet right now.
These joints should make you move & the fun part is that alot of people say that Clue is old school..Boy, i can't wait until drop some real old school..Hold on, because i'm with some heat !!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Blow Up V25 - Gemini ( Uptown Saturday Night )

I wasn't lying when i tell you that i got alot of joints & i don't listen to the same dj twice in a day..This one is for my real old school heads who really enjoy music from the past..keep up with me because you don't know what i'm dropping next.

Summer Blow Up V24 - L Gee ( Blend Junkies V1 )

I had to drop this one because it was really good..the blends was clean & it took me back to those Queens days - picking up the blend tapes & rocking on the bus ride back to BROOKLYN...Good drop !!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Blow Up V23 - Clue ( Birthday V2 )

Now you going to enjoy this one because of the intro..I won't let the "suprise" out the bag..But let's just say people is going to say WHOA !! Once again, i bet this one isn't on your favorite website or blog either..Shouts to my blog brothers & mixtape dj's who continue keeping this mixtape thing alive, whether on the radio/video/mixtapes/mp3/cds/parties...

Summer Blow Up V22 - Hot Day & Marley Marl ( Live @ Sapony Night Club, Queens NY )

This is what mixtape/radio dj's do..If you can rock a mixtape live, then you should be able to take control of those same people who go out & get your past releases. Let's see what comes up next..

Summer Blow Up V21 - The Hitman KB ( Hip Hop 90's Locked On Scope )

You know how we doing it over here..straight classics & dj's who can rep well on the turntables..Move over people because we coming HARD & let's see if people can keep up. The Hitman KB is taking you on that magical journey !! What more can be said- Nothing, but the classics over here !!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Blow Up V20 - Chubby Chub ( In The Making, Suckas )

How many dj's do you know who made a impact in the 90's as a mixtape dj & still be able to rock it right on the airwaves today..believe me, alot of you can't keep up with what we doing now..Today's music mix with some of the 90's joints..should make you say WHOA !! Remember this is the same dj who rocked joints with Clark Kent, Jay Z, Original Flavor, etc..Matter of fact, he's the dj who had the freestyle with Jay Z & Redhanded..which was given you the "net" by yours truly..Keep up people because i'm not stopping anytime soon. Once again, who got what ??

Summer Blow Up V19 - Showtime ( Motivation Music )

See how many dj crew's can drop releases all over the place..Some people is shaking their heads on we keep doing this..Believe me people, this should have you going. It's time to slow it down for a minute..Nothing but MOTIVATION MUSIC for you to rock with..To the grown & sexy crew, jump with this one..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Blow Up V18 - Doggtime ( It's A Baby Boy )

Keep up people because i know what you don't have..Stay to the left because either you stay up or you're getting mowed down - just that simple..Too many people talk shit & now it's time to show you why people call me TAPEMASTA..Don't you realize that this mixtape world is small & people talk..I know alot of people, so you just keep doing what you do & i keep staying 3 steps ahead of you !! Here's that classic Doggtime shit !! Now what can you do..Mixtape Wednesday or Classic Thursday..I can do this EVERYDAY ( YUP, you made me mad now )..if you're going to do something at least be original with it..don't take links & make your website or blog look good because you know that you can't get the tapes..Remember the tape is called " IT'S A BABY BOY " take a hint, stupid..

Summer Blow Up V17 - Clue ( Birthday V1 )

I come to realize that people do everything that they can do to "bite" & i don't realize why - step back & let us rock...But i want you to know that i can continue to do this & you can't..Now tell me, if you got a blend tape by CLUE..Now say what you want..nuff said !!

Summer Blow Up V16 - Showtime ( Harlem World Legacy )

Time for the real classics by a dj who was there back then..Sit back & enjoy this one because we need to jump on this one people..You know how we do over here & the people is just catching up..No more playing over here !! The internet is not going to understand what we doing..

Summer Blow Up V15 - Ricky Rick The Barber ( R I P 1200 Technics - Beats, Breaks & Grooves )

Let's see who knows about this one..Some dj's can rock 1200 others can rock serato..Once again, the old school is here for the masses..