Friday, July 22, 2011

Classic Radio V2 - Hank Love ( Live on The Radio 1986 )

Now tell me, you got this one..Alot of you won't understand the joints played on here. But for my 35 & older crew, this will hit you like a pair of 69 Pro Keds with the strips..For those people who drop old school now, if you can do better than this - then world will truly know how you feel about your record collection..Oops, i meant to say your mixtape collection...

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  1. These last two HANK LOVE mixes ("Classic Radio V3 - Hank Love, Live On The Radio V2 Side A", & "Classic Radio V2 - Hank Love, Live on The Radio 1986") share the exact same recording date - 6/7/86. Is this one SIDE B? The former says "SIDE A". (Just trying to keep my "date & chronology-game" tight fr these mixes ;) Thanks!