Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Art Of Cassettes V39 ( Live On The Radio )

Tell me, you wish that we could rock all day long with nothing but 90's hip hop..Well, when Power 105 came to NY a few years ago..That's all they did..No dj's, just straight music..The reason why i'm doing this series is because today's music don't do it like this..So you know the radio is weak also..This one is a treat for mixtape & music lovers worldwide..THE DJ IS PETE ROCK & HE'S LIVE ON THE RADIO..Tell me, if you know who got this one on the internet !! See ya, i'm out !!


  1. @Cam, i'm just trying to raise the bar just a little bit..This joint here is a live show off the radio from the past & i luv it !! When the last time people heard a radio show like this..Flex did something like this a few years ago..Which i still got in my itouch today..

  2. i still rock funk flex july 4th mix he did years back in my ipod.