Monday, March 7, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - Pipomixes ( Biggie Jackson Mix )

Tapemasta: This was a different kind of mixtape & that's what MIXTAPES should sound like different..Enjoy the sounds people because there will be alot of biggie joints on the internet !! It's a short mix, so beware & enjoy !!

Pipomixes: This is a Biggie tribute mix even though you won't hear one Biggie song on the mix. Instead, you'll hear an assortment of Biggie vocals and audio snippets blended over the beats of a very well known producer with the last name Jackson (no, not the one you're thinking of). I'd like to thank who ever is responsible for leaking all those Biggie studio vocals to the web because this mix isn't possible without you. I'd also like to thank my two turntables, mixer, records, torq, and sp-404, because this mix isn't possible without those very loyal tools of the trade. Quite a bit of time and effort was put into crafting this mix so I hope you all enjoy

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